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  1. Cole Kmet or Hunter Henry

    Usually id say play the division, but Kmet looks more promising. He gets more targets.
  2. Start , semi finals, Standard league

    Start Barkley over Michel. Lamar and Hurts looks like a toss up. Id probably start Lamar though. And id start Gesicki over Hooper. (Thats a biased opinion though, I think were gonna shut down the Browns.)
  3. Playoffs, Pick 2

    Thanks. Thats what i was thinking as well. Those are my starting WRs.
  4. Metcalf or Gage??

    This is a tough one. Id say Metcalf. who is going against a lower ranked defense against WRs. However, Gages numbers have looked really good recently.
  5. Playoffs, Pick 2

    Ok, Fantasy playoffs, Pick 2 WRs. Diggs, Lamb, or Thielen? I have Pittman as a saftey option. (Flex is Ronald Jones.)

    I would be careful dude. If you lose with that line-up, then holy manure will it be fun laughing at your expense. Can we see your opponents line-up?
  7. Studs on bye, Pick 2 WR

    Thielen, Diggs, and Lamb all on bye. Pick 2 -Pittman -C. Kirk -Landry (Fresh off injury)
  8. Haha thanks man. Wasnt trying to be a dick.
  9. Tough question; Bills or Cowboys defense this week?

    Thats the thing. If they run the shhiiit out of the ball, that means no INTs and no sacks. Damn this is tough. TEN is a potential play-off team while we all know NE isnt making the playoffs.
  10. Big Ben or Geno?

    I know the Steelers have been slow as shhiiiit this season, but i would go Big Ben.
  11. Start / Sit

    Zeke AND Williams. Who are your other RBs? For WR; Id say Woods as well, especially against NY.
  12. Trade Kyler Murray?

    No, keep Murray. Murray will get you rush YDs and TDs, plus, Clyde will be back in a few weeks. You have decent RBs until then. I dont see the other QBs matching Murray. Murray has a ton of targets as well.
  13. Tough question; Bills or Cowboys defense this week?

    Alright sounds good, man.
  14. Sanders night?

    Its ok, i told "Corn on the Randall Cobb" to flip a coin between Henderson and Fournette. Good thing he said he was playing Fournette anyways.
  15. Tough question; Bills or Cowboys defense this week?

    No thoughts on Dallas against NE? Especially since Henry might run the ball down their throats?