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  1. Yes! Swift, Woods, & Brandin Cook all verified with heads or tails coin flip! πŸ€ͺ so far so good! Ty Irish!
  2. Swift @ Bal Or Patterson @ NYG? Swift projected 86.5 Patterson 71.1 Thank you Irish!
  3. Swift or Patterson?

    Swift at Bal? Or Patterson at NYG?
  4. Rodgers or Hurts?

    Hurts for me. Good luck!
  5. Hurts or Stafford?

    I'd play Hurst . Very versatile and Cowboys D not that great. Im playing him over Jones NYG Good Luck!
  6. One more? Higgins at Steelers Or Woods at Tampa Bay?
  7. Good Call! Thank you. I took Higgins out. Playing Cooks! 70 points at halfπŸ₯°
  8. Houston, we have a problem?

    I'd pick Moore and bench Cooks. I did and playing Higgins! 🀞🀞
  9. Should I roll with cooks?

    No. Panther defense is tough. Thursday night not alot of rest from weekend. And a rookie QB! Next week looks better! Good luck!
  10. Rams or Panthers this week?

    Good eye! I traded Ravens for Panthers
  11. Brandin Cooks or Tee Higgins?

    Even if Higgins is questionable? πŸ€”