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  1. BTW, nice little hustle you are pulling off there at end of season. That's a well rounded team
  2. Lol. I just replied to your post, and I was thinking the exact same thing about our predicaments. I agree with much of your perspective, and you've given me a bit to ponder. I've had Zeke lower than you in my mind, so maybe I will try a few long shots and see if anyone will bite on either Zeke or J Rob. Or should I sell high on Fournette? I'm always like this:)
  3. 2 for one Trade Advice PLZ HELP!

    I'm with yoyo. With CMC out, you'd be an injury away from catastrophy. Also, I don't view Chase as being THAT much better than Godwin, so I agree that including an RB2 is too much
  4. Thank you. And my bad. I should definitely have mentioned that the trade deadline is 1:00 am on 11/2, so I have 4 hours to decide. Also, it's 2rb/3wr/1flex league. I definitely agree about not wanting to give up on Zeke prematurely; however, it is also hard to fully trust him (I see why you suggested a wait and see approach). Anyhow, thank you. edit: for length
  5. Trade Mattison?

    Just to pile on, you can't leave yourself exposed going into the playoffs. With no flex, I think you look solid
  6. Week 15 DST

    I would go TB. Circumstances with NO are very different than they were during the previous game. That Falcons matchup, as you point out, is ideal. And if something crazy happens, you still have time to scramble before week 15
  7. Rb decision

    It's tough between j Rob and Kamara. I guess I'd go Robinson if Kamara's condition remains iffy. I wouldn't feel good about it though. LOL.
  8. My RB corps consists of Zeke, J Rob, Fournette, Mattison, and Cook ( also very like to land Nwangwu on waivers) in 10 team standard league. I'm 7-5. Which RB should I trade for another WR? Or should I sit still? My WRs are Thielen, Evans, Claypool, Gallup, and Sutton. I am solid everywhere else but feel like I'm one WR shy of a balanced team.
  9. Rb decision

    Mattison and Mitchell. Mattison has had 2 monster games with Cool out this year, and the matchup is ideal. Mitchell has gotten 27 carries each of the last 2 weeks.
  10. I agree with Boston being the top of the RBs listed. Matchup
  11. Thanks homies. Yeah when I got an accusatory text from the comish, I initially assumed it was for me ripping dude off--not the other way around. I had to get on here to make sure I am not missing something. People in my league acting like cooks is Jerry Rice or some ish.
  12. Running Back Swaps for Playoff Push

    With all due respect, my ADHD makes it impossible to decipher your post. Too much going on with multiple teams. I suspect that if you simplify your post, you'll get a bigger response.
  13. I'm with Montana. Conner for Thielen. If you pull it off, you win IMO
  14. Help tonight

    If you have a winning record and are in need of floor, go with Hunt IMO. If you are trying to make a last ditch stand to save playoff hopes and desperately need a win, I'd go with Lockett's ceiling. With that said, I am ecstatic to have finally traded Lockett after 2 years of disappointment. While his 3-4 monster games would give me false hope, his dozen or so duds each season have been a real kick in the jimmy.
  15. What to do??????

    Yes. Take a season off. I took last season wayyyyy too seriously. So, rather than using FF as a fun escape, I was agonizing over trades, WDIS, W-L record, etc. The result was that I was more stressed out during an all time stressful year for the world. Definitely not worth it. With that said, I contemplate quitting at least once per season. LOL.