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  1. Gurley for Shenault Jr

    Looks like a pretty resounding yes from what I can see! I thought the trade looked too good to be true at first glance so I was wondering if i was missing something. Thanks guys
  2. Seriously though. Do I play him this week or not? Apart from Week 1 he’s let me down each time. I’ve got Juju, Devante Parker, Laviska Shenault and Tee Higgins as my other WRs.
  3. I’ve just been offered this trade. At the moment my WRs are Julio Jones, Juju, Devante Parker, Shenault Jr and Tee Higgins. My RBs are Kamara, Hunt, Melvin Gordon, Latavius Murray and Justin Jackson. Only reason is really take it is that three of my RBs are on byes this week and I’m not sure if Gordon will end up planing? Thoughts?
  4. Matt Ryan/Jared Goff

    Who should I be starting this week? Ryan has been good to me so far, but Goff sat on my bench last week and well and truly outscored him.
  5. Gordon/Hunt ?

    I'll be starting Kamara every week for the rest of season by the looks of it, but my weekly dilemma will be playing either Melvin Gordon or Kareem Hunt? How are the matchups looking this week for both guys? I know Kamara and Chubb worked well together last week, but that's unlikely to happen every week isnt it?
  6. Which WRs do I play?

    Juju and Parker it is. Thanks for the help boys. I’m starting to see how fickle this fantasy business is. Julio and Juju had big first weeks for me, and then quiet ones last week. Parker got injured week one so I bench him and then turns around and has a good week 2.
  7. Which WRs do I play?

    I didn’t even think of how teams playing on different days affects my lineups. (the really bad word). Really gambling either way now.
  8. Which WRs do I play?

    I hear Julio might be out this week? I need to pick two to play from Julio, Juju, Devante Parker and Laviska Shenault Jr. Help!
  9. How many leagues?

    Sweet jesus. I'm both impressed and slightly shocked. Ha. That must take up a lot of your time man? The draft I did took about an hour or so, but I don't know if that is routine or if they are done quicker than that usually. Some of those come with a prize pool I'm assuming?
  10. How many leagues?

    In my defence I didn’t realise how bad they were at the time! I’m pretty sure they didn’t even win the game that we saw, but I bought the jersey anyways. I didn’t want to be one of these dudes that just jumps on the bandwagon and starts supporting one of the super successful teams at the time (Patriots etc). Maybe before I die I can see the Jets win another Super Bowl. Stranger things have happened...or have they?
  11. Flex Options

    My three most likely flex options this week are Melvin Gordon, Devante Parker and Parris Campbell. Gordon is going up against Pittsburgh. Parker may or not be injured. Worth playing Campbell?
  12. How many leagues?

    Yeah we have a free to air channel that shows two of the Sunday game (Monday morning our time) and then ESPN shows a few games on our pay TV service. I got up at 3am this week to watch Cam’s first start as a Patriot, and then caught bits and pieces of a few other games. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jets game on TV though as they tend to show the bigger name teams.
  13. How many leagues?

    Fair question! My wife and I were in America in 2016 for our honeymoon and the only NFL game we could see was a Jets game at MetLife. Figured I needed a team to follow. It’s been a hard few years so far but the only possible upside to this I can see is we might get Trevor Lawrence next year?
  14. How many leagues?

    I think I need at least a year under my belt before I start putting money where my mouth is. Ha. I do see the appeal of just setting a lineup and then not thinking about it. I’ve literally woken myself up in the middle of the night dreaming about trades, and I’m only a week and a half in. Are most the people on this site situated around New Orleans then? I literally just googled ‘fantasy football forum’ to find a place I could talk about fantasy football and this was one of the first results. Not anywhere I could find that was based in Australia (which kinda makes sense).
  15. How many leagues?

    FFPC is just one website that runs the fantasy is that right? I went through ESPN fantasy but I’m assuming there’s a heap out there? Is BOTH another one? I think I know the difference between most of the other leagues, but what the heck is guillotine? Dynasty just means that your team from this year carries over to next year? And IDP is where defensive players are drafted and score points? That’s crazy how long you’ve been in some of these leagues man.