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  1. Would you trade Mixon for McCaffrey in .5 ppr. 4-4 just out of playoffs w/ Henderson & Moss my other main rb’s
  2. Trade offer

    I would take it. Jacob’s just meh. Williams at worst split but get a feeling he’ll be taking over soon
  3. Flex Help

    I like mcnichols
  4. Pick 2

    Jeudy & cooks
  5. Week 9 qb

    I’d go w/ Ryan & hope you get “old” Ryan
  6. Should I trade Mixon for McCaffrey in .5 ppr where I’m 4-4 & just out of the playoffs? My other rb’s are Henderson & Moss.
  7. Matt Ryan or Danny dimes?

    Dimes w/ more risk but more upside
  8. Diggs trade

    Thanks Gridiot. Other rb’s are Mixon & Henderson with Moss as bye week filler
  9. Diggs trade

    Need help. Any replies?
  10. Which WR?

    I would drop Davis for Bateman
  11. Assuming Javonte Williams. Hit accept immediately!!
  12. Drop Carson

    I wouldn’t drop Carson yet. You have good wr’s & Carson still better than what you would pick up
  13. Sending fournette & a.cooper for Diggs in .5 ppr. Too much?
  14. RB to start

    Zeke & Najee