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  1. I don’t think that the Browns fans are alone in their stupidity. But I don’t think that’s an excuse for the way that many are currently handling the situation.
  2. Free Agency Tracker

    Is the QB situation going on be much better this year?
  3. It’s ugly in many ways. Lots of sadness, but also lots of denial, blissful ignorance, and some just doubling down on stupid sexism.
  4. After viewing the Browns forums the past few weeks…many Browns fans don’t deserve better.
  5. In before the 25th victim gets announced. What’s going to get really weird is when women start coming out alleging this has been happening SINCE the initial lawsuits came out.
  6. I’d suspend him indefinitely right before the playoffs. He makes his minimum contract this year and miss out on the drastic escalation next year.
  7. Steelers QB Haskins killed in car hit

    You are talking to me as a rationale human being with reasonable judgement. Haskins likely had issues with judgement.
  8. Steelers QB Haskins killed in car hit

    That would require reasonable insight and decision making…which is often not possible while drunk/high. What’s sad is that when I heard of his death I was probably one of the few people not surprised. Still incredibly sad and tragic, but being a bust and on the brink of losing your career doesn’t sit well with most.
  9. Brees?

    Stephen A has definitely said comments that can be considered as racist by some. But whatever…he gets paid to flap his mouth, and inevitably sometimes stupid stuff comes out. I tend to give people a pass unless it’s just obvious and relatively consistent
  10. Free Agency Tracker

    Raiders fans say he was never thrown to because he couldn’t get open. He was too slow and couldn’t separate. It’s not like the Raiders didn’t have opportunity or a decent QB.
  11. DK Metcalf is dead to me

    I’ve had good calamari a few times. It’s a rarity. I do like a squeeze of lemon and marinara though. Hopefully that doesn’t make me an abomination
  12. Sean Payton, done as Saints' HC?

    If Payton doesn’t coach for the Saints this year it’ll be because he retires. He wouldn’t do better than the Saints. Still a very talented roster with great surrounding coaches/GM/scouting, and a very invested and supporting owner/community. There are very few jobs in the NFL that compared, and the Cowboys aren’t one of them.
  13. Raiders fire GM Mayock

    I highly doubt that the Saints would trade for a QB if it isn’t a big upgrade to Jameis Winston, who they like. So that’s a no on Carr, Jimmy G, and Cousins