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  1. What Do You Need Week 13 MNF

    What looked like on paper an easy win and pretty much cementing my way to the #1 seed now seems iffy at best. In a .5 PPR league I have a slim 4.5 point lead. I have the Bills D and he has D. Harris. In our scoring system the Bills D hasn’t scored less than 10 points this year so I’m hoping for some devine help here.
  2. Hurts hurts

    Join the crowd.I could have had the week and a first round bye pretty much locked up if I would have started him.
  3. TE issues..need to play 2.

    Good point…didn’t see the weather report
  4. Would Minshew be better for Goedert or should I stick with Pitts? Thanks!
  5. TE issues..need to play 2.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either one of those. On a side note and not trying to sway you one way or the other, NE is very good at taking away the #1 target and that would be Diggs. So Knox might get a few more targets.
  6. TE Question

    Would Minshew be better for Goedert or should I stick with Pitts?
  7. Your recommendation of H Renfro and J Waddle last week was spot on! Thanks! Should I roll with them again this week or replace one of them with Hollywood Brown? Also have V. Jefferson of the Rams and Sutton can stay on my bench. Thanks! Also would you go with Pitts or Goedert?
  8. Players You’re Disgusted With

    I referred to Ridley as taking a sabbatical. Did not mean anything negative by this. In fact, I applaud him for taking care of a problem that affects many people. Perhaps I used too strong a term in “disgusted “ in my OP. I expected more from Pitts even without Ridley.
  9. Need Wr/Rb advice

    Yep. By the way, don’t even think about benching Mixon. He’s on a roll!
  10. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Any player(s) on your roster that you are sick of and tempted just to let them go? With me it’s definitely Courtland Sutton. I think he’s had 2 or 3 decent weeks and one of those he was on my bench. Also sick of my TEs. Pitts and Goedert. Pitts hasn’t done squat since Ridley went on sabbatical. I thought Goedert would do really well once Ertz was shipped off but the opposite has happened. Don’t feel comfortable with either of those in my lineup.
  11. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    If only the other pro leagues could be like the NHL. Those guys are warriors
  12. Trade Mattison?

    I wouldn’t do it as you’re leaving yourself very thin at RB. You’re 9-2 so why mess with a good thing?
  13. I would do Cousins and Sutton for Lamb. Sutton sucks arss. I know I have him
  14. Pick up Sutton?

    I have him also and he just sits on my bench. Nobody else worth picking up. I would rather have Bateman but I already have Hollywood. Avoid him like the plague, or should I say Covid.
  15. Thanksgiving Day Football

    I have Ingram as my flex for now. Hope I know something definitively by game time as I have both Mitchell and Wilson waiting in the wings.