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  1. Week 7 Chat

    The Chiefs need to find a running game. When the passing game doesn’t work and it has struggled all season they having nothing to fall back on.
  2. Buccaneers vs Eagles (TNF)

    You had to start Hurst here. At home on national TV against the worst secondary in the league. It was the right call.
  3. Russell Wilson Injury

    Man, Aaron Donald has just been a nightmare for Seattle for years.
  4. Trey Sermon a healthy scratch

    I would assume it’s a special teams issue the other RB’s play on special teams. I wouldn’t panic yet. Anyone who drafted Sermon and Willams for Denver knew they might not pay off right out of the gate and we all know Mostert’s injury issues. He also might not be up to speed In pass protection.
  5. Gus Edwards injury

    Baltimore fear a torn ACL per Adam Schefter. In my 26 years playing Fantasy Football have never seen anything like this
  6. JK Dobbins Injury

    Sounds like stiff competition
  7. Just jumped ship from Draft Sharks

    They cost twice as much as most sites, there forum is weak, they over project everything, and what bothers me the most is they are nothing but a big commercial for themselves most the time.
  8. draft prediction on Marion Barber

    Having owned Barber last year he was just to hit and miss. Barber was only good when Dallas had a comfortable lead and they ran him hard in the second half of games. But if they were playing catch-up he was worthless. So you had to try and determine how the game was going to unfold before starting Barber. He killed me in week 16, at home against Philly they got beat 27-7 Barber scored a goose egg in my Super Bowl. There are just other RB'S in more defined situations ahead of Barber IMO to rank him in the top 20.
  9. PD's Pre-TC Panther FF Report

    I like the Panthers this year, there schedule is favorable, and if there able to run the ball I believe Jake could surprise this year and the Panthers may contend for the NFC like they were supose to last year.
  10. Mock #1 Grades are in!

    Let me chime in hear on Alexander since I'm from Seattle. Alexander's foot is not a concern for me, what concern's me is the o-line. Alexander is not the type of back who gets yards after contact like a S. Jackson, he never fights through contact, he even falls down before it. Alot of his success was do to the massive holes opened up for him, especially on the left side of the line. With Hutch gone we have lost the continuaty and attitude the line used to have, everyone new we were going to run the ball in years past and still could not stop it, I don't see that anymore and also question Alexanders desire. One thing about Alexander is I have seen few better in the red zone then him. If faced with Alexander early in the first round I would probably pass.
  11. Huddle Mock #1

    My Roster 1.07 RB Joseph addai 2.06 RB Willis McGahee 3.07 TE Antonio Gates 4.06 QB Carson Palmer 5.07 WR Laverneous Coles 6.06 WR Mark Clayton 7.07 WR Bernard Berrian 8.06 RB Warrik Dunn 9.07 WR Vincent Jackson 10.06 WR Brandon Jones 11.07 RB Anthony Thomas 12.06 RB Garrett Wolf 13.07 QB J.P Losman 14.06 Daniel Graham 15.07 K Josh Brown 16.06 D Jacksonville I really wanted to get 3 straight RB's to start this draft, and then get my QB with the 4th pick. Well I did not really like the RB's at my pick in the 3rd, thought Gates was a better value pick, did not want to take a RB just to take one. Happy with Palmer in the 4th could be the #1 QB this year. I knew my first WR would be in the 5th, and happy with Coles. I agree with Sarge, the Jets should have a better running game with Jones and that should give Coles every opportunity to match last years stats, and hopefully improve them. I really like Mark Clayton this year and was happy to get him as well. I like to be strong at the RB position, the QB position, and at TE, and then take my chances with WR's later in the draft, it's the deepest position in the game and one you can always strengthen through the waver wire. All my WR's shoul be #1's on there teams. Not thrilled with Dunn at the flex, and don't have any RB depth to speak of. If I can get steady consistent scoring from my WR's, I think this roster could do well. Had alot of fun with this Mock gentlemen, good luck this year.
  12. Here's a thought for Atlanta...

    I was thinking the same thing or Doug Flutie, He's mobile
  13. Huddle Mock #1
  14. Huddle Mock #1