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  1. Week 12 starts

    Need to wait till later in the week to see how Ravens covid mess sorts out.
  2. Need a TE. Which?

    Which of the above? Currently have no TE on my roster, could use 1 for this week or ROS.
  3. 2 wrs week 12

    Moore is on a bye for week 13.
  4. I'd still play CEH. I'd drop Stafford or Bell for Ertz.
  5. Ekeler?

    Cmac was supposed to be a time share and blew it up his first game back, same with Chubb. That's why I'm thinking go for it.
  6. Can you just accept one of these trades so that we don't have to see it in multiple threads every day.
  7. RB dilemma please help

    Start your big 3.
  8. Ekeler?

    If Ekeler active, no brainer start??
  9. Fair price for D.Henry?

    That's why your trade may get rejected. Give it a try though. Or amp it up if he is RB needy and offer Zeke and Hunt, that should be pretty tempting.
  10. Lose this trade..make my team better?

    I like the counter idea. If he doesn't accept I might offer the original trade again, DK is a beast.
  11. League idiot

    Well, commish didn't stop Henry, Lockett, Murray from going to waivers. So, a free for all. I ended up getting Henry to add with Conner, Hunt and Ekeler, hopefully he can push me forward to win division and playoffs. Was hoping to get Murray too as Burrow was my QB, but last place team got him. Now, my best qb options are to drop Burrow and Winston to pick up Hill, Rivers, Cam, or Jones. Any thoughts on which?
  12. I think Zeke starts rolling, but would lean towards taking it.