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  1. Flex help

    Gronk or Pollard in the flex?
  2. Worries about Dak

    Thanks for the input guys. I'll stick with Dak. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
  3. Worries about Dak

    Dak has been my starter from day 1. He had his worst game last week and I lost the week because of it. I have Cam on my bench. Should I trust Dak without Cooper and probably Lamb or should I put in Cam this week?
  4. Which one do you think will be the best RB for fantasy?
  5. AJ Dillon

    I'm going for him. I've had struggles this year with RBs. With Chubb, Hunt, Sanders, Scott, Peterson... He should help me until Hunt gets back in it.
  6. AJ Dillon

    Dillon is available in my league and I'm 2nd in the order. Do you think Jones will be out for awhile. Is he worth picking up?
  7. Any thoughts on starting any of these guys this week. I need some upside. RBs Alex Collins Nyheim Hines A.J. Dillon WRs Russell Gage T.Y. Hilton Marquez Callaway
  8. Which Eagles RB

    Which Eagles RB is the one to go with this week?
  9. Who should I start? Beasley or Jefferson?
  10. Cole Beasley

    Is Beasley going to play this week after sitting out two practices so far? If so, will he be good?
  11. Looks like Henry is going to be out for the rest of the season. Is McNichols, the back up, worth going after on the waiver wire?
  12. Who would you start between Jones Jr or Beasley?
  13. Gronk or Seals Jones

    Start Gronk if he plays or just stay with Seals Jones?
  14. Do I Start Dak, If He Starts

    But if Dak starts, do you think he will play well or be held back?
  15. I have Dak Prescott and Daniel Jones. If Dallas starts Dak, do I start him or do I go with Jones. I read tgat Dak says he is ready to play, so if he plays, will he play to top level?