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  1. Drop Russ

    Thanks that’s the way I was leaning.
  2. If Parker is activated, who SITS?

    Practice would be more fun if they played music. He thinks it would help them practice better. He’s getting slammed in the media and message boards. It might not have an affect but Tomlin is a moron and might try to prove a point to right the locker room cause he’s losing it. This is 3 weeks in a row with someone speaking on their practice habits. Also Ben hold’s grudges and just announced it’s his last season so you never know.
  3. If Parker is activated, who SITS?

    Claypool, the Steelers are a mess. He had a bad week with his comments they might try and prove a point.
  4. Rb problems

  5. Drop Russ

    So should I start Parker over Moore?
  6. Rb's to start

    I’d leave out Gibson, I think Williams breaks out being the guy.
  7. Drop Russ

    Should I drop Russell Wilson? I can activate Parker off ir and start him over E. Moore. Moore is going against Philly D and has not been as good with Wilson at qb. I have Cousins as my qb right now, the only thing I am thinking about is Russ’s playoff schedule. Only other droppable player is Ingram next week. Is it worth dropping Russ to start Parker over Moore this week? 1pt ppr
  8. Ingram or Javonte

    Broncos said Gordon is 50/50 for Sunday. Do I start Ingram at flex tonight or roll the dice with Javonte being the lead back Sunday? 1 pt ppr Other starters Eckler and Mitchell.
  9. Help tonight

    1 pt ppr Hunt tonight vs Ravens Lockett Monday vs Was up 20 they have Chubb, Brown and Tucker.
  10. If Ingram is good to go tomorrow do I play him at flex or wait and see and start Mitchell/Wilson I have them both?
  11. Trade Options

    You could also send Cook or Harris for Hill that’s not terrible
  12. Trade Options

    I’d like Allen or Johnson. Not sure on the qbs I’m fighting the same battle with Wilson, gonna stream Cam this week and hope Russ cooks again soon.
  13. Trade Options

    I’d be carful trading him a stud rb, his roster is stacked as well, he needs 1 stud rb and it’s a shoot out for you in the playoffs. Last yr I had Adams, Hill, Allen and Kelce all go subpar week 14 and lost mostly cause of weather. I was avg 180 a week for the last 6 weeks and only scored 125 in the playoffs. Rbs are sure to get carries and targets when the weather turns, Wr even the great ones are boom or bust sometimes. Look at other rosters for a good Wr maybe not a Jefferson or Kupp how about the guy with Chase, Hill, or Diggs you might be able to turn Henderson and some other piece for them. My 2 cents.
  14. Drop and add

    Should I drop OBJ for E. Moore? my thinking is OBJ is in a great offense but Moore is seeing way more volume and always in a great game script. We only have 5 bench spots currently Cam/Wilson (picking the best match up) Mitchell Wilson Jr Ingram (flex) as of now J. Williams OBJ yalls thoughts on what to do? 1 pt ppr locked starters Swift/Eckler Adams/Hill Hockenson