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  1. I am up by 19 going into tonight. Opponent has Henderson Jr. and Rams D going tonight, and I can start 1 of 3 Elijah Mitchell, Brandon Aiyuk, or Van Jefferson. Full point PPR, so any suggestions? Mitchell been a workhorse for SF at RB, but Wilson Jr is back and could cut into production. Aiyuk has a tough sled against Rams, but Deebo should be covered by Ramsey so Aiyuk may be busy. Jefferson could be big with OBJ not fully up to speed, and Robert Woods out with ACL tear. HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!
  2. seperate trade instead of it. I wont trade adams for jefferson/carter if I go after mitchel for ertz
  3. I dont like it tons but like you said volume is volume, just hard to trade out Adams. I could probably get Elijah Mitchell for Zach Ertz if that makes more sense for an RB2 until Gibson straightens out? I have Ertz sitting since I have Kelce, and Ertz doesnt even help me because he has the same bye now as Kelce. Thanks Guilded Age
  4. Hello All, Thanks for any advice in advance. Question is should I trade Davante Adams for Justin Jefferson and Michael Carter. Full PPR, and my RB's have been hurt and I have been using backups most of the year. I have Cook, Carson, Gibson, Collins, Matteson, Mike Davis. It has been fine with Cook or Matteson since besides one week they have ruled out Cook far enough in advance, but my RB2 spot has been horrible. I have been using Gibson but only getting me a couple points a week with his shin injury, as well as Carson being on my IR but collins is not real good. My WR's are Davante, Chase, Hollywood Brown, AJ Brown, Claypool, and Shephard so I have a good WR core. I can start 2 RB, 2 WR, and 2 Flex. SO I would be starting Jefferson, AJ, Chase, Cook/Matteson, Carter, and either Hollywood or Gibson if his shin gets better. Is that enough for Davante? Thanks!
  5. WR start/sit question

    Robinson, until Fields figures it out or they go back to Dalton.
  6. Decent team for a 12 man ppr, lots of teams are hurting this week with the amount of star power on byes. So as long as Stafford to Kupp works well this week which most likely it will then you should be fine I would think.
  7. Trade help

    WOuld you have depth at RB trading carter and jones? If so I would take cook and sanders. Bell cow in cook and Sanders on one of the pass heaviest teams in the league, plus they just maybe lost Knox so more for Beasley and Sanders.
  8. 1pt PPR - 8 team league, would still have Davante, Hollywood, AJ as WR will get Gallup back and Arob if Fields figures out how to be a QB. RB would be Cook/Mixon/Gibson/Carson to choose from each week. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Sutton or Godwin

    Woods period. Stafford is going to pepper all of his receivers this week. Don’t worry about kupp factor this week in my opinion.
  10. Any input would be much appreciated. Confused if this works. Can’t believe it was proposed and I feel it works but for some reason trading Davante is hard and I hate the packers.
  11. QB: start/sit question

    Burrow. In my opinion Miami has given up and Tua only has Waddle to throw to as none of his receivers can get and stay healthy. Burrow has a ton of options and playing well. Everyone gets a lower projection against Baltimore because of bias.
  12. Trade advice needed/appreciated. PPR 8 team league. Trade Davante/Gibson and I get Barkley/Mixon/Allen Robinson. lineup would be Cook/Mixon/Barkley - AJBrown/Hollywood/Jamar Chase - Kelce bench would be Carson/Davis for RB and Robinson/Shephard/Gallup/shenault for WR. Will move Robinson into lineup if fields figures it out, or Gallup when healthy. so any help is appreciated.
  13. PPR league will have aj brown, Hollywood brown, jamar chase, and Robinson/ shephard for wr after this. Main question is should I make this trade knowing I might have to wait for a while on barkley? 3-3 and I will have Mixon cook and barkley when healthy. Also forgot to mention it is 8 team league. thanks in advance.