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  1. Keeper ?

    I play in a 12 team, ppr, 1 keeper league. Keeper rules change next year. Next year will be 2 Keepers. NO Keepers from rounds 1 and 2 next year ! I am considering this trade. I trade away my Keeper, RB Taylor from the 4th rd. in exchange for their 2021 2nd and 6th rd. picks, or their 3rd and 6th rd. picks. I want to improve my 2021 draft picks. I pick 9th this year. I need to offer some picks in return....what should I offer ? What say you ? Thanks
  2. Doug

    Thanks for the input guys. I too like the Dobbins trade possibility. It's never been done in the 25 yrs of this league !
  3. Doug

    Keeper question. RB Dobbins in the 7th or RB Taylor in the 4th ?