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  1. Which one

    Your best RB will probably come from DK. If he is untouchable than AJ in my opinion would be next best trade bait for a decent RB. Do you want to lose DK or AJ, probably not, but if you need RB help you got to make sacrifices sometime. I would probably start trade talks with DJ, but be prepared to be counted with one of your others depending on quality of the RB.
  2. Trade Proposal

    You are thinking that Gronk is an upgrade from Fant?
  3. Trade question

    Do you need rb?
  4. Which one

    AJ is looking solid currently.
  5. Lineup help

    Cmc and Lamb. If Cmc is out, hope Fournette steals a score. Don't know that free agents are any better options.
  6. Start CMC?

    How about this, if he is active, do I play Cmc and Davis? Right now with byes and Godwin out, possibly Arob too, I would have Josh Kelley slotted as flex. Playing Atlanta, could Cmc and Davis both be plays? Or, play Cmc and flex Kelley?
  7. Trade Advice

    Sorry, I was thinking Aaron Jones was on your team. It's a gamble, but that's how you win sometime.
  8. Aaron Rodgers for Aaron Jones

    No way do that. I like Burrow, and Cousins for his bye week is ok.
  9. Trade Advice

    If Jones doesn't play this week Zeke would be your only RB if you trade. If you want to gamble on Jones playing go for it.
  10. Jefferson for Waller??

    I like that TE upgrade.
  11. Zeke for Henry

    If you are receiving Henry yes. If you are Henry owner, not taking that unless another valuable piece added.
  12. Kareem Hunt Trade

    If not wanting to lose Chubb I think you will have to try wr's, is he wr weak? McLaurin for Hunt? Or it may take more, McLaurin and Aiyuk for Hunt. If you want Hunt, gotta go for it, losing Scary sucks, but it is what it is.
  13. I'm 6-1 but hate my team - need RB help

    Which Rb are on your FA list?
  14. Zeke Owner Accepted...

    Fantastic deal, absolutely won that deal. Now look at what FA you can take a shot on with your empty roster slots.
  15. Le'veon and David Johnson for Aaron Jones?

    If you are being offered that than absolutely take Jones. If you are offering, than no way I would take that. At this point, Zeke and DJ might even be a stretch to trade for Jones, depending on his other RB's.