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  1. Late Late Round Sleepers

    I like 2 rookies. WR Alec Pierce(Ind), WR78. Sure the offense runs through Taylor and Pittman looks like the teamsWR1, so I think Pierce has a good chance to slide into the #2 spot. The other rookie, Jalen Tolbert(Dal), WR81. Gallup still rehabbing and Lamb will draw all.the attention I think Tolbert could put up.deceny numbers early, at least until Gallup's up to speed.
  2. Colts safety Khari Willis retires after three seasons

    Good for you Khari. I'm sure it's not easy giving up the money and thr NFL lifestyle but it sounds like he has a committed future in the service of God. With the way the world is today we all search for better and this young man seems to have found his calling. Kudos Mr. Willis.
  3. Most glaring ones were Kingsbury(4) and Carroll(5). These two are not worthy of rankings.that high. Yes there were several that they ranked way too low so I question their judgement of being able to rank coaches where they need to be ranked. Poor rankings.
  4. Treylon Burks

    Yeah depending on how severe his Asthma is and factor in the air quality in Tenn. I think it could really dampen the rookies chance of having a really good year. Robert Woods looks like the #1 guy at this point but he's had some injury issues lately and a lot of pundits thought that Treylon Burks would step into the WR1 job.afyer.thetrade of AJ Brown. Still theiffensewill roll through Derrick Henry. Also, I'm a little leary of Ryan Tannehill's mind set now that they drafted Malik Willis. Tanny already is passed and saying it's not his job to tutor/mentor Willis. That doesn't sound well for team continuity for the guy supposed to be the leader of the team. Tanny's already getting off on the wrong foot. Regardless how he performs this year I sat he'll be gone next year. So, in all I hope theyoungster gets things under control with his Asthma because he's in a good situation to be the #1 WR. He's talented.and I'd like to see him succeed with the Titans. I drafted himin a few keeper leagues.
  5. DK Metcalf’s minicamp absence is unexcused

    I think he gets a good contract extension before training camp. Probably 20 mil or more a year. Yes they may want to run the ball more bit they can't if Chris Carson is unable to play and Rashaad Penny has a continual problem staying healthy, although he had nice number late last year. Ido like the rookie pick of Kenneth Walker III. He could quite possibly takeover the lead job from Penny at some point. DK METCALF will NOT be under utilized this year no matter who's tossing the rock. I expect them to be behind in a lot of games this year so they will be forced to throw and that'll benefit both Metcalf and Locket. DK should be a top 10 guy this year IMO.
  6. Treylon Burks

    I seen.posted on a football site that he's been dealing with some ASTHMA issues lately and they've been significant enough for him to kiss some practice time. Not sure of the severity of his asthma but if it's gotten under could pose a problem during the regular season. I'm.sure the team is monitoring.his situation and doing everything they help him with his asthma. They intend for him to be a big part of the passing game right out of gate, so for his sake and the team I hope the young man has.success in dealing with his asthma. It can be debilitating and even life threatening. If he value drops in rookie drafts, which I don't think it will, it shouldn't be much. He'll be a first rounder because he's in a good position to produce good numbers in his rookie year and his asthma is something that will be monitored and given whatever.he needs to get it under control.
  7. I commish a league where we have 4 keepers. Start 2 QBs, 2RB,2WR,1TE,1PK,1D/ST. Things still work well but some guys wanted a little spice to the league so we decided to go with Individual Defensive Players. You could start 1DB(cb,s), 1DE/EDGE/IL, 1LB. Since we added IDP's I.expanded total roster size to accommodate the defense additions. Your team could carry 2 players max at the defensive positions to allow for bye weeks. Scoring for the def. Positions were 1pt.sack,'s,1pt.forced fumbles,1pt.fumble recovery, The addition worked well for the guys and.they seemed a.little more interested/involved in their teams. Another thing we added last year was 2 spots for.the TAXI SQUAD. You could only carry rookies at those 2 spots. So to sum up, the additions we made invigorated the league. One thing about adding IDP's is there are plenty of that produce good numbers. It's just not limited to a handful of stud players. Also, there.seems to be decent players available on the waiver wire. We incorporated several year back 2 IR spots as well. It's a fact that players are gonna get injured and this allows to put guys on IR without having to lose.said players to your team. To qualify for IR the player had to at least declared Doubtful/or out, Covid rules(per NFL rules), suspended(set to return after Sus.) Once the team takes.said players OFF IR you must return them to your active roster the following week and make adjustments according to your league rules. I just listed some of the things we did to spice up owner involvement. Guys have liked the changes we've made and they have all returned in the following years.
  8. Rookie drafts

    Christian Watson needs to move up jnto the top 3.
  9. MELVIN GORDON- re-signs

    Seen posted on another site that RB MELVIN GORDON has resigned with the DENVER BRONCOS. He signed a one year deal worth up to $5 million dollars. Now I guess.JAVONTE WILLIAMS value takes a hit. Early preseason rankings have him as a top 10 RB. Now with Gordon there again it'd be hard to have him in the top 10. I think he can still be an RB1 if they give him a 70/30 split.with Gordon. I'd like to see a higher split but who knows. If the BRONCOS want to make a serious run at the superbowl they'd better give WILLIAMS a heavy workload of close to 20 carries a game and use Gordon to spell him. Also Gordon could vulture goalline carries as well which hurt Williams. When he came out last year I thought he was.the best rb in the class, even better than Najee Harris but didn't get a chance to prove it. Then I thought he'll bust out this year cause Gordon could likely be gone. Not the case now. Yes Gordon can still be productive but Williams is more talented and hopefully the Broncos understand that and feature as they can. We'll just have to wait and see now but I will be moving Williams down a bit in my rankings. thoughts on Williams now that Gordon has resigned with the team and where are you gonna rank Williams now?
  10. MELVIN GORDON- re-signs

    Yeah, probably a smart move to bring back Gordon with a 17 game season and then more if they make the playoffs. Actually when I think about it the signing could benefit Williams. Less carries.than a workhorse RB1.may lead to better production with those carries. I had said a 70/30 split was too optimistic. I think 60/40 is doable and Williams.could be a good rb2 with upside on your fantasy team. Think this signing moves him back into the 2nd round in drafts.
  11. Deebo wants to run the ball less and be just a receiver. Ok, so.the 9ers agree to that.and give him a big contract. Lance starts andhas several scripted plays each game and Deebo see 6 to 8 targets a game. Now D3ebo starts complaining that he's not getting the ball and doesn't want to play anymore for the 9ers. Here we go again, a young overplayed player whining about his usage. So, Israel go ahead and trade him and get rid of this cancer.
  12. GM-based mock draft: Join

    When I go to the site there's nothing there. So I don't know who's.been picked. Just make the pick for me please.
  13. Yes, it looks like players are starting to treat the organizations they that players have been treated in the past. Not sure that MURRAY really has any leverage to get the kind of money he wants. For Sure Arizona pay him as little as they can so it'll probably fall somewhere in the middle if even a deal gets done. He looked good the first half of the season then seemed to fall apart in the 2nd half. That does seem to call for some concern. He's NOT gonna get the money he wants and I could definitely see him not playing this year, which I think would surely hurt his market value. So here we go again having to tolerate another QB's drama.
  14. GM-based mock draft: Join

    Ok, my football futures account has been approved. Will check in to see when the Steelers pick is up. So, it's still.quite a ways until.the Steelers.pick at #20. I'm not a huge Steelers fan but do follow them since I live in Maryland but I've got it narrowed down to 3 players I think will fill Pittsburgh's needs. Hopefully one of those 3 players will be there with the pick but hey you know anything can happen in the draft but I'm confident my guy will be there. Happy drafting you guys. Now on to my 2nd team my beloved San Francisco 49ers. We don't have a pick until the 2nd round, 61st overall, since we gave up our 1st rounder this year and a boatload to get Trey Lance. Looking forward to him starting. Bye Bye Jimmy G and hopefully we can get DEEBO's head screwed on right and sign him to a new deal.
  15. GM-based mock draft: Join

    They still haven't approved my account at football futures. I'll keep checking.
  16. Maybe since DEEBO. Did all this unfriend crap it'll force the 49ers to try and trade Jimmy they can afford little whiny baby a new contract.He'll be all smiles and.say he was only foolin' once he gets a new deal.
  17. GM-based mock draft: Join

    Ok, I set up an account futures forums. Just waiting on them to finish the account.
  18. GM-based mock draft: Join

    So did you mean football futures forums?
  19. GM-based mock draft: Join

    Can't remember if I have an account there. If not I'll set one up.
  20. GM-based mock draft: Join

    So I'll take the S.F. 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers if they're still available.
  21. GM-based mock draft: Join

    I'd be interested. I'm a 49ers fan but we don't have a 1st rounder, i.e. Trey Lance. Guess I could take whatever team is available.
  22. The production he had last year could be a good negotiator for a new contract but geez, having a.hissy fit.doesn't help his.cause. like a little school kid that.if he doesn't get what.he wants he'll take his ball.and go home. These talented youngsters need to grow up. Guess he's wanting big money to be only a receiver and not run the ball but that combination is what gives him the leverage for a new deal. Being a 49er fan I don't like his antics but I guess this could be what.the NFL is evolving into, whiny little brats.
  23. Winston back with the Saints

    I think you're right. Winston did make strides to get better and protect the ball before he got hurt. I thought the Saints might go for Pickett or Willis with their 1st rounder but there's no real.clear cut franchise QB in this.QB class. As said they may take a QB later to try and develop. Yet Winston only has a 2 year contract so if he doesn't show them something this year the Saints will surely look for a QB in next years' draft or another vet if available.
  24. Winston back with the Saints

    Even though they've signed him for 2 years if the Saints take a QB in the draft, either Pickett or Willis, that doesn't bode well for Winston's future with the Saints. If they don't draft a QB Winston is still gonna have to show he deserves the job. Smart on their part to only give him a 2 year deal. That being said I think they do go after a QB with their 1st round pick and the writing will be on the wall for Winston's time in New Orleans.
  25. Way too Early Top-12's - QBs

    Guess I'd probably put WATSON ahead of Hurts. Sure there will be some rust not playing for a year and some time to get in sync with his receivers but he has the produce good numbers in 2022.