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  1. Saquon Barkley .... yikes

    Barkley is an exceptionally talented rb. A rb's legs are essential to their production. It's very hard to recover from an ACL tear and for most it takes a year or more to recover. I think Saquone(also grandson's name) IS progressing from his injury yet I still have the feeling he won't get back to being what he was before the injury. At least not this year. Everyone's hopeful he get his legs back and start producing like the top 5 back he was before. Hate to rain on that party but I just don't see it happening this year. The Giants offense is terrible, sorry NY fans and probably will struggle all year to even win 5 games. No facts or evidence do I have to support this. It's a gut feeling and trusting my gut feelings when coming to fantasy football has more than usually been right. I have him in a few leagues but I have other backs I have started over him and glad I did. All I'm saying is it's good to believe.the guys you.drafted are gonna perform for you but I think your expectations for Barkley should be tempered somewhat. He'll have his moments but I don't feel he'll finish as a top 20 rb this year. If the Giants offense somehow miraculously busts open then yes SB can have a big part of that. Though with Daniel Jones as his QB I don't see them putting up a lot of points. Sorry Barkley owners but he will be better next year maybe if he doesn't get reinjured.
  2. Please help me improve my RB unit

    You'd.deplete both your rbs & wrs to possibly even get Cook. You'd just be making the other team better. Your rosters not that bad. I'd wait a few.weeks and see.what shakes up. Lockett, Thielen.and.Cooks look pretty.good right now and tour rbs are at least serviceable for now. Hang on to what you have. Don't go fudging up your.roster this early.
  3. Who Wins the Trade?

    I wouldn't do that deal. Chubb's still a rushing monster even with Hunt around. Cleveland's game is run run run then run some more. Higgins still a decent WR2 with some upside inspite of Chase there. I like Gibson but after two weeks he hasn't produced like I thought he would. Still a lot of football left but I wouldn't trade Chubb & Higgins for Gibson & Waller. No doubt Waller's gonna have a good year but if I were you I look to see if you could move one of your WR group for a better TE. See who's got needs at receiver yet has a TE they can part with. Even if the TE is middle of the road, maybe like Higbee, Everett, Gesicki. Keep Chubb you won't regret it.
  4. QB dilemma

    I don't trust Jones right now even with his rushing upside. Teddy Two Gloves gets a Jets team that's not very good. Even with Jeudy out Bridgewater still has good targets in Sutton,Fant and Patrick. He has a running game that's good too. I could definitely see Bridgewater having at least 250 yds. Passing and 2 TDs. Maybe even a short rushing td for bonus. Forget Jones as Bridgewater has a juicy matchup.
  5. Who's gonna be the MVP?

    I think you can probably throw all of them in a hat and pick one and it'd be a good chance your pick could be mvp. All 5 of them have the capability to win mvp with the first 3 having a better chance of winning it, IMO.
  6. Pat Freiermuth

    As DMD said the scheme the Steeelers run just doesn't lend to big production from the TE position. They have other mouths to feed in their WR group and the RB position with rookie Najee Harris. Harris will become a more focal point as the season progresses. However, I DO think Freiertucks's usage in the redzone will increase as the season goes along. He just doesn't drop passes and I think Big Ben will target him.frequently in the redzone. I also think he'll have more tds this year than highly touted rookie TE Kyle Pitts. Still, I don't think you can use Freiermuth as a weekly start. You can use him if you have an expanded starting lineup and/or multiple TE or flex spots. I.don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that he scores at least 5 tds this year. It's only week two and he will get better and could overtake Ebron.
  7. Who's gonna be the MVP?

    I know it's early, really early, but after 2 weeks of games who do you guys project as the 2021 MVP? There's a couple of guys I'd like to give kudos for their play and possibly they may have a shot at MVP. #1. QB KYLER MURRAY- dude has been insane the first 2 weeks. He'd be my early favorite if he continues to put up the numbers he has the first 2 weeks. Yes, he has Hopkins but he doesn't have the superstars some other teams have. He certainly gets the most out of who he has on offense. #2. QB TOM BRADY- here we go again. He has 9 tds in 2 games, seriously at 44 y.o. that is truly insane. He has more talented players than Murray but he continues to show people why he is the G.O.A.T. #3. QB DEREK CARR- seems to never get respect for his game yet went out the first two weeks and beat 2 of the teams that most consider possible superbowl contenders in the RAVENS and STEELERS. Outside of Waller he doesn't have that much but Ruggs made an appearance week 2. If Ruggs continues to play the way he did this week CARR could easily be in the conversation for MVP. #4. VERY DARKHORSE CANDIDATE- TE ROB GRONKOWSKI- how.insane would that be if a TE were to win the MVP. 4 tds the first two weeks, 6tds in the last 3 game including last year's superbowl. Brady coaxed him out of retirement and he's been spectacular for the Bucs. Yes There's Evans, Godwin, Antonio Brown but the connection Gronk has with Brady is undeniable. Can he possibly sustain this high level of play? Could he possibly end up with more than 15 tds on the year? Chances are he won't because of how Brady spreads the ball, but I think he has the chance of scoring the most tds ever for a TE and is somehow miraculously balls out scoring.multiple tds in numerous games I think you'd have to seriously consider him as an MVP candidate. There you have it. Some of my early favorites for MVP. So what do you guys think? AM I wrong with the guys I've named? Who are your early MVP candidates?
  8. Week 2 Injuries

    If TT misses any significant time keep an eye on the rookie QB Davis Mills.
  9. Week 2 Chat

    Gronk with 2 more tds so far so that's 4 in 2 games. He keeps that up he would be the first TE to win MVP, Doh!!9
  10. SF RB To have?

    Mitchell's a good play this week against the Beagles but don't.think he'll be the guy long term. Sermon's more talented but he' issues with curfew and what it takes to be a pro. In Shanahan's system rbs can be successful but hard to depend on one guy. If Sermkn gets his mind right I look for him to get more carries than Mitchell even if it was said that.other.backs.beat Sermon out in training camp. Shanny's.playing hardball with Sermon trying to get him to understand opportunity he has. Until then Mitchell's the guy, but hopefully Sermon will show he's capable and deserving of more playing time. Wilson could be a nice stash if you have the room and once he's healthy he'll get plenty of work.
  11. Waiver wire . Week two

    I wouldn't overpay for Mitchell even if I am a 49ers fan. He's a good play this week against the Beagles. If Sermon.can get his head screwed on right he'll end up with more carries than Mitchell. Still in Shanahan's system both backs will have value but hard to depend on.either of them right now. Sermon will end up the main guy but it'll be a while. Guess Patrick will get more playing time but Hamler could limit his opps. I like this kid in Cleveland, Anthony Schwartz, to get more playing time with OBJ having issues getting back healthy. Look for the Cargers rookie WR Josh Plamer to get more playing time too.
  12. Devonta Freeman signed to Balt active roster

    Murray will get more playing time than both Freeman and Bell will get combined. Freeman and Bellay be nothing more than a.coiple of spot carries and.goal line opportunities. From here on out I can see a 50/50 split between Murray and Williams unless Ty'son goes off and then Harbaugh will have to give him the bigger workload. Williams has youth over Murray but Murray wants to prove he still has some gas left in the tank to prove the Saints wrong for letting him walk. Baltimore's run game doesn't look all that good right now and Lamar will be their leading rusher.
  13. OBJ Ruled Out Sunday

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Dude still has probably the most amazing 2 finger catch in the nfl when he was with the Giants. Seems as though he has mellowed some but the injury to.his knee is concerning. Get the feeling he won't be back as a dominant receiver. He does still command media attention but he may just fade and never be a big production guy again. Move over OBJ cause Anthony Schwartz is hot on your heels to take your job. May the SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU!
  14. Zack Moss out.

    Moss can't seem to stay healthy. He's had multiple injuries dating back to college. He's talented but once again availability is crucial. Not sure what's.behind He's scratch for this week whether it's a personal issue or who knows what. It's still the same. He can't stay healthy. That leaves Singletary.and he doesn't scare anyone either. Buffalo's running game or the lack of a running game will be their downfall this year. I had hopes they.could make a SB run.bit with no running game their chances are less than average.
  15. Ravens vs Raiders (MNF)

    I liked the fact that Las.Vegas was 8-0-1 at home as.underdogs. Baltimore's defense though shyed me away from that bet, plus it was the Raiders who haven't exactly been world beaters, except for the win against the Chiefs last year. In fantasy I've usually trusted my gut feelings and for the most part I've been correct. I.thought with fans in the stands for the first time it would give the Raiders a boost and apparently it did. I was close.with the score but.I should trusted my gut and out down a bet on the Raiders to win. Would have been a nice payday. Yet alas, hindsight is 20/20, lol. I'm definitely going to trust my gut feelings from now on. On to week 2 guys.