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  1. Anyone seen Tony Gonzalez?

    I mean other TE in the league. He hasn't been the TOP TE since Shannon Sharpe retired and Shannon was the man. How about adding your roster to your signature. I would look to other TE on the WW if you want quality.
  2. Anyone seen Tony Gonzalez?

    He disappeared around when other T/E started playing better and KC offense continueed to suck.
  3. M. Bulger

    I think the "Greatest Show on Turf" has a different playing scheme. They seem to be focusing on the run more IMO. I believe Bulger will be a 250 yd 2td QB. I had him last year and I was disappointed, but I think he will be a bottom top 10 QB this year. As for Chad Penn, he is looking really good. I'm afraid his shoulder wont last the entire season, But he has played extremly well the last two weeks. I would drop one of your WR and add CHAD to your roster. Then I would play the best QB with the BEST match up. Hope this helps.
  4. WDIS

    Gore vs Philly Steven Jackson @ Arizona
  5. Portis for Bush.....

    You only Need one more RB and maybe a different TE. Who is on the WW? Williams has more of a chance starting than BUSH. Maroney is getting the carries. You are in a 10 team league. There has to be some value available. I would say stay put unless there is something I missed.
  6. Trade Tiki for W. Dunn and A. Green?

    There is always a MOSS faithful in a may be I think CJ is a better value than Brown. You are giving up a Tier 1 WR for a Tier 3 RB. If you consider Brown a high Tier 2 RB(I say high tier 3), I would say yes as long as you get a solid tier 2 WR(#1 WR on a team thats not as good as CHAD). CJ is gonna take you to the play offs and maybe help you get to the Championship. Back to CHAD, PIT/BAL/CIN are all in the same division and will be battling for 1st place in their division. Two of them may be wild card teams. I think CIN will be one of those teams. That equals TD's and YARDS for CHAD. Don't trade him. You may need to pay me for this post.
  7. Drop Plummer and pu A.Smith

    I would say maybe for the Plummer for SMITH deal. I would wait for a better defense on Smith before I pulled the trigger. As for REX...I say go for it. I think he's the real deal. DET has a better DEF and they were dealt DEATH by REX.
  8. Portis for Bush.....

    I know I will regret these words one day...Don't do it. Unless you think BUSH is gonna start and I don't. He looks great, but he's on special teams. Until he has the job, I say NO. Portis is gonna come back strong and I would hate to have traded him. Also, why don't you have your roster in your signature. It's easier to give advice, if I can see your roster.
  9. Trade Tiki for W. Dunn and A. Green?

    The Tiki trade is a tough one. I would say NO. Try to trade Moss for Brown. Better trade for you and you give up a VERY good WR. I know about the QB problem in OAK (which is why you deal MOSS). That's my advice. Good Luck.
  10. Portis for Bush.....

    when you say you mean drop??? If so I say no. Duece is healthy and will have a good year. If you have room on your roster, i say pick him up and wait Portis out.
  11. This must be a joke. Your starters are better than the bench. I would play the best match up for Jones and Taylor. Short of that...It's week 1..Always play your best players. Peace.
  12. Where do you draft Reggie Bush?

    I'd go with proven RB's first......Then take him as roster fodder. I did the same for CADDY. I took J.Jones and traded him away when CADDY started producing. Let someone else take the risk. I would not past up a tier 1 or TOP tier 2 back to take him. Your season could be made or lost on this IMO. RB's are too important to guess performance with. REGGIE could be the NEXT "Marshall Faulk or Priest", I just wouldn't take that chance the first year.
  13. Dennis Northcutt?

    NORTHCUTTS value....ZERO. Better than ROY....NEVER!!!! Roy has a better chance of scoring than him. Northcutt has had opportunity for a while when B.E was out earlier and hasn't produced jack IMO. Look elsewhere, unless you wanna roll the dice with him and Fyre/Dilfer. I like sammy parker.
  14. I don't think anyone could have seen this coming.....Wow your team sucks. I truly feel for you.
  15. Crazy Strategy

    There you have it again......Smith has the hot topic tonight and his priority is straight. Got ta luv FF