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  3. OG Check-In

    ...I don't even have copies anymore, it'd be a miracle if any of you guys did, other than holding up the busted end of your couch!
  4. OG Check-In

    Ha, thanks!! In its own completely obsolete and antiquated way, maybe it helped a few people pick up a few tips but MORE THAN THAT, just get a kick out of the insanity, fun, craziness of this pastime/hobby/obsession. I'm just pisssssssssed I didn't think of DFS first before Eccles or Robbins....:)
  5. OG Check-In

    great to hear!
  6. OG Check-In

    Is Sky(live) still with us? Praying so...what a nice guy...was in Seattle area, right?
  7. OG Check-In

    ugh sorry to hear some have passed away
  8. OG Check-In

    Yup Billy, for sure...that was great, was awesome to finally meet a bunch you in person, we had quite a feast/drink-fest. That was back when WCOFF was the high stakes event in the entire country (before it imploded/went bankrupt) & $300,000 top prize was utterly MIND-BLOWING (before DraftKings & FanDuel considered that pocket change). I remember I was with my Boston pals and they were like, "Wait, who are these 'Huddle' dudes we're meeting again? You've never met them? You 'met them online'? Are we gonna end up butchered and fed to pigs in the desert?" I was like, "Do any of these guys look like murderers? [scans drunks at table]. Well, a couple do." As I probably did. Ah, the innocent, newbie days of the internet when everyone was a potential serial killer....
  9. OG Check-In

    I thought you looked familiar.
  10. OG Check-In

    Welp, it's been years (so much so that I had to create new account & bullmanure new name) and I see the same beefs are still alive and well! I haven't had an excuse to use the dancing banana emoticon in quite some time, let alone call them "emoticons." Feels good. Great catching up with you, Keg...and great to see all you other dudes are also alive and well!