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  1. Baseball question...

    very true. also the grip of the baseball and the rotation of the of the ball.
  2. trek decking

    You would be looking at approx $22.00 per 12' board. For a 14' width you would need 28 boards @ $22.00 = $616.00 + tax for the top boards. IThe railings will vary depending on what you want. If you are building the deck from scratch you wil need to buy the joists, posts, etc.
  3. Stern is on now

    I agree. This has to be a very difficult issue for a commish to handle. btw - I corrected a word in your final sentence.
  4. Treated lumber

    I thought of using the synthetic. How did it turn out and how did it hold up to the weather? Did it retain its color or did it fade after a year or two. I ended up using pressure treated when i did mine this summer ... I did the deck and made some built in benches.
  5. Treated lumber

    I used Behr (i think), Home Depot had it for $18 per gallon plus a $6 rebate. Just out of curiosity, what is wrong with Thompsons? I know the original thompsons isnt the greatest quality but they do have a thompsons plus or something like that.
  6. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    She is out of control.
  7. On-line Dating sites?

    The Bar thing worked for me too. I worked at the same place as my wife when we met but we didnt know each other at all. That is until I ran into her at a Bar. The rest is history.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday
  9. Treated lumber

    You can Spray it. I just rebuild my deck. I was going to spray the sealer on but my neighbor said that if you spray it on it will not last as long as putting it on with a cloth pad. I just sealed the deck using the cloth pad and it turned out very well.
  10. YouTube Videos

    That kid can run the ball for sure.
  11. I would go meet with the agent and try to come to a resolution. Sucks that you are having these issues. I have SF as well. My parents started with our agent 30+ years ago and I use the same agent as well. We have always had great service from our agent. IMO, regardless of what insurance company you have the agent is the one that makes or breaks it for the customers. I hope everything works out for you.
  12. Greatest American Rock Band

    Of the ones listed I voted the Doors. Here is an article the USA Today had on this subject on July 5th.
  13. Our Township is doing work on the street infront of my house. They are re-routing the sewer lines that run along the street. While they were doing the work today they broke the line that runs from the street to my house. They are fixing it as we speak. The bad thing is the sidewalk is now a big mound of dirt. Good news is that I was just about to get estimates on getting a new sidewalk put in. The workers just told me that because of this they will be putting in a new sidewalk because of having to do the work from the line they broke. I would have been pissed i I had just put one in and then they had to rip it apart.
  14. Vick Indicted

    That is the same thing I was thinking. I would be curious to see what the penalties could be. Would it be probation? jail time? fines? any combination of the 3.
  15. What's more annoying?

    I would vote for sitting behind the momo that is too afraid to make the turn. very annoying.
  16. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    I do not have one. There are times that I wish I did when trying to get things home from home depot or lowes.
  17. chicago huddlers

    paging RR
  18. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Congratulation Nsab. When things slow down a bit please post some pics of the newest Eagles fan.
  19. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandmother. May she rest in peace. Best wishes to your daughter with the new baby. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family in coping with wide range of emotions with the difficulty of the loss of a close loved one and followed by the happiness that comes with the introduction of a new bundle of joy.
  20. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    Isn't the Fantasy Football Handbook being published this season?
  21. Cool trick on Dell laptops

    We do this all the time to co-workers. rotating the screen we lock the machine and laugh at them trying to figure out how to move the mouse while it is upside down. Flip the screren and then do a shut down so it is like that when she boots up her computer.
  22. Do you Maximize?

    At home I do maximizw the window .. At work I do not. I have a primary system that I work from in the background that i do maximize. The internet browsers and extra systems I only open up 50-75% so that I can move them around and still see portions of the main system I work from.
  23. Funny Baby Moment

    This really does work. Connor wet through everything at first but when he was aiming in the proper direction that ended that.