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  1. rb choices

    Not sure I'd call the RB's you listed above as 'mediocre'. All are pretty decent when they are given playing time. With that said, I'd probably go with JJ and Westbrook with SJax being a VERY close call here. SJax is more risk/reward, depending on what you're looking for. He conceivably 'could' go off against a bad SF team, but who knows how many touches he gets with Martz.
  2. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 12

    Hugh, curious to see if you think it makes sense to insert SJax into my lineup in place of DD due to the matchups. Right now, I am in a RB dilemma. I have JJ and DD starting as of now, should I not overanalyze and keep these starters. Or should I shake things around, which 2 RB's would you start? Julius Jones Dom Davis Chester Taylor S.Jackson
  3. #2 Rb Help

    Lean toward Westbrook. DD has a more difficult matchup.
  4. Who Start at RB

    JJ and Westbrook probably. I am a DD owner also and he's been producing lately but NYJ defense is pretty solid. I'm considering sitting him down as well. Westbrook should find the endzone, not sure about DD.
  5. RB Dilemma-Choose 2

    So I had my lineup in slated to start DD and JJ. I still like it, but am now becoming more concerned about DD against a tough NJY defense. And with the recent developments that SJax will probably start over Faulk this week vs. the horrible Niners, this is now a tempting start. Should I stand pat, or switch things up? Dom Davis S.Jackson Julius Jones Chester Taylor Which combos of two do you like?
  6. C.Taylor or J.Jones

    WDIS next to Dom Davis this week at RB: Chester Taylor vs. CIN Julius Jones vs. SEA Consensus on all these posts seems to be JJ. I think he'll run well also vs. SEA, but anyone think that Chester could bust out vs. a bad Cincy run defense?
  7. C.Taylor or J.Jones

    Thanks Taterhill. I did see some of the SEA vs. BUF game on NFL sunday ticket last week and Willis did slice up the SEA defense pretty well especially in the red zone. So that's (1) vote for JJ, anyone else? I think Chester has a good matchup, but to be perfectly honest the B-more offense still scares me. At least DAL seems to be able to move the ball with Vinny and JJ
  8. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 12

    Hugh, need help on my #2 starting RB and WRs. I am thinking of riding Julius Jones again this week vs. SEA. Or do I go with Chester Taylor/Jamal Lewis whoever starts for B-more? Also, I have Horn and DJax as two of my 3 WRs, but I'm torn between Ward-Boldin-Keyshawn for the last spot. Ward just isn't getting the looks and PIT is all run these days, so do I risk starting Boldin with a rookie QB and/or start Keyshawn on Mon nite? None of these are great options so looking for help. Thanks Roster below: Bulger, Marc STL Rattay, Tim SFO Davis, Domanick HOU Green, William CLE Jackson, Steven STL Jones, Julius DAL Taylor, Chester BAL Boldin, Anquan ARI WR Horn, Joe NOS WR Jackson, Darrell SEA Johnson, Keyshawn DAL Ward, Hines PIT Clark, Dallas IND TE Gates, Antonio SDC TE Longwell, Ryan GBP PK Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def Lewis, Jamal BAL
  9. Mike Martz-----BIG HEAD

    Always remember that Martz is the mad scientist. This guy is so frickin' crazy some times in the way he coaches it doesn't make sense. STL is so hard to figure out this year, Martz belief that his offensive 'genius' (cough) of a mind will prevail over sound in-game decision making is dumb. He is stubborn to a fault, and that's why the Rams are sitting at 5-6. With all that talent they have on the field, that is pathetic
  10. Julius Jones vs. SEA Jamal Lewis (if plays) vs. CIN I'm thinking of inserting Julius into one of my starting RB slots from here on out. Not just based on his Turkey day performance, but because I think he'll get 25-30 carries a game (like Jamal) BUT actually do something with those carries (i.e. gain yards, TDs). Jamal has been a true disappointment, even beyond his 2-game suspension and his injury. He's now getting the carries (20-25) but only gets like 70-80 yds per game and no TDs. Would I be crazy to bench him in favor of the potential with Julius? Thanks and I'll try to answer some of your posts now.
  11. I'm a huge Hines Ward fan, but what did he have again yesterday, 3 catches for 42 yds or something. I know, I know, it's the system and PIT this year is all about getting the RBs to 100yds and winning on the ground. Big Ben just wins games but he's been hard on Ward owners to get any fantasy production. I can't squeak out wins when what should be my top WR week in-week out is wallowing in mediocrity. So I ask, this week do I dare start Boldin ahead of Ward or DJax. He caught 8 balls yesterday and if McCown comes back maybe he'll see a few more and get into the EZ
  12. Ward and the bench?

    Thanks tomfin2000. Appreciate the post. I guess you shook things up and it didn't really cost you, I'm just afraid I'll sit one of the two and there will be another week like DJax had (his best of the year) when he had 100+ yds and 2 scores. I know, sometimes you can't wait for the 'what ifs' to play out, Boldin can be scary good, but he's got sub-par QB's throwing to him and that's what scares me away from starting him each week. I just hate sitting my studs even when they are not having stud-like seasons
  13. Early Jump at WDIS @ QB

    Interesting dilemma. I have Bulger also but no luxury of having Brees Look at it this way, Bulger at least is consistent. He's good for 250+ yds and a TD or 2. That's about it. This year I just still don't see the greatest show on turf allowing him to put up 350-400 yds and 3-4 TDs anymore. On the flip side, Brees is doing it in SD with a lesser receiving corps (okay, Gates is a stud, but talking strictly wideouts here). I think the 'safe' play is Bulger, but if you want to/need to win this weekend to make your playoffs, etc., then the riverboat gambler that I am, I would tell you start Brees. Brees is playing hot, and I always like riding the hot hand until he proves you otherwise. No one on DEN is going to be able to cover Gates, and he'll dump it to LT all day long also. So what if Keenan gets bottled up by Champ, Brees has that team on a mission I think.
  14. need advice on trade offer.

    Agreed. I've stated my post above already on my opinion about not doing this trade. But just to clarify, yes Alexander did have an off game by his standards. But face it, that whole Seattle team fell apart after the first series. That was a mail in game if I've ever seen one so I wouldn't be too hasty a judge about S.Alexander. This guy is a stud and I bet you change your tune about his demise when he rumbles for 150yds and a couple TDs vs. 'how bout them Cowboys'
  15. need advice on trade offer.

    I think I'd have to agree with Dr.Love on this one bent520 for the simple fact that the 'Randy' factor is back in MINN. Don't get me wrong, Vick is a wildcard and could put up some huge rushing #s, but he's still too inconsistent for me and could lay some stinker games on you. Here's my question, you have Alexander and Edge as your starting backfield, so why/when would you ever even start Rudi or DD or C-Mart even if you got them in the trade? I just think C-Pepp will get it back on track over the last stretch here and find Moss at least once or twice a game, among all his other weapons. Take the RB's out of the equation and ask yourself would you rather have C-Pep or Vick to tie your wagon to
  16. Gates TD

    Gates is all world right now and I love the fact that during my draft everyone looked around and said 'who is Antonio Gates'....I guess the last laugh is on them
  17. S Alexander.........what happened?

    No, no injury to my knowlege. The Hawks just got throttled in all phases of the game so Alexander was never a factor. Buffalo got up big and poured it on from there, Seattle just mailed it in from then on out
  18. DJax Dropsies

    Ahem. Calling Mr. Jackson, Mr. Darrell Jackson. You have a bad case of the dropsies and you are killing your fantasy owners. I agree Hass has had an off year, but I'm beginning to see some of the reasons why. As a DJax owner, man this guy gets open a lot but is horrible at looking the ball into his hands before he darts around the field. I've seen him drop 2-3 passes in the first half of the SEA vs. BUF game and one which should have gone for 55 yds. Can someone send this guy some stick'em for Xmas
  19. Gates TD

    It was ruled a TD. He's got 7 catches for 92yds and 2 TD's. Gates is just crazy this year...
  20. Why is Wells playing?

    Oh no, don't tell me the Steelers RB syndrome is creeping into Houston. Ala Duce Staley racking up the hard yards and Bettis stealing the TD's? Frickin' Wells...what a joke
  21. Quincy Morgan or Hines Ward

    I'm with Glabra on this one. Why in the world would you sit Ward (who has been struggling granted), but for Morgan who will probably have a rookie QB throwing to him in Henson and beyond that, Dallas offense is inept at best. I see Parcells running the legs off of Julius today (as do most of these other huddler posts) to see if he's their RB of the future. I wouldn't trust any of the DAL WR's to do much of anything
  22. WDIS Julius or Chester

    I have DD starting and need help with my #2 RB as Jamal is now sidelined. The momentum all seems to be towards Julius who I picked off the waiver wire this week, but I was also considering Chester. Any thoughts? RB's Domanick Davis Jamal Lewis (OUT) Chester Taylor Julius Jones William Green Stephen Jackson
  23. Will it be Dilfer or Hasselback this week?

    I think it's Dilfer starting again (ugh). Hass will suit up but only for emergency role.
  24. WDIS Julius or Chester

    Thanks my obsession. Interesting selection pulling out S.Jackson over DD. I probably will go with DD and JJ, but curious as to why throw Jackson in there if he's still splitting carries with the Marshall Plan. I love Jackson and think he should be getting the lion share of the handoffs, but Martz is such a headcase with that offense that it scares me to start any RB in that system that is so pass happy. Is this just a gut feeling you have about SJ? I could see him getting a TD maybe, but only like 40 yds. rush....
  25. will answer questions

    Need a #2 RB behind Dom Davis Julius Jones vs. CHI Chester Taylor vs. NE William Green vs. CIN Stephen Jackson vs. GB Thanks.