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  1. Keenan Allen status for tonight???

    He’s playing and in my lineup as a flex. Even on limited reps he’s gonna be better than most. Especially in the red zone.
  2. Tyron Johnson is available, how reliable do you think he can be if both Allen and Williams is out?
  3. No one really deep league who were you thinking about?
  4. Keenan Allen is a game time decision, possibly limited they say if he does play. Do I roll and flex him if he plays or hold out and possibly play Mostert or David Johnson? Iv been avg 185 over the last 4 weeks with this line up. Projected at 159 w/ Allen, Opponent is projected 124. Rest of Team A. Rodgers N.Chubb, C. Carson D.Adams, T. Hill T. Kelce FLEX??? Browns Carlson His Team T.Brady A. Karmara, A. Jones A. Cooper, C. Ridley H.Hurst K. Hunt Ari Prater
  5. Pick 1

    1 pt PPR I'm starting Chubb need 1 between Carson vs Wash or Mostert if healthy vs Dallas My other starters ( I've been avg 189 the last 4 weeks since my trades for Hill and Allen) Rodgers Chubb, player to be named Adams, Hill Allen Kelce Browns D vs NYG or Sea vs Wash 1K to league winner
  6. Who wins?

  7. 1 pt PPR need a flex Boyd vs Dal Gurley vs Chargers if he plays Booker vs Indy if Jacobs sits again Ty Johnson vs Sea if Gore is out Barber vs SF He's in the first round and having trouble deciding, I lean Johnson if Gore sits what's yall's ideas?
  8. Barkley?

    Do I pick up Barkley is a straight keeper league to keep him or Adams/Tyreek Hill?
  9. David Johnson

    DJ is a better option than Gio I think.
  10. Week 13 defense

    If your looking for a Def for playoffs the Chi schedule is ok but if its just a week I might go Raiders.
  11. Higgins or Aiyuk?

  12. Maybe the Raiders just cause they are playing the Jets.