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  1. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    OK, just checking. CMC is definitely 100% out for the remainder, correct? There's no surprise "week 16 return" possible here, right? He's on waivers in a redraft, and its hard not to stick him in the IR. So, done done, right?
  2. Start 2, 1/2 PPR wr/rb content

    I have been a big Cooks fan, but you are right. Tyrod is crushing him.
  3. Weak 13 Chat

    Damn GOff... pulled it off. Wow. what, 6 seconds left? Damn.
  4. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Boston Scott. Active, all suited up, competing for touches with Sanders and... Zip. I didnt start him, but still, guy was supposed to be seeing increased usage. Not one touch. Ouch. few guys got burned I imagine.
  5. Start 2, 1/2 PPR wr/rb content

    Yeah, well, I went Chase and Cooks, which turned out very, very poorly. COupled with Ingrams 3 points this week and it very likely got me a loss for the week. Higgins crushed it. On my bench! Oh well.
  6. Start 2, 1/2 PPR wr/rb content

    Cooks has developed into a massive disappointment with Tyrod under center.
  7. THiggins vs a very tough secondary. (Love higgins, but already starting JChase, so a Cinn WR stack in a game that will be RUN heavy worries me) BCooks vs his own Qb and a weaker secondary CEH with a minor stomach big vs a decent Den D
  8. Drop one

    Ingram just had the start and flopped. Granted, game script wasnt great for him, but he still didnt produce with touches he had. I started him, so I may be a bit extra salty on this. in my league, Batemen has been one of those bubble guys on waivers since healthy. guys pick him up, dont start him, and drop him. They he'll sit for a week. He's like Cory Davis, E sanders, or E Moore (until recently). On the bubble. So yeah. I dont know. I'd drop bateman since I dont think you start him and if needed you can get another like him probably .
  9. Who to sit: Mattison, Michel, or Williams?

    I would not bench Mattison. I'd bench Sony. easy decision imo.
  10. Hurts don't it

  11. Drop A.Brown for D.Parker?

    Once parker is back he wont finish the season.
  12. Rb's to start

    It is a good problem! IMO just leave it. Mckissic is out, gibson been doing better (knee issue).
  13. Rb problems

    I really like Mattison this week.
  14. THiggins or BCooks, week 13 only 1/2ppr Cooks feeling ill, higgins worse matchup. Who do you start as WR2?
  15. Weak 13 Chat