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  1. Hockenson or Andrews, PPR

    Thats tight. I think Baltimore will have more TOP, given Tenn running the ball more with Henry. I'd go Andrews. can you help here....
  2. Jeff Wilson or Mostert

    i have wilson too and am tempted to put him in for CEH, based upon wilson's snap counts and mosterts injury. Maybe he is on a tighter snap count now, i haven't seen anything reporting that though. Toss up, but if you need to start one, I'd roll with Wilson. help here...
  3. D. Watson or J. Hurts Week 15

    Watson. I'm an eagles fan. He's not as good as watson. It's that simple. help here...
  4. WR to start?

    That's who I have plugged in, but Sanders is tempting. Sanders over Cooks?
  5. WR to start?

    Sanders vs KC Cooper vs SF Cooks at Ind 2 out of these. 1 pt.PPR