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  1. Rank These WR's ROS

    10 team, 0.5 ppr. Rank for ROS: Lamb, Ridley, Thielen
  2. 10 team, 0.5 ppr. How fair is this deal? Tyreek and Swift for Cook and Ridley
  3. 10 team, 0.5 ppr. I'd be offering Lamb, Swift, and Damien Williams for Ridley and Cook. Overpayment? Underpayment? Does Ridley have more value than Lamb rest of season?
  4. Trade away Theilen for CeeDee Lamb?

    I wouldn't sell Thielen when he's this low
  5. I. Benched. Herbert.

    I picked up and played Daniel Jones over him. Liked the matchup and needed a lot of points going against top team in my league, so I bought into the rushing potential with Jones. Obviously just a horrific example of overthinking.
  6. I. Benched. Herbert.

    That's the post.
  7. Who Wins the Trade?

    10 team, 0.5 ppr. I give Chubb and Damien Williams for Najee. How fair is this and who wins?
  8. Pick 1 to Sit

    So you wouldn't go for his upside since I'm playing the best team?
  9. Pick 1 to Sit

  10. Pick 1 to Sit

    10 team, 0.5 ppr. I need to sit one of these five players. Going against the top team in my league, so need to score a lot of points. Who should I not start? Chubb, Swift, Damien Williams, Lamb, Diontae
  11. Consider sitting Herbert?

    Also 10 team. Herbert's been good but picked up D Jones today. Browns defense is great and the rushing yards that apply a safety net to other top QB's don't apply to Herbert. Still debating but will probably start Jones this week. Tossup to me between Herb and Burrow
  12. Hockenson Questionable: Start Higbee?

    Think I'm gonna take my chances with Hock
  13. Hock was limited today but apparently didn't do much. Other TE on roster is Higbee. Do I risk it with Hock or play Higbee tonight? Going up against the best team in my league.
  14. Improve this Roster!

    10 team, 0.5 ppr. I'm 1-3 after four weeks and don't know where exactly I should be improving. I feel like my team is good, not great, and I've gotten unlucky with facing some high scorers. Thoughts on how to make my lineup stronger? QB: Herbert RB: Chubb, Swift, Javonte, Jamaal Williams, Pollard, Damien Williams WR: Hill, Lamb, Diontae, Higgins, Mooney TE: Hockenson, Higbee D: Streaming K: Carlson
  15. Damien Williams Value

    I have a high waiver spot this week, and will try to pick up Damien Williams to flip to the owner who just lost Monty (would have to start Zack Moss in his place). How high should my price be? Is getting back Cooks one for one fair? 10 team, 0.5 ppr