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  1. OK, given how my 14-team league works, this may get a little complicated. I'm in a 14-team Superflex league w/4 keepers mandatory--no more, no less. All keepers have same value. Any player taken in the first three rounds are not keeper-eligible, so guys like McCaffrey, Josh Allen, etc. will be available as redrafts, as will some of the players on my team like Stefon Diggs. Snake draft, I have the 10th pick (then 19th, 38th, 47th, 66th, 75th, and so on, by rounds that's 1-10, 2-5, 3-10, 4-5, etc.) I have five potential keepers, so need to cut one loose: Javonte Williams, D'Andre Swift, Cam Akers, A.J. Brown, Rashod Bateman At first, it seemed easy -- Williams, Swift, Akers, Brown. From a redraft perspective, Bateman is on a lower tier than the other four, so as much I love his dynasty appeal, he's odd man out. But why just dump value if I can get something for it...there are a number of teams in the league who struggle to have four solid keepers, and because of the mandatory keeper rule, end up having to keep some crap player. So, let's use that to my advantage, and see if I can move up in the draft. So.... my first thought was to try to move Akers, but frankly the WR depth is much deeper that RB, so perhaps moving Bateman is better. So, that's question 1. Second question is for what value? I don't think I can improve my 3rd round pick at 38th, as I'm not sure if Akers will be valued that high. I also would not want to give up the 47th pick (5th pick of the fourth round) as that is the first pick that is keeper eligible for next season. Maybe Akers and my 5th round for their 3rd? If Bateman is the trade offer, then I'm thinking him and and my 6th round for their 5th? Thoughts?
  2. I have no idea what to do. I'm at a loss.

    If Thielen plays, play him. If he doesn't, play Osborn. No real risk there. I think Henderson will play, so Michel will be RBBC at best, so you're only choosing between the two MIN WRs.
  3. Cam Akers return to form?

    Well, let's start with the fact that you're keeping Henry. The others are solid keepers, and I'd say given Akers' injury they will have greater value than he will. But we'll need training camp to find out. For $5, roll the dice, but expect that there's a good chance you'll get nothing in return.
  4. Last chance wdis

  5. Freeman or Michel?

    I'm pretty confident Henderson will play, so Freeman.
  6. FLEX Please Help

    Parker. Beautiful matchup vs Jets, consistent double digit fantasy points. Gordon second, but still splitting with Williams and has an injury (likely won't affect him though)
  7. Devonta Freeman or Jeff Wilson Jr?

    Freeman. I am totally off the Jeff Wilson bandwagon. Hasn't shown he can be the value guy like last season. Of course this will probably be the game he proves me wrong, but I'd still roll with Freeman.
  8. 1 FLEX

    I like Jefferson out of this group. Targets were down last week, but he's on a three-game TD streak. If you need a solid floor, then Carter.
  9. Mark andrews or zeke 1 ppr

    Toss up, edge to Andrews.
  10. Parker or Aiyuk?

    Parker by a nose. Pretty equal choice.
  11. I have no idea what to do. I'm at a loss.

    Working backwards: DST -- Minnesota TE -- Toss up, edge to O;Saughnessy WR/FLEX -- how many? 1 spot each? Gallup in the WR2, Osborn in the FLEX. Michel maybe if Henderson doesn't play.
  12. Pick My Flex

    I'd say its a toss up between Gallup and OBJ, to which I'd give a slight advantage to Gallup given his consistent usage and easier matchup.
  13. Cam Akers return to form?

    I picked him up in a keeper league as a speculative possibility. I have Henderson, but our league rules don't allow me to keep him. Akers can return from an achilles tear -- others have (D'Onta Foreman for example )-- but their value is far less than it used to be. I can gamble because the pick up is free. How much do you have to pay? As the odds are against it, I wouldn't pay too much.