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  1. 2007 Keeper

    Hey all - I've kept P. Manning for the past 4 years in one of my leagues (not league in sig below). Largely because I've never had an outstanding RB to keep instead. I drafted R. Bush late in the second round (keepers were selected in 1st round) in hopes that he would turn into an obvious keeper. Well the first half of the season I said no chance - and then he started to produce. Our league does award points for receptions. I'm thinking I need to retain Manning yet again - any reason for me to keep Bush? My other back is Chester. Thanks for your help! NEP
  2. What do you need tonight?

    I think you jinxed me!
  3. What do you need tonight?

    I hope you are right!!
  4. What do you need tonight?

    Down 1 pt.. He's got Peyton I've got: Rudi Housh Vinatieri I feel like it may be a close one!
  5. Please help!

    bump - anyone?
  6. Please help!

    Dunn appears like he will play tonight, but who knows how effective he'll be and how many touches he'll get.. Harris will start but will Detroit get too far behind and have to throw? This is to get into the finals! Thanks - will answer yours - NE
  7. QB help for playoffs

    Honestly I think Garcia may be your best option. Leinart and Green face tough D's, and I don't know if you can trust Campbell. Big Ben is a decent play if you don't want to play Garcia against the G-men. I'd say Garcia or Big Ben. Please see mine.

    Arlen Harris is available... I've got Dunn plugged in at the moment but he'll probably be limited or may not play at all against a tough DAL D.. Could put Jennings in but he's done squat the past few weeks.. Also, I could put Colston at Flex and play Gonzo at TE - intriguing I know... Thoughts please? I'm actually kind-of leaning towards Jennings, although I hate putting a WR in this spot.
  9. Tough RB call for Playoffs

    I wouldn't bench LJ, and I think MJD has another great match-up this week. He also gets the goal-line carries, so I'd go with him. As for your QB, I'd stick with Bulger, but it's a close call there...
  10. I haven't played Eli in 5 weeks, but after last weeks performance @ CAR I'm having thoughts about plugging him in. However, McNair has a favorable match-up at home against CLE. Anyone have any thoughts on this one? Will answer yours. Thanks! NE
  11. Just wanted to vent before i retired!

    Umm.. Both Taylor and Maroney were ruled out for Sunday's games.. And Colston coming off an injured ankle isn't the best option! So........ if you played all three of them the "strategy" was to bench them and activate players who were actually going to start. Hope you come back next year!
  12. McNair or Eli?

    That looked like offensive interference! but I'll take it!!
  13. McNair or Eli?

    Let's hope McNair puts up 2-3TDs and 250+ on them Bengals! Good luck all...
  14. Holy Crap I need help!

    True I think Romo is a must start now.. Play Rudi and Green - although the CAR matchup is nice against Phili who knows with that backfield..
  15. McNair or Eli?

    Yeah I've got McNair, Housh, and Rudi plugged in for tonight.. Was hoping for a good start to the week now I'm a bit worried! Think I'll just roll with it..