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  1. Good, I don't like either teams but it would have made me happy if Jason Taylor showed up and did the lights out dance..Awww someone mocked out a steroid freak with a big mouth. I'm glad to see LT sticking up for a teammate but c'mon it's Merriman he is a loser Did I just stick up for the Pats and Dolphins...damn I'm a Bills fan. That's why we stay out of the playoffs too much drama...you don't want no drama
  2. Mcgahee is a stud

    Court ordered payments....and pa tests..nice, get him the hell out of buffalo..penthouse seriously? I'm sure Levy didn't approve that... He is an average at best running back and deserves average at best money..but no the U players have this I'm the man attitude, the only thing is he hasn't done anything in the pros...he sucks
  3. Washington and Clinton Portis

    I don't believe it , if Jones is healthy he is a perfect fit for this offense. I know you might call me crazy but the Lions are my sleeper team next year (if Martz stays). If they address OL and make a few defensive moves..watch out..greatest show on Turf pt 2
  4. Washington and Clinton Portis

    This is from msn sports News: The Lions are reportedly not interested in drafting a running back, quarterback, or wide receiver in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Impact: Kevin Jones (foot) is reportedly on track for Week 1 and Detroit will target Clemson DE Gaines Adams to play opposite James Hall, or Wisconsin's Joe Thomas, who'd presumably play right tackle or guard instead of moving Jeff Backus. An inside linebacker is another possibility at No. 2. (Thu. Jan 4, 2007)
  5. Washington and Clinton Portis

    Thats a good point. Didn't know his cap figure was that high
  6. Who is going to be the man for the NYJ next year. Has Leon Washington outplayed Houston? I don't see the Jets going after someone in FA (if Mangenius is like his former boss)..Houston does not seem durable enough and Washington has given the team a spark time and time again... What do you think??
  7. Washington and Clinton Portis

    Redskins should dump their inflated salary in Portis and go with Betts. They could easily get a #2 pick in this years draft
  8. Does anyone think that Washington will trade the often injured Clinton Portis? With Ladell Betts showing that he can carry the load and be a #1 in the league what will they do? Betts signed a 5 yr deal that makes him very inexpensive on the cap. Portis on the other hand has a big tag and hasn't produced. What are your thoughts, do they deal him for a draft pick?
  9. Need opinions

    Wayne, Johnson , Coles
  10. wide reciever advice

    keep Andre due to SJax injury
  11. Early Championship WDIS

    start Brown and Alexander
  12. Championship game must start 1 of these players along with T.Holt Boldin Vs. Chargers (chargers home team) Ma. Clayton Vs. Bills (Blt home team Balt is playing for home field advantage so I see the starters playing. I am concerned about Warner, although looking back Boldin has better numbers with Warner than Leinart... What do yo think
  13. Sean Alexander

    I have the same question.. Would they sit him??? Any homers??
  14. Punt Off Jet costs me the championship?

    Offensive fumble recovery..4th down, the team punting is still considered to be the offensive team. If they ran a fake punt would the defense get credit for a TD or yardage? No..The punt team is still offense