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  1. We have one team now available. Draft is this Saturday & the team has the 5th pick.
  2. One team has come available for anyone interested. Draft is this Saturday & team has the very first pick!
  3. This league is full !!! I have one other *free* league that I need a couple of people for.
  4. I have an available team for anyone interested.
  5. Who wants the 1st pick in the draft ?! (Last team available)
  6. Looking for a full PPR league! I am looking for a new person for my league.
  7. 6th pick taken. Team with the 9th pick in the draft is available.
  8. I got tired of putting energy into leagues that eventually ended up falling apart & dissolving. If you want a league that will be here year in & year out, this one will be. Hit me up if this strikes a chord with you.