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  1. Romo or Hasselbeck?

    I'd go with Romo and see how Hass does this week.
  2. WDIS at RB with Jackson

    No doubt Gore
  3. D stallworth over Holt

    I usually stick with my studs, and Holt is a stud.
  4. WDIS at WR

    TD only league. 6pt per rec td. This will be my number 2 WR. Who would you start? D Mason, J Cotchery, or injured B Barrien? Any advise will be appreciated.
  5. Vick

    Vick seems to have something to prove every week. I'd start Romo or Kitna over him.
  6. Def FA advise

    My best choices on the FA wire are the Colts at home against Buffalo or Philly at home against the Redskins. Which df would be better to use this week? Or would you stick with the Giants at home against Da Bears?
  7. Which QB to start this week

    TY for the replies. Anyone want to argue to start Favre over Kitna?
  8. Flex Help

    I'd go Benson. Playing another bad team and the bears will score lots of points. Maybe Benson will get some of them.
  9. Favre is hot and is playing on the road. Kitna is hot and playing at home after a bye. Which one would you start?
  10. Jones or Maroney

    Jones, will get more touches.
  11. WDIS QB

  12. WDIS @ QB

    Your qbs have great matchups this week. I'g go with Grossman becasue he is on the best team of the three. He'll bounce back this week against SF.
  13. Is Wally World worth the pick up

    I think he'll be picked up in many leagues this week. Waiting a week may be too late if you really like him.
  14. FA Pickup QB

    I am off to a nice 5-2 start with my fantasy team. But I now have a qb problem, Bledsoe. My other qb is Kitna, who has been a nice qb this year. But I am now going to replace Bledsoe. I thought about Romo, but is it for sure Romo will start this week? I can't take a chance with him until I know for sure. Plus he is playing at Carolina. So I will pick up either Huard or Young. Huard has a decent matchup up against banged up Seattle and Young has a good matchup against Houston. I like Huard, but will Green be starting soon, or should I go with V Young who I know will start the rest of the year. This is standard performance scoring league. Again any advise is appreciated.
  15. FA pick up

    I can only hope one of them is available, LOL