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  1. How do I get better?

    I wouldn't do that trade
  2. Herbert or Hurts?

  3. Flex Question

    Highest Floor - Williams Highest Ceiling - Williams
  4. RB2 - Henderson vs Harris

    Almost coin flip. I like Henderson alittle more because of the pass catching and I think the Dolphins D is better than the Bears. GL.
  5. Flex Option

    Moore this week. Between the 2 play the better match up. Pats D was horrible against the run last year but I think they will force Tua to beat em this week, not Gaskin
  6. Week 1 chances

    Saquon is a big Q. Allen is awesome but has a tough match up. Stafford this week has more upside imo. Bears D looks bad this preseason.
  7. Need a TE. Firkser or Hooper

    Hooper but im curious who is on waivers. Gotta be a better upside play on there
  8. RB help

    Mos-Start this week if u have him.
  9. Who to flex? Half PPR

  10. Gerald Everett?

    I have Everett finishing just inside the top 10. For a guy I can draft with close to/as my last pick I think he is a great value. If Wilson looks Everetts way in the readzone I see top 5/6 potential.
  11. Last RB

    I wouldn't do it. Penny has been in the league long enough to know he's just another guy. Roundtree is a rookie who has gotten some training camp hype. Id hold onto Roundtree.
  12. First time Superflex question

    Not sure what QB settings are but if they are standard RBs, especially those that can catch, are way overpowered imo. Superflex is qb, rb, wr, te eligable.
  13. 10 team PPR, how did I do?

    I would not be happy at all, course everyone values players differently.