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  1. Lamar Jackson

    You almost had it! This was the perfect set up to say, ”Have to Truzz Lamar!”
  2. CEH IS OUT and Chris Carson "still injured"? Would either Bell or Hyde be a good pick up and stash. I would need to drop Zack Moss? Thx! Current RBs: Ekeler, Hunt, Booker, Latavius Murray, Moss
  3. It's not sounding good for Mark Andrews making it back from the COVID-19 reserve list in time for the DAL match-up on Tuesday... That now leaves me without a TE for this "make it or break it" week. Remaining "options" on waiver; Who will get me there fellas? .5 PPR Schultz @ BAL Reed vs BUF Logan Thomas @ PIT Burton @ HOU Rudolph vs JAX Firkser vs CLE Thank you gentlemen and good luck to all!
  4. Kamara or Booker if Jacobs sits?

    I see only Kamara and Carson....I don't think there's a problem with Ekeler or Booker this week.
  5. Kamara or Booker if Jacobs sits?

    Time out of practice is leaning towards sitting Carson...
  6. Anybody you would drop?

    Do you think Dobbins is the better drop vs Duke? David Johnson is back with HOU and Dobbins seemed to have taken over the starting gig in BAL... UPDATE: Dobbins is activated off of reserve/COVID-19 list and will play week 13 at DAL.
  7. TE WDIS?

    Irv Smith Jr. has been deemed OUT... I too am in a similar situation with having Mark Andrews out and i think i'm rolling with Rudolph. Go ahead and join my misery!
  8. I respectfully bump this to the think tank for your quick advice. Thx!
  9. Jacobs OUT

    PIT is without a "reliable" RB option and going up against WAS....i was thinking they'd manufacture some plays taking advantage of all that Claypool does....
  10. Jacobs OUT

    is Booker a must start in FLEX over Claypool in .5 PPR?
  11. thanks, but they're both on waivers and i'd have to drop Zack Moss for one of them... if I can only snag one of them...are either Bell/Hyde better to have vs Moss Current RBs: Ekeler, Hunt, Latavius Murray, Moss, Davontae Booker
  12. swift has cleared the concussion protocol but is "dealing with a non-COVID" related illness and, overall, has gone backwards with his practice activity.
  13. I finally did it! I finally pulled the trigger and traded Lamar Jackson/Ezekiel Elliot for Kyler Murray/Austin Ekeler. This is a must win game for me to make it as the 8th seed for our playoffs...and I'm playing the guy I just traded with who is tied with me. There are two bummers I see here: 1) Lamar Jackson NOW has the perfect match-up (against Dallas) for him to break out... 2) Kyler Murray's "little" injury may be bigger than he or the organization is leading on and his fantasy production is decreasing. He also has a bad match-up against LAR this week. So my dilemma is.... Do I stick with Kyler Murray OR do I play a great match-up like Derek Carr (against NYJ) Thank you for your advice in advance and good luck to all! For reference: MY roster: QB: Murray, Carr RB: Ekeler, Hunt, Latavius Murray, Zack Moss WR: Thielen, Justin Jefferson, Claypool TE: Mark Andrews DEF/ST: Miami K: Tyler Bass OPPONENTS roster: QB: Lamar Jackson RB: Ezekiel Elliot, JD McKissic, Darrell Henderson, Gus Edwards WR: AJ Brown, Robert Woods, Diontae Johnson, Tyler Boyd, Jerry Jeudy TE: Austin Hooper DEF/ST: WAS K: Badgley
  14. White or Ballage?

    Ballage sat out last week due to an ankle injury PLUS...Austin Ekeler is back baby! That would pretty much make Ballage a memory.