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  1. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    Oof, that sucks man. Serves me right for giving up hope too soon. I guess both are better ways to lose than on Ebron though.. It's a cruel game!
  2. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    You're right totally gave up too soon at the half... Need 5.24 now... Hope for a big final drive!
  3. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    I'm toast fellas.. only 9 months to redeem myself!
  4. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    Thanks man.. you should be ok for 37 yards (hopefully)
  5. Comes down to Diontae for me tomorrow. PPR league, I need 25 to win. Obviously odds aren't in favor but things looked worse for me earlier today. Not really asking for advice, just wanting some good luck thrown my way .. Someone put extra tack on those gloves!
  6. Diontae or Corey Davis

    I'm down big, so I need to start someone with >20 point upside (PPR). Who should I start? Diontae Corey Davis
  7. Woods, Diontae, Davis?

    I'm down by 23 going into this week, so I need some high upside plays. Already starting Adams and Aiyuk at receiver. Who would you flex? Woods Diontae Corey Davis
  8. Tonyan or Goedert?

    Which would you start, and which has better upside?
  9. I'm down by 23 so obviously need high upside this week. Should I start Jacobs tonight, or go with Dobbins or Wilson Jr? Won't know about Mostert until the weekend, so can't bank on Wilson being the lead back... Dobbins would likely split a lot with Gus... But does Jacobs have high enough ceiling? What should I do?
  10. Definitely Akers. I would prob still do Jacobs although Dobbins is appealing
  11. Which TE for Week 15

    PPR league. I'm down 23 so need upside. Which TE should I play? Tonyan Goedert Thomas
  12. Pick 2 WR's.

    I'm down 23, so I need upside. PPR league. Pick 2 WR's: Terry Woods Aiyuk
  13. Lineup? Down by 23...

    I'm down by 23 heading into Round 2, so obviously going to need some high ceiling plays. Lineup thoughts? QB: Murray (vs Phi), Tannehill (vs Det) RB: Kamara (vs Kc), Jacobs (vs Lac), Gibson (Q), Gaskin (O), Akers (vs Nyj) WR: Adams (vs Car), Diontae (vs Cin), Woods (vs NyJ), McLaurin (vs Sea), Aiyuk (vs Dal), Davis (vs Det) TE: Tonyan (vs Car), Thomas (vs Sea) D: Ravens (vs Jax) K: Bass (vs Den) Adams and Kamara are obviously must starts. I'm trying to pick up Akers, and if I do, is he a better start than Jacobs?. I'm torn at QB because I love the matchup for Tannehill even though Murray had 13 rushes this past week. I like Tonyan, but I don't love starting two Packers. Is Logan Thomas a better option? Who should my WR2 and Flex be? I'm thinking Aiyuk and Woods? Davis if I start Tannehill? Also might drop Bass for Zurlein and hope he has another breakout game. Would appreciate a lineup rundown from anyone. Going against Henry again, so definitely need to score points here to overcome the deficit.
  14. Make any lineup changes?

    PPR league. QB: Tannehill RB: Kamara, Gallman WR: Adams, Diontae TE: Tonyan Flex: McLaurin D: Ravens K: Bass Bench: Kyler Murray Jacobs Davis Aiyuk
  15. Welp. Down to this decision at RB...

    Or do I pick up Singletary? Then I can wait and see with Jacobs