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  1. Houston Homers - Update for

    All see is listed as probable, but his effectiveness will be limited if he plays. I have him starting anyways, it's him or Randy Moss who can't count on anyways to even catch ONE ball. Does any other fellow huddlers hear anything different on the morning inactives on AJ's status?
  2. The one week when I needed a big WIN to stay in the playoff picture, my starting lineup flamed out and now I'm left thinking about next year. First, Favre gets hurt and I get one point out of him. Then KJ gets 4 carries for 8 yds then he's hurt. Then the list of guys who were NO SHOWs on offense, SJAX-TJ Housh, R.Moss (aka Casper since he likes disappearing). The only guy who did anything for me yesterday was LJ Smith who I didn't end up starting because he was doing nothing over the past 3 wks...hello to the FFL offseason for me. Good luck to all of you who are still in the playoff hunt, wish you big returns and injury free
  3. Fellow huddlers, Struggling amongst these three #3 WR options each week. I'm leaning towards Cotchery even vs. CHI just because Pennington will have to throw to do anything since NYJ rushing attack will most likely be shut down the whole day by Bears D. Kennison has Trent coming back throwing to him, but that scares me also if Green is rusty and KC just ends up running LJ all day. Third is ugly option with Moss who I just can't seem to figure out. So is Cotchery my best play?
  4. Fellow huddlers, It's hard to sit Moss for the one chance that he'll produce a 100yd game and a score. So I have been slotting him in as my borderline #3 WR start. This week he has Champ Bailey so it's even more of a reason to sit him, but my other choices aren't that much better. Any opinions? R.Moss vs. DEN J.Cotchery vs. NE Kennison vs. MIA
  5. trade offer

    I wouldn't touch this trade myself. Once Alexander comes back he'll produce again (at least TD's!), and AJ is way too valuable a WR right now if you get PPR. Moss is on the down side of his career with a very inept Raiders offense, so he's kind of a "don't care" but could have some decent games with a TD thrown in here or there. On what you'd be getting, I do like Lee Evans although he's really the only weapon for BUF now that McGahee is sidelined for a bit so he'll get extra attention from secondaries. Then Horn is okay but another on downside of career like Moss and Colston is the man on the Saints. TJ is a good #2, so is Fragile Fred at the #2 although he gets carries vultured by Jones-Drew. I just think you'd be giving up two STUDS in Alex and AJ for a host of #2 and #3 type start players is all.
  6. defense

    Go with big D. Bulger has been racking up the yardage numbers and hasn't thrown many picks at all this year. Plus Jackson hasn't put the ball on the ground (fumbled) that much either, so if you're looking for turnovers, I'd say better bet is with AZ and Leinart throwin' up some picks and getting sacked.
  7. Would you trade Vick for Marvin Harrison?

    Errr...if you can trade Vick to get Harrison, do it now. You're starting WRs then are TO, Keyshawn and Harrison! Give me a break, you already have Bulger as your starter, a chance to get a stud WR for a QB whose stock is high right now is a no brainer. Week in, week out Harrison WILL produce. Vick still has to prove he can do it EVERY WEEK... Do this before the other owner wakes up (or sobers up)
  8. Trade Westbrook for Torry Holt?

    Stick with Westy in your position. True, he's injury prone and COULD break down this year, but when he plays he's a stud. I'd be hard pressed to value a stud WR over a stud RB any day, even if it is Holt. Case in point on some of these other posts, WRs are streaky and at least with Westy he's a huge part of the PHI offense in both rushing and receiving, so I'd take that any day of the week and twice on Sunday
  9. Trade Adive - Cadilac for Edge

    Bashemgud, Not really high on either one, but would have to say that if it were me I'd keep Caddy since he seems to be progressing. On the other hand, Edge seems to be regressing. Granted, Edge has been getting mind boggling number of carries it seems this year and still can't produce. I'm not and never was sold on Edge going to ARI and running behind that joke of an O-line down there in the desert. Edge is great RB, don't get me wrong, but it just goes to show you ain't nothing without the big fellas up front making holes for you. Even though I tend to agree these RBs are kinda a wash, I still think Caddy has more upside to run for close to 100yds per game more than Edge does. Given that, stick with Caddy and hope he stays injury free.
  10. Vick

    Fellow huddlers, Obviously, with Vick's coming out party vs. PIT last weekend (I put has *ass on the bench because of matchup, DOH!) I'm hoping he can duplicate it vs. CIN this weekend. I know I can expect the same production, but was last Sunday a flash in the pan or will he return to his usual 150-180 yds passing and 50-60 yds rushing with a TD thrown in here or there... I have Favre also who is tempting because playing against a disheartened ARI team, but I don't want to sit Vick thinking it will be a let-down week after the crazy win against PIT. Probably overthinking and will start Vick anyways, but just wondering what others think about Vick this week and for the rest of the season.
  11. Fellow huddlers, Debating whether to start Favre or Lefty this week. Vick has a tough matchup vs. PIT so leaning towards either Favre or Lefty. Lefty faces HOU which means he SHOULD put up numbers, but if it's a route early, then JAX will just run the ball won't they? Favre looks like an okay play, but his WR's are a mess and I'm just afraid he'll throw 2-3 INTs even if he can get a couple scores. Favre Leftwich Vick
  12. Fellow huddlers, Debating whether to drop Joey Jurevicious to pickup Mark Clayton who is available on the WW (who I dropped a couple weeks back ironically). JJ is the 3rd option in CLE behind Edwards and Winslow, so 3-4 catches a game just isn't worth a roster spot is it? Clayton has more upside and he may be inconsistent but I like the fact that now that Billick is going to take over offensive coordinator duties it may mean better things for Clayton to shake things up.
  13. Tatum Bell vs. Chester Taylor

    Depends on what you're looking for. Chester will produce based on the shear fact that he'll shoulder the load in MIN offense, he's getting 25-30 touches on the ball per game. He's the 'safer' of the two, but Tatum would be the home run version if you are a risk-taker. He could bust loose and be huge the rest of the year, or Shanahan's mind games and RBBC could resurface, who knows what he's up to...
  14. Need trade advice

    Agree with pzarvell on this one. If you're in love with Westy, then that's your right. Otherwise, giving up Chester who gets 25-30 touches per game and produces, and also a STUD WR (albeit struggling right now) in CJ to get Westy is a lot in my opinion. I am of the notion that Westy's injury will catch up to him sooner than later, only a matter of time. Then what are you left with....a bad trade. Jamal is washed up as a reliable RB, and Bennett is in a bad offense on a bad TEN team. Don't let you MAN-LOVE for Westy make you foolish, I'd rather stick it out with CJ and Chester.
  15. Drop Buckhalter for Perry

    Agree with the other posts. I like C.Perry for his pass catching ability out of the backfield, but honestly Rudi is a workhorse and doesn't seem to be injury prone. Westy is different story, this guy makes it onto the field each week and produces, but c'mon, sooner or later this knee issue is going to break down in a big way and he'll be lost. Not being cruel here to Westy as a player, but I'd rather think that Westy has a much better chance of in the very short term of that knee taking it's toll and then make room for the CBuck era in Philly
  16. Trade help!

    Take it by Smith Smith you mean Steve Smith. Without knowing rosters and what's needed, I'd say Team B wins out. Tiki is a STUD RB arguably, but in exchange for getting a starting RB like Deuce who's producing good numbers this year, and a STUD WR in Smith, I'd lean towards option B. Deuce is slightly less than Tiki in value, but Smith puts it over the top since he's twice the WR Berrian is IMO. Berrian is the home run threat for CHI, whereas Smith will catch you 8-10 balls per game and rack up YAC like nobody's business, with a TD thrown in for good measure
  17. Trade Advice - Edge for Houshmandzadeh

    Tomfin2000, I'm a big Housh fan and have him in my keeper league. I love the guy, but he's always dinged up with something and never quite healthy. If you could guarantee that Housh would play every single game from now til the end of the season I might do this trade in your position. Edge is running behind a joke of a line, and I just can't see him each week breaking the 100yd mark like he did in Indy. Now with Fitz out for several weeks, I just think opposing defenses will even key more on the ARI run because if have a good cover corner that could lock up Boldin, what else does ARI have? Although Edge IS a #1 RB and starts, I'd be tempted to do this but that's just because I'm very high on Housh (when he plays
  18. Mushin or R.Moss

    I'd go with Muhsin. Yes, Randy has all the 'potential' to have a big game, but when does that waiting become desperation. At least Muhsin has a rising QB to get him the ball. Waiting for the Raiders to put it all together could be a waiting game in futility. I am a Moss owner also and am 'forced' to start him this week due to bye weeks with other WRs. If I had Muhammad I'd start him regardless of matchup vs. Bills def.
  19. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 5 Edition

    Hugh the Guru, Two quick questions, one WDIS and one about KJ's value rest of season 1) WDIS- Favre vs. STL or Lefty vs. NYJ 2) My starting RB's are usually SJax and Dunn. I figure SJax will remain solid and consistent, and Dunn is a good #2. However, his age and the fact that Norwood is breathing down his neck kinda scares me, so I was thinking about trading Dunn maybe to bolster my WR corps (right now it's R.Moss, TJ, A.Johnson, Cotchery and Kennison). But then my other starting RB most weeks would have to be Kevin Jones, who I still don't trust week in and week out. Should I try to move Dunn now that his value is still high or sit tight and hope someone like R.Moss ever turns it around to help my WR corps out
  20. Favre of Lefty

    Fellow huddlers, Last week I got burned and lost because Favre flamed out on MNF. So am a little gunshy to throw him in my starting lineup again this week even if it is at home vs. STL. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. My QB starter is usually Vick, but he's on bye. Other option is Lefty but he could either be a good fill in or really bad... Favre vs. STL Lefty vs. J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets
  21. need to pick a rb

    Taylor. No RBBC. Go with the guy who could see the ball 25-30 times a game
  22. Buckalter or Moats

    Fellow huddlers and Philly homers, Who has the best chance of getting the bulk of the carries if Westy continues with knee struggles: Buckalter Moats Figure it's gotta be Bucky because he carried the ball on MNF while Westy sat, but is that a safe assumption?
  23. Chad Johson is killing me! Shut up and play Chad!

    Don't beat yourself up too much SaintsFanunfortunately. You can only put so much intelligence into FF in my opinion. Most everyone would agree that each game takes it's own form, and by the looks of it you didn't do anything wrong by playing CJ last week and then TJ in the Flex this week. So Maroney went off, he's a stud in the making arguably, but when Cincy was forced to kick two FGs instead of going in for TDs in the first quarter possessions, that's the way it goes sometimes. NEP stayed in the game that way and that's why was able to run all over the field. Killed me too, the guy I'm playing against had Maroney and Michael Robinson as his other RB and I still may end up losing because of it
  24. Who would you rather have...

    I have AJ and have been pleasantly surprised so far this year with his performance (knock on wood). HOU has to throw the ball a ton to try and stay in games, and now with Moulds there to help take some of the attention away, I think AJ is coming into his own. Donte always has 'flashes of greatness', then gets hurt or disappears. Granted, McNabb is a stud QB and knows how to get him the ball, but with Donte having potential lingering injury problems, I like AJ.
  25. K. Jones or L. Maroney

    Agreed. KJ had a nice game last weekend, nothing spectacular but if DET and Martz ever decide to give this guy the ball 20-25 times a game I still think he'd have 100yd games. He also catches well out of the backfield which is bonus in PPR leagues. NEP backfield is still split and agree with bsubroncos that if Dillon isn't listed as doubtful or questionable, he'll start and take potential carries from Maroney. Go with the guy who's going to get the majority of chances at running/catching the pigskin...