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  1. WDIS WR Question

    I'd probably say sit Roy Williams down also. Tempting I agree because it's a showcase game and the Lions historically get up for turkey day. But your other (3) wideouts are all solid and proven, which makes me say play it safe. It would be hard to sit Muhammed because of the way he's been playing, but he could come down to earth vs. TB's pass defense
  2. Who to start at TE?

    Witten, for the simple fact that he'll be Hensons safety valve when he gets in trouble. Denver has too many weapons at WR and they should run all day long behind Droughs, so Putzier will have to fight to get balls thrown his way. Witten seems to catch everything that comes his way.
  3. Any Ravens homers know what the latest is on Jamal's injury status? The last newswire I saw said he'd be updated today (Wed) on whether he'll play this weekend and/or how many weeks he's expected to miss? I figure Taylor starts anyways this weekend, but anything longer term
  4. Any news on Jamal's status?

    Thanks Giantsfan. Man, what a bust he's been. I'm kicking myself for not taking Edge in the draft but I wanted the home run possibilities with Lewis. I guess I learned my lesson, but it's going to cost me a playoff spot
  5. WDIS - Along side alexander?

    Second vote for Kevin Jones. Of the others, you hit my concerns right on the nose. Chester is playing NE defense who will stack vs. the run. Goings is high risk, but he could surprise but IMO he's a one week wonder. Suggs splits too much carries with William Green, even though he's probably the better RB. Go with KJ on turkey day
  6. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 11

    Hugh, who you think will post better FFL numbers the rest of the season, Deuce McAllister or Jamal Lewis? Thanks.
  7. will answer questions

    I'm trying to trade to get Deuce McAllister. Who do you think will do better/put up better FFL numbers the rest of the season, McAllister or Jamal Lewis? Thanks Avernus
  8. Offered Plummer and D Jax for Dunn...

    Do the trade. You can afford to lose Dunn when you still have a solid corps of RB's. Plus, Hasselback is just not cutting it this year and he's hurt. Griese is okay but Plummer immediately becomes your #1 QB. Also, getting DJax helps you now down the stretch because looks like Plax might miss some time with his hammie problem. I'd be more concerned if I were you about bolstering your QB and WR positions than what you would lose in depth at RB by giving up a fading value Dunn. Plummer and DJax could be every week starters to plug in your lineup, you really telling us that you'd start Dunn over Green-Taylor-Brown-McGahee on any given week
  9. WR Free Agent Pick up

    I wouldn't dump Stokely just yet. He has been up and down, but he creates a lot of mismatches for defenses and gets matched up with LB's a lot. Manning always seems to exploit that well IMO, however if you want consistency don't look to the forty-whiners for that. As a Raider fan, I'm happy to say that team is a mess and going nowhere fast. Wouldn't you rather keep a guy (like Stokely) on a top rated offense that scores 4-5 TD's a game through the air, vs. SF which can barely score field goals? Yuck
  10. Pick one of these WRs/

    I'd lean toward Javon Walker. Favre likes playing big on MNF, and Walker has been unconscious this season. I figure Favre will air out a few down the field and let Walker go up and reel 'em in. Other than that, I'd go Wayne next b/c Manning should post another 4 TD's vs. Detroit and Wayne should get 1, maybe 2 of those.
  11. Rank these RBs

    Dunn is the best of the bunch by far. Then it's kinda pick your poison. If you have Jamal, then get Taylor b/c Musa is out and Taylor will be the feature back if Jamal can't go. Everyone is high on Goings, and he could be good if you don't have to drop much, but remember it was ONE good game he had. If he rushed for 3 more TD's this week then I'll be the monkey's a**.
  12. Anyone else Considering a Julius Jones Start

    Yes, in the same situation as a frustrated Jamal Lewis owner. If Jamal can't go I get to pick up Chester but not sure I'd even start him vs. the NE defense. Julius may have a better chance of getting you 100yds than Chester IMO, so I'd say what do you have to lose. I could see Chester getting 60-70 yds and maybe 20 receiving, and Jones could get you 90-100 and maybe a score.
  13. With Thomas Jones taking back the reigns of the starting CHI backfield, is A-Train worth anything on my roster? Or is it smarter to drop A-Train and pickup Julius Jones for the simple fact that he'll get a chance to play more and try to prove himself with Parcells? It just seems to me that playing the waiting game for TJ to get hurt again in order for A-Train to step in again seems like a wasted roster spot for the playoff run.
  14. Fellow Huddler experts, need some advice. I am currently 8-5 in my league (we play double header weeks) and in second place for the final playoff spot in my division, but holding on by a thread. This weekend's matchup is critical and with Jamal most likely being out for 1-2 weeks, I need some fast RB help. The last place team has Deuce McAllister and I want to package a trade to give him Jamal Lewis and either Bolding/Keyshawn in xchange for the Deuce. He is listening to offers for his players since he has no chance to make the playoffs. Would this be a fair trade proposal, or is this a laugher
  15. Tim Rattay

    I have Rattay (cough) as my backup QB to Bulger. I picked him up a month or so back when he was hot with no intent of ever starting him over Bulger, but just as a safe backup. Now this guy is toilet water and I need to surf the WW to pickup a less-of-a-scrub QB for my final roster during the stretch run. Here's who is available, any strong feelings on these wasteland QB's (ranked by highest point total to date descending): 1. Vinny Testaverde 2. Jeff Garcia 3. Chad Pennington (still hurt) 4. Carson Palmer
  16. Ravens might be without RB Lewis vs. Patriots wire reports OWINGS MILLS, Md. (Nov. 22, 2004) -- The Baltimore Ravens have become accustomed to overcoming injuries and off-the-field problems this season, so there was no sense of panic upon learning that running back Jamal Lewis could miss their Nov. 28 game against the New England Patriots. Lewis hurt his right ankle Nov. 21 in the first quarter of a 30-10 victory against the Dallas Cowboys and did not return. He underwent tests the next day, and his status will be determined later in the week. Coach Brian Billick said it's possible Lewis, who ran for 2,066 yards last year, could be lost for two weeks. He would be replaced by Chester Taylor, who filled in earlier this season while Lewis served a two-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy.
  17. Drop AZ def, pickup TB?

    Looking for some (yawn) defense help for the stretch run. I just dropped TB last week and played AZ. Wow, what a mistake. Anyways, here is the schedule for both remaining, need some help to decide which to stick and stay with the rest of the way (these are the best defenses unfortunately avail to me): Tampa Bay has: CAR, ATL, SD, NO, CAR, AZ Arizona has: NYJ, DET, SF, STL, SEA, TB
  18. Jamal Lewis

    Unlike you giantsfan, I don't have the luxury of backing up and starting an Edge or a Blaylock in Lewis' place. I agree, he's been a major disappointment for me this year and I was really relying on him for a strong second half run to help me make the playoffs. Because of him, my team is sliding downhill fast and my depth at RB is suspect at best. Lewis is a horse and I figured he'd at least be healthy through the stretch run to count on that. I'll take my lumps for drafting him late in the first round, granted I'm not a whiner
  19. Jamal Lewis

    At this point (as a fellow Jamal) owner, I would like to see Chester start in his place next week if Jamal's healthy or not. I don't want to crack on a guy when he's hurt, but please Jamal, you have hardly done anything yet this year to deserve a starting roster spot for us owners. I'd rather have a guy run the ball like Taylor who feels he has something to prove. Maybe I'm just bitter, but losing because Jamal gave me a big fat 0 this week I'm allowed to be
  20. Jamal Lewis

    I'm with you mighty wolverines. I got a big fat 0 from Jamal today. Thanks for nothing. You miss 2 games with suspension, you should come back like a bat out of hell. And what has he done the past 3 games, absolutely nothing and he's killing us owners. I lost also today so I share your pain
  21. Jamal Lewis

    Anyone watching the Ravens game to know the seriousness of his injury? Is he out for the rest of the game or are they just taping his ankle up?
  22. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 10

    Hugh, two real quick things need your advice on: 1) which team def you like better to hold onto the rest of the year, TB or AZ, and 2) which two players would you drop off my roster for cut-down (one will be a def obviously, but who else)? Thanks, roster below. Bulger, Marc STL QB Rattay, Tim SFO QB Davis, Domanick HOU RB Green, William CLE RB Jackson, Steven STL RB Lewis, Jamal BAL RB Morris, Sammy MIA RB Thomas, Anthony CHI RB Boldin, Anquan ARI WR Gardner, Rod WAS WR Horn, Joe NOS WR Jackson, Darrell SEA WR Ward, Hines PIT WR Clark, Dallas IND TE Gates, Antonio SDC TE Longwell, Ryan GBP PK Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def
  23. Bench Portis!?!?!

    Even so with the WAS offense looking worse than pathetic, I think you have to plug Portis into your lineup each week. He'll get you the yards, I know TDs have been hard to come by for him, but he's always a threat to break one off if he can get past the linebackers on D...for that reason alone I think you ride with him