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  1. Hey Irish, need to pick one for a FLEX spot in my PPR league. I have a pretty healthy cushion from last week's leg one of my playoff match-up, so I'm just trying to go for the highest floor instead of going for a boom/bust high ceiling. My best options are: McKissic (v. SEA), Mostert (v. DAL), C. Davis (v. DET), Hilton (v. HOU), and Wilson (v. DAL). Frankly, all those guys have have pretty decent matchups. I had McKissic slotted in the FLEX, but with Alex Smith now out, I feel like his stock went down without the volume of dump-offs. If he's the RB1 for WFT, he'd still have enough rushing yards to be a solid play though. I could absolutely see Mostert busting a 60 yd TD run against the Dallas defense, but his recent injuries make me worried he might be on a snap count or lose majority share to Wilson, so I see him more as a boom/bust. Davis and Hilton would be good FLEX options, but I tend to think of WRs in FLEX as more boom/bust than a RB and since I care more about not posting a goose egg than having my FLEX have a shot at a 30 point game, I'm leaning RB. Wilson is the one who I think is probably the safest 8+ but I could be off base on that one. As always, thanks so much for the input!
  2. Honestly, you're probably right. I don't see it being as lopsided as it was last game where the entire game was basically garbage time and they were trying to avoid wear and tear on Kamara If Kamara returns to his former production and Murray has a meh game, I'd never forgive myself if I played Murray, but I can live with myself benching Murray if I play Kamara and Murray has the better game. Need to not overreact to a game or two haha. Also, FWIW, Gruden just announced Booker is playing, so into the FLEX he goes. Thanks so much for the input Irish
  3. In a PPR league and I need to fill an RB and a Flex spot. I was planning on playing both Murray and Kamara just as an insurance measure (my RB1 is likely Mostert, since he's the one I feel most confident will hit 15+). I figure combined, they're probably good for 25+, but one their own, it's a dice roll boom or bust. I could stick Corey Davis in place of one of them for the FLEX for a "safe" 10 from Davis with limited upside, but I imagine what will happen is I pick the wrong NO RB and end up with 7 from whichever NO RB I pick, because just do to the laws of FF, I'll pick the dud with the guy I bench going off. The extra few points is not worth the chance of missing out on the guy who gets the points. I was able to nab Booker off waivers, so obviously things get more complex if Jacobs ends up being out, because I'll have two guys (Mostert and Booker) who are probably ~15 points so he'd likely beat out one of NO RB. Start Booker if Jacobs is out? I think that gives me a higher ceiling at the risk of a lower floor. But then I'd need to choose between Murray and Kamara. Last time NO played Atlanta (two weeks ago, also under Taysom), each guy put up exactly 10.5, and given the injury Kamara is nursing and Murray's recent success (albeit in effectively an entire game of garbage time against a basically QB-less Denver), I'm actually slightly leaning Murray?? But I'd feel wrong benching Kamara... So wrong... For an RB2 and two RB3's no less... Thanks for any input Irish!