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  1. Julio Jones to The Titans

    I think the Titans getting Jones helps AJ Brown too. He'll see less double teams. Should be able to raise his projection a little and he's definitely a top 5 WR. Maybe even finish top 3.
  2. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    Atlanta keeps saying they want a 1st rounder for Julio and don't know if they're opposed to trading him to a team in the NFC. I think teams may be a little hesitant to give up a 1st rounder on a receiver who's had health issues recently and missed games. He 's not old but maybe his skills are diminishing a bit but his skillset still makes him a pretty good WR. I'd love to see him going to the 49ers but they surely don't have a 1st round next year or the next. Jones has a connection with Shanahan and he was pretty productive when Shanny was in Atlants. Jones wants to go to a team that's ready to win. 49ers are certainly that this year. Somehow someway the 49ers need to figure it out and make an offer for Julio. He'd definitely help the 49ers chances of making the playoffs better although I think they make it without him.
  3. Jeff Wilson out 4-6 months with a torn meniscus

    Been on it
  4. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    He will definitely be traded after June 1. Yes I think he wants to play with Newton so Patriots are a strong possibility. Don't count of the Titans. Paired with.AJ Brown would be decent and I actually think Brown's value increase because of coverage on Jones. If that happens I think Brown is a can't miss top 3 WR.
  5. Justin Fields has epilepsy

    He's at greater risk for a concussion than someone who doesn't play football but he seems to have manage the disorder so far. The NFL is more violent IMO than college but I don't think he's gonna change the way he plays. The medical staff for NFL teams seem take care of the players pretty well. The management and.coaching.staff listen to the teams Doctors and.usually go with their recommendations. Just hope they don't try and micromanage him. I'm sure the 49ers medical staff will see he gets.whatever he needs. Oh, guess I should tell you I've got a strong feeling San Francisco will pick him over Mac Jones with the #3 pick. Welcome Mr. Fields to your future superbowl championship team. LOL!!!
  6. It never ceases to amaze the number of young players in the nfl getting in trouble with the law. I know there were some but 20 or 30 years ago you rarely heard of a player gettin' into such shiot. Is it just the way society is today or are these guys just plain knuckleheads thinking they can do this stuff and not get caught. I can imagine there's a few that haven't been caught and they've just been lucky so far. Is it the money they're getting paid today to cause them to abandon any morals or values? Is God just biding his time with them knowing they'll pay for their actions in some shape or form? I think a lot of it is the money and the status they have being nfl players thinking they're big shots now and can do what they want. We some times turn a blind eye to this stuff and continue to believe in them. I know I've had numerous felonious players on my fantasy rosters and kept them there in the quest of fantasy glory. Hanging onto them during suspensions so they can come back and help me win. Maybe I'm not to bright either. Yet mine is just fantasy football and theirs are a little more serious. Guess I'll continue to draft some of these guess hoping they turn things around so I can win my league, LOL. Still it's some goofball stuff and sometimes a dangerous game these guys are playing. OK I've had my say, lol. Don't shoot me.
  7. Can't remember but sure you guys know. What nfl player had a.gun in his pants.and "accidently" shot himself in the leg. Was it Plaxico Burris? Pretty funny.
  8. Even of he isn't charged he definitely put himself into a bad situation. Sometimes these kids get into the nfl and still keep ties with the old neighborhood and friends. He for sure needs to make better decisions or something like this could happen again or even worse. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt due to his youth. We were all young once and made questionable choices, at least I did. Hopefully he learns from the experience and it helps him mature some. Hate to see him waste his talent and his future in the nfl as some many young guys before him ruining the careers.
  9. Justin Fields has epilepsy

    My daughter has epilepsy and it took her years to get it under control. Of course medical knowledge has advanced so diagnosis and treatments have gotten better. I can see the concern though that some teams might have. I'm sure they will exercise caution with him but it shouldn't be a reason for him to fall in the draft. If he does fall I'm sure the whole epilepsy thing will be to blame. Even if it is under control medication wise he could.still have period episodes. There may be things, unaware to Justin, that could trigger an onset of a seizure. The harm isn' much the seizure but what happens during the episode. He may be alone, fall andseverely damage his head. He.could hurt of the body during a seizure that.could affect his ability to play. Rest assured the.he will be closely monitored by whoever takes him and his disorder should not stop him from being successful in the nfl.
  10. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    Yep, we coulda had him instead of Alex Smith. Bummer. I like Rodgers but giving up the 3rd pick that you just paid a fortune for to get a QB with maybe 5 yrs. left in the tank. No way that happens. They blew getting Rodgers, passed on Mahomes and Watson so they better get this one right or Lynch and Shanny won't be in San Fran long.
  11. Looks like you guys have a pretty good setup. Have only been playing one money league that last couple of years and thinking I may get into another one this year. Not too interested in an orphan team but I want to look at starting from scratch with a live draft and new team. I will seriously look to join a new league with you guys after the NFL draft. Could you send me any additional set up info and league payment info? Here's my e-mail. Thanks.
  12. Superflex Dynasty; Kyler or Josh Allen?

    No brainer for me as I'd take Allen. Don't think that Murray will be too far behind though.
  13. Who should my keeper be?

    If you get more than 4 pts. for td passes I'd strongly consider QB Josh Allen. His value is rising. If you don't want to keep a QB then I'd say Antonio Gibson. Dobbins no doubt will get the bulk of carries but as said here his td's could/probably get vultured by Jackson and Edwards.
  14. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    Found out a little tidbit about the 49ers scouting of the rookie QB's. John Lynch and Shanahan were standing right next to Nick Saban during Jones' pro day and never asked Saban one question about the QB. However when attending Justin Fields pro day Lynch and Shanahan were frequently in the ear of Fields' QB coach. Hmmmm, what I get from that is there may be more interest in Fields than Jones for the 49ers number three pick.
  15. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    Yes saying he should be fired is a little harsh. Just not happy with them picking Jones. Maybe they know or see something others don't see in Jones and Shanny figures he can make this kid a probowler and franchise QB. We'll have to wait and see on that but all my complaining ain't gonna make them change their pick of Jones so I'll have to be content and believe that Shannahan can make Jones a better QB than Garoppolo. Even though I still think they gave up a lot to move up to #3 I hope for Lynch and Shanny's sake they get the pick right.