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  1. Is it time to bench Ridley

    I have ridley, Godwin, Samuel and Moore. Haven't started ridey since week 3 and it has worked out great. He is wr 48 right now. All the others are top 15. No Brainer. It just isn't working in all right now.
  2. Drop Carson

    Carson is your best rb. Maybe drop Singletary for Johnson but they are basically a wash.
  3. What? Is this even a question? No it is not fair. Ekeler worth more
  4. Drop Calloway for marvin.
  5. Pick 2 of these for wk 8 12 team PPR Herbert v SF Booker v kc Gainwell v det Collins v jax Gaskin too but I can't start him.he has cost me 3 games this season. Also need flex Between one of these guys above, and either marvin jones or j meyers. Pick 1
  6. Thanks for the opinions. Anyone else wanna weigh in?
  7. I am desperate for a win here! 12 team PPR I went hill and hopkins with my first two picks in the draft leaving carson , gus Edwards, gaskin as my RBs. That obviously didnt work out. i have scooped up everyone i can off the ww. Week6 who do i start? Pick 2 rbs and a flex Rb: D booker K herbert Gaskin A collins L murray Wr: Marvin jones Tyler boyd J Meyers. Thanks!