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  1. Lineup question for tonight

    How does a kicker earn negative points? Fake punt/pass gets picked? Fumble the snap would be on special teams, not kicker, no? Wondering... Anyway, good luck to the OP
  2. Championship question

    I'm no oddsmaker, but thats doable. lets say 6 for 7 , a TD, and 100 yds. A really good day. Doable.
  3. Uphill Battle

    Last week I lost because Ben and Pit dst couldnt put up a combined 11 points. I was "up" by 96%, until I wasnt. This week I almost lost (won by 1.99) because the 27th ranked dst put up more points than Corey Davis and AJ Brown- combined. Honestly, its people. ANYTHING is possible until its not. Never, ever, ever give up.
  4. GB dst outscored AJ brown and Cory davis...combined. Nonetheless, i hung in and took it 87-85. Ugly, but I got the W!
  5. You Make the Call! Wk16 CHAMPIONSHIP Mr Left or Ms Right?

    Took it even with Cory's big fat snowy goose egg. Crazy 2 weeks of FF.
  6. Guys a big GB fan, but starting GB DST?

    Again? GB dst crushing me. 14. AJ brown (AND Cory!) 0 Wuh?
  7. Well JalenHurts made me sweat for it, and Carson, Goedart, and LBell sure didnt help as much as hoped, but his players dogged it worse than mine. I';m up 3 points with AJBrown yet to play vs his GreenBay defense. Cautiously optimistic.
  8. You Make the Call! Wk16 CHAMPIONSHIP Mr Left or Ms Right?

    Despite Hurts spending the 2nd half trying to give back points, i am now still up by 16 in the Superbowl. I have Cory Davis remaining. She has no remaining players.
  9. You Make the Call! Wk16 CHAMPIONSHIP Mr Left or Ms Right?

    Hurts pick then fumble??! Working in reverse here! Come on, man. This is malarkey!
  10. Clearly not happening. Bell was the wrong call, and Carson is having a rough go at this D. With a mountain of jwilson & bcooks points on the bench, its disconcerting. That said, I'm down by 6 points. He's got Robby Anderson for one more quarter and Greenbay DST. I have Hurts for a half, whatever Carson is going to be able to scrabble up, and then AJ Brown. Good times.
  11. You Make the Call! Wk16 CHAMPIONSHIP Mr Left or Ms Right?

    ... up by 11 over the Ice Queen. She's got Herbert and LoganThomas still playing. I have Hurts & Melvin Gordon playing and CoryDavis lined up for later. Not counting my chickens, but its a step closer to my first Championship. I've got 31 Gaskin points on the bench that'd have made it a bit easier! edit- Herbert and LoganThomas have 3 minutes to score 18 points.
  12. FLEX help- McKissic or Cooks... driving me nuts

    Flexed cooks in one league and Antonio Brown in the other. Worked out well. I left a painful amount of rb points on the bench this week (the RB was giving me fits, lots of good choices) but I made the right WR calls this week.
  13. Does Tyreek Hill play full game??

    T Hill being kept in check (and BCooks having a good day did a whole lot to put my first Championship in reach.)
  14. brandin cooks or tee higgins

    (and it got you 25 points!)
  15. Does Tyreek Hill play full game??

    Just some nervous energy I am sure.