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  1. Sit Portis?

    Agree with Ralph Furley on this, ASYS. Regardless of matchup, more times than not your STUD players will produce numbers even against the top defenses (ala JAX)
  2. WDIS at WR..

    I'd go Moss and Brown personally. I think Berrian is okay, but Brown is coming on I think and I always like having players go on MNF, usually brings out their best. I think Moss will be targeted a lot this week also to show that OAK can get their playmaker involved in the game, something to prove.
  3. Who to start at WR?

    The question really is WHY would you NOT start CJ? True, he's had a slow start, but he's WAY too talented a WR and a STUD WR at that to pass him over in your lineup for the likes of Edwards, Glenn or Jenkins. ASYS.
  4. WDIS-Favre or Vick

    Fellow huddlers, Who's a better start this week at QB? Vick vs. ARI Favre vs. PHI I kinda like Favre for the fact that he'll have to throw a lot, but that could mean INT's also. But then there's always the potential upside for Vick to run for close to 100yds this a toss-up or what?
  5. Fellow huddlers, The Titans offense has been abysmal, and I just don't trust that Collins will be able to get the ball to Givens, so am looking to give up on him. Thinking of either picking up Mark Clayton or D.Gabriel off the WW. I like Clayton because he could be another good possession receiver like Mason, but relying on BAL offense to throw 30-40 times a game seems unlikely. Having said that, Brady needs a go to guy outside of the aging Troy Brown, so Gabriel may fit but it's kinds too soon to tell. Any opinions?
  6. Pick a QB

    Same dilemma fantasymoron. I'm starting Vick on the fact that the ATL laid down for NO on MNF and will be smarting to get back in the win column. I like Favre because he'll have to throw a lot, but to me Vick always has the upside of running for 60-80yds and a possible running TD which is huge.
  7. Bye week mess ........WDIS

    Ugly. I'd probably lean towards Jacobs just because you're right he'll get carries inside the 5 yard line and will have a chance to punch 1 or 2 in. Dayne may get more carries, but it's RBBC in Houston and with Gado and Lundy in the mix it just makes for an unpredictable start. I just have never had a lot of faith in Ron Dayne personally, so he has a big game here and there, how can you ever predict it. At least Jacobs is a bruiser and he'll make something of his 8-10 touches....
  8. Pick up Moats?

    I picked up Correll this week and dropped Moats. My reasoning is that at least Buchalter has seen the field. Has Moats even had any carries yet outside of preseason? For that reason alone Moats scares me to rely on him yet for any fantasy value. I only picked up Correll because he's listed on PHI depth chart as the #2 RB, but he's injury prone too, go figure
  9. Fellow huddlers, Is Favre worth a pickup? My other QB's are Vick and Lefty, but Favre could still produce I think purely by the fact that he'll have to throw 40-50 times per game. Yes, that means he'll sprinkle in lot of picks, but he may put up some 300+ yardage games and multiple TD games which I think it's worth the risk. Especially if Lefty doesn't get on track as my backup... I figure I could part with Mark Clayton since he is down the progression for McNair (Mason first, then Heap, etc.) and BAL defense is completely dominant right now so there isn't much a need to throw 40-50 times per game.
  10. WDIS Houshmandzadeh or Reggie Brown

    I'd wait til gametime to see if Housh plays, and if he does I'd play him. Cincy is going vs. PIT and that will always get players up to play, so I think Housh steps onto the field this weekend to help his team out. I hope he does, I've been waiting on this guy also to see some action and produce, he's killing me on the sidelines.
  11. Drop Clayton for Jennings?

    I probably would. Figure that GB will be throwing a lot because they'll be in a lot of high scoring affairs. Plus, TB's offense has looked anemic at best, and Simms is a mess right now throwing the ball. If Caddy starts running better, it MIGHT open things up for Clayton to produce, but I like Jennings chances better.
  12. Hate to say it but (gulp!), I'd take a flier on KJ and it's just because he's playing vs. GB and has an 'opportunity' to put on some numbers. Problem is with KJ, he always 'looks' to have a good game, but never does The other two are playing vs. tough defenses
  13. Fellow huddlers, I have Lefty as my backup QB right now, but JAX offense hasn't put a lot of scores on the board. Is it too soon to dump Lefty and pickup Grossman or Favre? Grossman is hot at QB, and Favre will always throw since GB will be playing from behind most games. Just think that JAX defense is too good, and Del Rio will only ask the offense to not lose the game for them. That means consistent (200yds, 1 TD) for Lefty IMO...any thoughts
  14. Drop Leftwich for Grossman or Favre (?)

    Thanks for the responses huddlers! I'll sit on Lefty for now, I do like him because he'll get the occasional run TD's which are bonus in my league. Probably drops Moats instead and pickup Grossman or Favre. My starter is Vick.
  15. Fellow huddlers, As a (cough) Raider homer myself, it looks to be a long year for the silver and black (your honor, I'd like to admit evidence A vs. SD Chargers and B. vs. Bmore Ravens)... Anyways, despite my team's suffering, say it ain't so that Randy Moss has become a bench player for me. I spent my 3rd overall pick on him thinking they at least find a way to get him involved in the offense 10-12 times a game, but that's out the window. I got him to high to trade his *ss while his value is shot, but does anyone really see a light at the end of the tunnel
  16. Easily do that trade. You'd get two starting RB's (Taylor could be huge this year) and a decent WR in Moss. SJax is good, but not that good. You'd be making out huge.
  17. Fellow huddlers, I know the Texans RB situation is ugly, but I just figure I might take a flier on Ron Dayne and drop Ryan Moats since looks like Buckalter in PHI is getting more playing time behind Westy. Anyways, Dayne got 11 carries today, nothing special, but is he now catching the eye of Kubiak now in HOU and is there a chance of him ever starting. What about Gado? I'm just looking for depth and Moats hasn't even sniffed the field so if I can drop for a player like Dayne who actually may have chance of starting, I'd rather have that.
  18. Berrian or Cotchery?

    Cotchery. I picked him up last week, started him this week and BONANZA. Needless to say, I think the Jets offense will be forced to pass more in games than CHI. The Bears defense will shut down opposing offenses and if Chicago gets lead then Berrian's value goes down because CHI will look to play clock control and run the game out.
  19. I need an expert's FF owner advice here...

    I would pickup Gore. Even though Rhodes will get the call at the goal line in IND, the Colts love to throw down there even inside the 5 yard line. Plus, Rhodes has gotten A TON of carries so far and has produced paltry YPC numbers. I know that doesn't matter for TD only, but I gotta figure the Niners will keep running Gore 25-30 times a game and not put the pressure on A.Smith to throw TD's....and in 25-30 chances with the ball, Gore should produce at least a TD per game (on par with Rhodes) and possibly more. Plus, Gore doesn't have Addai behind him looking to vulture carries
  20. Safe to drop Foster

    Not sure I'd drop Foster after two games in, although my personal opinion is that sometimes in FFL it pays to take risks and bet on the young guys coming up to spark your team. I just don't believe Foster will make it through the season without getting nicked up and missing time. And if Deangelo gets his chance to carry the full load (look what he did today on 13 carries for 74yds and a score), watch out. Carolina is reeling a bit after 0-2 start so Fox may look to shake things up especially since his star wideout Smithy has nagging injury and can't count on him week in week out. Foster will still be the starter, but are you playing for the first part of the season or the second part when you have a chance to make your question is what good would Foster be if he's on IR by then
  21. Any news on Housh?

    Fellow huddlers, Any news if Housh is actually going to see the field today? Is he worth the risk? Otherwise forced to start either Cotchery, Givens or Kennison and not looking forward to any of those options... Guess Cotchery and see if I strike gold. The other two haven't showed anything yet.
  22. Philly Homers, Which Eagles backup RB does it make sense to keep on my roster, Moats or Buckhalter at this point? Is there a clear cut #2 if Westy goes down...
  23. Which RB's Start

    Agreed. Gore and McGahee. Portis is out, and I just don't trust Ahman Green yet...Gore and Willis should produce.
  24. Fellow huddlers, Any other TJ Housh owners out there? Are you planning on starting him in week 2 or is he too much risk of not even sniffing the field... I know, another game time decision probably which sucks. I really don't have any better options though this week. Starting: R.Moss, Andre Johnson 3rd WR options: Kennison, Givens, Cotchery, Mark Clayton Would lean towards Cotchery or Givens I guess at this point and hope I can get some production. Kennison and Clayton have little to no value at this point
  25. Is Housh a safe play this week?

    Thanks huddlers, good input, yes figure I'll take the flier on Jerricho and see if he can duplicate his performance from last week or come close (I'd be happy with that)