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  1. Help in the ship

    Wow. I didn't realize that anyone had championships this week, for the exact reasons you listed, they may or may not play or finish game. Sony, Rhomandre Lockett, Kirk, St. brown
  2. Squeaked out a 2 pt win after Freiermuth rough performance on Monday night, or so I celebrated. Woke up Tuesday to a 3 point stat correction for the Bills defense. Loss by 1 point now. That stinks. 😡
  3. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    Ouch, so close. From the jaws of victory comes the agony of defeat. I barely skated thru to victory, needed .17 points to get a win, and Freiermuth got me 2.2 points.
  4. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    Hope you kept Penny in, helped make up for Stafford for me. I'm currently .16 points down with my Freiermuth to go tonight. Should be a win, but he had Knox go for 0.00, so you never know.
  5. WDIS Championship

    I'd say Van, than Williams. Ravens pass d is terrible so that is why I go Van first.
  6. Which QB and which 3 rbs

    Stafford, bench Monty.
  7. Brady or Rodgers and a FLEX?

    Rodgers. Cooks.
  8. Crazy to start Lance over Hurts

    Crazy?? Yes! In my opinion, no way I play Trey over Hurts as my qb1.
  9. I like Freiermuth, but worry with the Monday game what if he tests positive tomorrow? Is Hooper available if that were to happen?
  10. TE

    Freiermuth no injury designation, should be able to play now, if that changes anything. I like him best, but thinking maybe Everett so I don't end up with Muth backup or Hooper as my only options if he gets a positive Covid tomorrow. Any other thoughts?
  11. Guessing Waller out for my final week. Top 5 available are, Higbee Fant Freiermuth Everett Moreau
  12. TE

    Guessing Waller out for my final week. Top 5 available are, Higbee Fant Freiermuth Everett Moreau
  13. Kamara didn't look to be really putting effort into it last week, except when they snagged his towel. Not sure if that was because of all the Covid losses on offense line or what. Game before against Tampa was not good, and the first game against Carolina he did not score well. Which 3 Rb's? Kamara, Sony, Rojo, Penny, Mitchell, Dillon, Mattison