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  1. Thanks guys

    Just thanking all who have given some advice thru the season. I’m up by 67.9 points going into tonight with D Johnson and he has Chubb. I have received some very insightful info to help me out, and of course some that wasn’t great. But overall great group to be associated with. Thanks again
  2. What would you change, if anything? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  3. Need to sit 1 of 4 RB's.......Which one?

    Harris, he’s got the Q for his Hammy…if he tweaks it, they’ll pull him.
  4. Who should I start at wr and flex

    Boyd and Moore
  5. Gage and Harris. You may get some yards outta Sanders but Hurts gets the rushing TD’s.
  6. Who to sit?

    Thanks for the input man
  7. Who to sit?

    Even with Ekeler and Williams out?
  8. Who to sit?

    0.5 PPR league Sit one! Mattison vs Rams Mixon vs Ravens Justin Jackson vs Texans J Rob vs Jets

    Kmet…Foles is starting, he love’s throwing TE’s
  10. Roster Help Please!!

    Never thought bout the Foles Factor. 🤔
  11. Burrow or Ben?

    Burrow vs Ravens or Ben vs KC? Bureow had great 1st game vs Ravens and Ben may be throwing to play catch up vs KC… who’s the best start?
  12. RB’s- Mixon, Mattison, J Rob, WR’s- D Johnson , Lockett, St Brown, Mooney , Thielen I’ve Got starting…Mixon, Mattison DJohnson , Lockett who would you flex or change in 0.5 ppr? Thanks in advance..
  13. WR help please!!

    0.5 ppr and he still has OBJ tomorrow. ☹️
  14. WR help please!!

    Thielen is a game time decision tonight. I already have Mooney in my Flex spot. Do I Keep Mooney in even if Thielen is listed as a go? Worries of re-aggravating the high ankle sprain!!