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  1. Mikes Vikes There is no consolation bracket in our league and it’s not a keeper league
  2. Darin it was actually last week when this happened. A friend of mine in our league that wasn’t in the playoff was #1 on the waiver wire and he picked Chubb up so that he didn’t end up in the hands of someone who was still in the playoffs. #2 on the wire is the daughter of the guy who dropped Chubb, that I played and beat. She would have beat me by 1.5 pts if she had ended up with Chubb.
  3. Does the ESPN app have the option to to block eliminated teams?
  4. Oh yeah and there is no “ toilet bowl“ or consolation bracket in our league. Also known as when you miss the playoffs.... season done!
  5. Billy I agree that it’s a basic question! I’m hoping to get enough response to this question that I can show the guy in my league that he’s in the wrong
  6. I have someone in my league that after missing the playoffs drop Nick Chubb to the waiver wire. I feel like a round 2 draft shouldn’t end up on the waiver wire all of a sudden in the playoffs especially