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  1. Being offered kamara mitchell and ceh for tyreek
  2. Trade?

    Give tyreek get kamara claypooland Ceh? Full ppr
  3. Kamara trade

    Give tyreek get kamara ceh and claypool fullppr? Redraft
  4. Kuppp

    Which side ppr monty and kelce or kupp and mitchell?
  5. Kuppp

  6. Darren waller

    Get waller and drake give pittman and mitchell? Ppr
  7. Darren waller

    Get waller and drake give pittman and mitchell? Ppr
  8. Darren waller

    Schutz can start both
  9. Trade

    Give mixon lamb and waller Get andrews dalvin and higgins Full ppr
  10. Im learning no

    Give mixon waller and lamb get obj andrews and dalvin full ppr i thought about replacing lamb with claypool see if he takes that
  11. Tyreek hill

    Hill and cooks or aj brown and jefferson ppr?
  12. Give mixon saquon and bateman Get jrob javonte and higgins full ppr?
  13. Trading J. Allen for N. Harris?

    Wth why are u even asking this man i cant get any deals like this in my leagues send me thay guys email address ill invite him to my big money league next year
  14. Barkley trade

    Give barkley and curtis samuel Get lat murray kupp and hines full ppr?
  15. Give scary terry get cpat and damien harris
  16. To get mike davis and jacoby myers?
  17. Give claypool Get mike davis and meyers?
  18. Superflex?

    Give hurts Get big Ben and Michael thomas?
  19. Meyers

    Give claypool get mike davis and meyers? Ppr
  20. No right?

    Give dalvin and aj brown get aaron jones and claypool full ppr
  21. Hunt Trade ASAP

    I like ridley
  22. Cmc

    Cmc and ajbrown or aaron jones and keenan full ppr?
  23. Jamar

    Jamar chase and amari or kuppand jeudy half ppr