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  1. Who amongst this group?

    Wilson, Gibson, Gaskin
  2. WR Help

  3. Guys a big GB fan, but starting GB DST?

    I would not start GB personally, as Henry should run over them today. I would think he'd try out WFT or Carolina.
  4. In a Hole - need some advice!

    I don't trust Davis against WFT defense. He has been td dependent lately.
  5. Miami D or Buffalo D?

    I opted for Buffalo.
  6. Higgins, Landry both going to miss this week. Yikes. May make it a rough week for Mayfield too.
  7. Aiyuk or Woods

    Woods or Davis
  8. Flex starter

    Godwin, Wilson Jr, Dobbins, Gio. Non-ppr.
  9. Which defense?

  10. Decision help, thanks.

    I've had Davis all year, but WASHINGTON is pretty stout against the run. Ekeler is my obvious choice, still debating the other two. Trying to guess who gets the hot hand.
  11. Anyone Sit Kamara today? lol

    Could have used today's performance last week.
  12. Decision help, thanks.

    Well, I took the advice and dropped Saints for Bills. Still not sure on Rb's. Gio has a good matchup, any other thoughts?