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  1. Ryan or Rodgers?

    Which QB should I start this week? I feel like both QB's have very good matchups this week
  2. Flex Dilemma Week 2: J. Taylor was just named the starting RB for Colts. Calvin Ridley had a monster game week 1. Kenyan Drake who was my flex this week did pretty good. Ekeler underperformed. Should I bump J. Taylor to one of the starting RB spot and bench Ekeler? Who should I flex next week? Taylor, Ridley, or Drake? QB: Ryan, Rodgers WR: J.Jones, D.Adams, AJ Brown, TY Hilton, C.Ridley RB: Jacobs, Ekeler, Drake, J.Taylor, M. Gordon TE: Cook, Hock 8 man league
  3. Ridley, Taylor, Drake Dilemma

    Im tempted to bench Ekeler since the goal line work went to Joshua Kelly and he was only targeted like once in the passing game. And since Phillip Rivers loves targeting running backs, I feel like J.Taylor could be his Austin Ekeler when he was with the Chargers
  4. Ridley, Taylor, Drake Dilemma

    What do you think about benching Ekeler this week and starting Drake and Jacobs and flexing Calvin Ridley?
  5. Fair Trade?

    Proposal is Mccaffrey for Jacobs and Kenyan Drake. RB: Jacobs, Drake, Ekeler, Melvin Gordon, Jonathan Taylor WR: Adams, Julio Jones, AJ Brown, Calvin Ridley, and TY Hilton TE: Hock, Cook QB: Ryan, Rodgers 8 team league
  6. TRADE

    I have Elliot. Should I trade him for Josh Jacobs and Golladay? 10 man league RB: Drake, Mixon, Lindsay, Ozigby WR: Sutton, Mclaurin, Chark, Edward TE: Hock, Hurst Qb: Watson, Brady
  7. TE Dilemma

    8 man league My TE's at this moment are Cook and Hockenson. Available on waivers are Gesicki, Fant, and Hurst. Should I drop one of Hockenson or Cook in favor of the ones that are available on waivers? The rest of my roster Qb: Rodgers, Ryan WR: Davante Adams, Julio Jones, TY Hilton, Calvin Ridley, and AJ Brown RB: Josh Jacobs, Ekeler, Kenyan Drake, Melvin Gordon, and Jonathan Taylor

    QB: Rodgers, Matt Ryan WR: Julio Jones, Davante Adams, TY Hilton, AJ Brown, Calvin Ridley RB: Ekeler, Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, Melvin Gordon, and Jonathan Taylor TE: Hockenson, Jared Cook 8 man league. 2 Rb, 2 WR, One flex, 1 TE, 1QB. Who should I start and flex

    Sorry I meant Melvin Gordon. I always get them confused since they were on the same team just last year lol