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  1. Rank these WR's ROS

    Rankings for ROS between: Diontae Johnson Robert Woods Tee Higgins 10 team, 0.5 ppr
  2. Pitts Trade?

    TE is the obvious weakness on my team and I'm trying to acquire a starting one. There's one team that has both Waller and Pitts. Is straight up offering one of Diontae or Higgins a fair deal for Pitts? Do I need to include something else? 10 team, 0.5 ppr. My team: QB: Herbert RB: Chubb, Carson, Javonte, Jamaal Williams, Pollard WR: Hill, Lamb, Woods, Diontae, Higgins, Mooney, Reagor TE: Higbee D: Panthers K: Carlson
  3. Rank these WR's ROS

    You don't think he'll turn it around with Stafford?
  4. Pitts Trade?

    You would want to keep Higgins over Diontae? If he's running back needy, would Javonte or Jamaal for Pitts be an ok deal?
  5. Who Wins the Trade?

    I touched on this earlier in the season but want to hear thoughts after Week 2. I'm thinking of offering Chubb and either Tee or Diontae for Waller and Gibson. Fair deal? Who wins? 10 team, 0.5 ppr. My team: QB: Herbert RB: Chubb, Carson, Javonte, Jamaal Williams, Dillon WR: Hill, Lamb, Diontae, Higgins, Pittman, Mooney, Reagor TE: Kmet D: Washington K: Bass
  6. Carson or Sanders? Still wondering this. 10 team, 0.5 ppr league. Both looked pretty good Week 1. A little worried about Gainwell in Philly, especially in the passing game. Which would you rather have?
  7. Thoughts on Kmet?

    I may be streaming TE's all season. Went with Everett last week but thinking of dropping him for Kmet. Thoughts on him? Other options out there are Cook, Firkser and Henry.
  8. RB Trade?

    I'm being offered Carson and Jamaal Williams for M Sanders. My RB's are: Chubb, Sanders, Javonte, Dillon. Make the deal? Is Sanders better than Carson long-term?
  9. Make this Trade?

    10 team, 0.5 ppr league. Someone in my league just put CEH up for sale. I'm thinking of offering: Miles Sanders and Diontae Johnson for Ridley and CEH. I feel like I win this deal but how fair is it?
  10. 10 team, 0.5 ppr league. I'm being offered Chris Carson and Marvin Jones for Miles Sanders. Take it?
  11. Make this Trade before Week 1?

    You don't prefer Carson to Sanders? Reasoning?
  12. Carson or Sanders?

    10 team, 0.5 ppr. Who would you rather have for the season: Carson or Sanders?
  13. Who wins the trade?

    10 team, half PPR league. I'm thinking about offering Chubb and Higgins for Gibson and Waller. Is that a fair deal? They're interested in Chubb and also have Pitts, so losing Waller isn't a massive blow. My current roster is: QB: Herbert RB: Chubb, Sanders, Javonte Williams, Dillon WR: Hill, Lamb, Diontae, Higgins, Pittman, Ruggs, Mooney, Reagor TE: Firkser
  14. Which WR to pick up?

    I'd go Reagor. Most upside.
  15. Everett or Firkser?

    Ebron's the only TE on my roster, so I'm in a real crunch. Would like to swap him out for someone with more upside. Take a chance on Firkser or Everett? Stick with Ebron? 10 team .5 ppr
  16. Pick 9 or 10 in a 10 team standard?

    Recently drafted 10th and went with Chubb / Hill. I would go with Diggs if Adams, Kelce and Hill are off the board, and one of the RB's left. Definitely no QB.
  17. Another grim TE season... Suggestions?

    Not dynasty. May grab Darnold and drop Reagor. Thanks for the help
  18. Just drafted in a 10 team .5 ppr league, this is my team. Obviously TE is the major weakness here, was hoping to scoop up Logan Thomas or Pitts in the 6th round but got shafted. Only other guy I'm considering swapping Ebron out with is Cook. Thoughts on how to improve the team overall? QB: Herbert RB: Chubb, Sanders, Javonte Williams, Dillon WR: Hill, Lamb, Diontae Johnson, Tee Higgins, Pittman, Ruggs, Reagor, Mooney TE: Ebron D/ST: Washington K: Zurlein
  19. Another grim TE season... Suggestions?

    May I ask why? The best available I have are Tua, Darnold and Cousins. I'll start Herbert over all of them every week, so why not wait until bye week and let my bench gain value?
  20. Comes down to Diontae for me tomorrow. PPR league, I need 25 to win. Obviously odds aren't in favor but things looked worse for me earlier today. Not really asking for advice, just wanting some good luck thrown my way .. Someone put extra tack on those gloves!
  21. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    Oof, that sucks man. Serves me right for giving up hope too soon. I guess both are better ways to lose than on Ebron though.. It's a cruel game!
  22. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    You're right totally gave up too soon at the half... Need 5.24 now... Hope for a big final drive!
  23. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    I'm toast fellas.. only 9 months to redeem myself!
  24. Well.. Need 25 from Diontae tomorrow

    Thanks man.. you should be ok for 37 yards (hopefully)
  25. Diontae or Corey Davis

    I'm down big, so I need to start someone with >20 point upside (PPR). Who should I start? Diontae Corey Davis