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  1. Yup! Somehow. Opponent had Kyler but otherwise rolled out Mike Evans Ceedee Lamb Jerick McKinnon and when he found out Higbee was out he didn't wanna have to cut anyone so he left it lol. Would have only won against 4 of the 11 teams this week so...yeah, got lucky in a big way.
  2. 12-Team PPR, 1.0 PPCarry, 1pt/10yds passing Am about to move to 7-0, but have had a few too many close calls so I really want to bolster my lineup in the QB position as they have far-and-away the most point potential in my league. Any recommendations of who to toss out and who to go after? One middle-of-the-pack team has both Herbert and Brady, and a low-tier team has Kyler, one has Rodgers, another has Tannehill. Here's my current lineup and current waiver targets (picked up NYG because Baltimore was on bye so I can cut them without having to leave room for a DST)
  3. 12-Team PPR, 1 Point per Carry Who do you take here? Bernard may or may not be better this week but Jackson has longer-term value?
  4. Chase Edmonds or D'Andre Swift?

    That's consensus, alright haha. Works out well as he's who I have currently. Thanks all
  5. PPR, plus 1 point per carry. Who would you rather have rest of season?
  6. Any QB you'd lean toward cutting here? Roethlisberger is steadier but Minshew seems to have more boom potential especially in a PPCarry league
  7. Waivers have cleared. Grabbed Edmonds. 12-Team PPR, 1pt/10 passing yards, 1 point per carry Anyone here (besides Bridgewater who's getting traded for Dalton) that you'd drop for Mike Williams?
  8. 12-team ppr, 1 ppcarry, 10 passing yds/pt, 6pts/passing td Would you change the order of any of these waiver requests, or swap them for different players? Aiyuk is my weak link but stacking all pickups on him of course is limiting.
  9. 12-team PPR, 1 point per carry, 1 point per 10 passing yards, 6/passing td. Cut Minshew for Dalton? Also have Bridgewater and Roethlisberger because of QB value in my league so I can play the matchup. Willing to make the swap for any of the 3.
  10. Counterproductive because game script often forces one team to run more I figure. But winning teams pass all the time so I dunno.
  11. 12-Team PPR Pick 2: Tyler Boyd Will Fuller Allen Robinson Terry McLaurin (also have Aiyuk but am wait-and-see with him) Leaning towards Boyd/Fuller but I'm not positive.
  12. 12-Team PPR/1.0PPCarry. Already cutting Malcolm Brown for a free agent. I want to hold onto Baltimore but would you cut someone here to stream the Colts against the Jets instead of running the Ravens D against KC?
  13. Absolutely fair. It'd be bullish but I'm probably gonna turn it down and stick with boyd.
  14. 12-Team PPR. Boyd is the bigger name but Brady seems to love Miller, and the matchup there is favorable this week, so I'm not sure.
  15. Thorough response! Really appreciate it. God, yeah that's tempting...I know Gesicki will get his looks but their offense seems so inert right now that I'm nervous.