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  1. Kick Roy Williams to El Curbo?

    I was fortunate enough to draw the # 1 team should in theory, kick ass.
  2. I am losing a battle of wills in my mind at the moment, torn between trying to win now versus later and need some help. What would have seemed crazy just months ago, has me thinking contrary now. In short, can I justify keeping Travis Henry over Roy Williams this year? My other keepers are Stephen Jackson and Chad Johnson...this is year 2 of the league, so it is my first re-draft. 10 team Traditional scoring; must start 2 RBs. Thoughts?
  3. Steven Jackson

    In most formats he was a first round pick - I drafted him @ # 4 instead of Tiki etc. - so while overlooked might not be best description, I gotta say anyone getting him beyond pick 4 got serious value.
  4. I need CIN pass offense to sputter and Marvin to put in a solid night.
  5. Worst FFL decision today...

    Benched Julius Jones ---
  6. Any other thoughts on this matter?
  7. WDIS for my 3 WRs...tough call!

    Playing it by the numbers it would seem TJ might be odd man out against tough OAK pass defense; however, if I had to bench just one? I'd take my chances with Glenn.
  8. Need to pick a flex player - at moment it's Benson, crazy? - to round out my lineup and need to choose among the following: Muhammad v STL: Grossman dependent C. Benson v STL: Will they run him enough? G. Jennings v STL: will that ankle render him useless again? @@@@@@@@@@@@@ 1 pt per 10 yds rush/rec 1 PPR 6 pts per TD
  9. Need 2

    Actually need 2, but thanks all the same.
  10. Need 2

    PPR league - 1 pt per 10 yds rec - 6 pts per TD @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Muhammad @ NE Evans v JAX Jennings v SEA
  11. Has Barber III supplanted J.Jones as the starter?

    I had MBIII in my lineup yesterday as I surmised a short work week would be a good thing for him and bad for JJ; then after saying to myself, JJ is due for a TD, benched MBIII...won't happen again. At this point, a better case can be made for swinging and missing with Barber than starting JJ blindly each week.
  12. I am trying to decide between Kitna & Harrington today and am starting to lean towards I nuts?
  13. Anyone else rolling with entire DAL backfield?

    last bump...need HELP!