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  1. Ugh-Stokley or McDonald

    B.Stokley vs. SF Mcdonald vs. SEA Horn and Housh look like late scratches and I don't want the bagel for either of these guys.
  2. Is Ike Bruce worth Picking Up?

    Lucky jack, here is the case for both: 1) Positive for Coles-#1 WR option for NYJ, has Vinny coming back into the fold a veteran QB who can sling it down the field and Coles is a speed burner. Negative for Coles-will have to wait and hope Vinny gets back into football shape and speed of the game which could take 3-4 games or more. 2) Positive for Bruce-#2 WR option on a pass happy offense. A consistent producer, catches a lot of balls but will rarely have an epic performance. Negative for Bruce-turf toe is a nagging lingering injury and there is no solid timetable on when Bruce might return. And even at that, he runs and cuts for a living, and your toes are a key part! Plus, Curtis and McDonald are not causing the STL offense to miss a beat. Personally, even as a Bruce owner myself, I'd wait and stick with Coles a couple more weeks. If Vinny can be even decent, then I'd rather have a guy who's a #1 WR vs. a fading #2 and injured...
  3. Fellow huddlers, Need some help deciding between which RB to start in the NE-ATL game. I have both Dunn and Dillon. I like Dunn because I see him possibly going over the 100 mark for yds, but I don't see him sniffing the EZ because of Duckett and Vick. Other hand, Dillon WILL get the goal line carries but his YPC is pathetic. Any lean either way?
  4. Fellow huddlers, Any Saints or Rams homers out there? What's the latest on injury status of Bruce or Horn for this weekend's games? I know Horn has a hammy issue and that Bruce has turf toe, but is it a long shot to hope one of the two will actually play this weekend? I know most will say look elsewhere, but I really don't have a lot to choose from. Here's my options outside of starting J.Smith and TJ Housh if neither Horn nor Bruce are playing: T.Glenn B.Stokley Would have had Stallworth but traded him for T.Green already
  5. wdis

    DD because he IS the only hope in the Texan offense. Plus it's a home game, so the lean goes to the Dominator....
  6. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 5

    Hey Hugh, Need to start (3) WR's this week, due to injury concerns which would you start: J.Horn (Q) TJ Housh (Q) J.Smith T.Glenn B.Stokley S.McDonald I'm thinking Smith, Glenn and either Horn or Housh (whoever's less banged up). Is that too risky? Or should I take my chances with Stokley since IND playing lowly SF. Also, real quick, Dillon or Dunn as my #2 RB?
  7. WR WDIS?

    If you think this is the week AJ breaks out (cough) against TEN, then do it. Otherwise, Boldin is the much more intelligent pick here even vs. a good CAR def. AJ has to show up to the party first before you start buying him drinks
  8. Any injury news on I.Bruce or J.Horn

    Anyone? Sorry, trying to comb the injury wires to see if anything current...
  9. If you're like most leagues that value TD's, then hands down it's S.Davis. He's kind of like Dillon in that he'll always get the ball in goal line situations so you know even if he lays an egg in the YPC column, he has the potential to get a score a two each week to make him more valuable than the others.
  10. Trade Offer **Hot Deal**

    Take it and run. A very good RB like JJ is difficult to get. Brees is good, but when you get offered quality RBs, you always take it whether you need it or not.
  11. Trade Help

    Need your lineup to see how deep you are at WR. But off the top, I would say if you have McNabb and Collins as a backup, unloading Green to get a stud WR is a no-brainer. This has got to be an 8-team league you're in if you have all 3 of these QB's...
  12. Please evaluate this trade offer!

    Agree with the other posts on this. Bledsoe has had some good weeks, but law of averages says he'll fizzle out at some point. Hass is a solid starter each week, not in the category of top/tier 1 QB's to go off each week for 300+ and 3 scores, but 250+ and a TD or two isn't bad. Then there's the TE swap, where you McMichael playing in an offense in MIA that is playing over it's head/ability, and with Gonzo now getting vocal about getting more touches and looks, I see him back to form over the next coming weeks. And when Gonzo is on, he's definitely a better TE than McMichael. Bottom line: Take it and run
  13. Fellow huddlers, With Gonzo on bye this week, need to pickup a TE. The best available that I can see this week are Stevens (favorable matchup with STL) and Kinney (torched HOU last year). The Huddle is saying pickup Kinney, but doesn't TEN have like 50 tight ends they play? Any thumbs up for either of these two: J.Stevens vs. STL E.Kinney vs. HOU
  14. D Davis or C Dillion

    Blitzburgh, I have same dilemma this week since have both DD and Dillon as my starting RB's. If I were you, I'd sit Dillon and start DD. Dillon without his TD's this season has been a major disappointment, and his roughly 60yds per game he's gaining isn't cutting it. At least DD has the ability to catch 4-6 balls and get you 80+yds and a possible score. Go with the guy who's the focus of the offense.
  15. Fellow huddlers, Have been offered T.Green in exchange for Donte Stallworth. I need to dump Harrington anyways, and Hass is okay but not stellar. Do you think Green will turn it around as the year progresses and throw for some decent yds and TD's? Stallworth is coming off a big game so the other owner who needs WR is all over me Here's my roster: QB-Hasselbeck, Harrington RB-Dom Davis, Dillon, Dunn, Staley, M.Faulk WR-Horn, Bruce, TJ Housh, J.Smith, D.Stallworth, Stokley, T.Glenn TE-Gonzo K-Lindell DEF-PIT
  16. kevin jones

    I'd do that trade. Simply because of a couple things: 1. KJ is the starting RB in DET, no matter how much they suck right now. Parker is probably going to split time/carries whether like it or not with a healthy Staley and Bettis. 2. Eli is on the rise, but Delhomme would still be a very good backup QB for you to Bulger. 3. Fitz vs. Moulds. Hands down you get a better WR in a (cough) better offense. Don't put faith in Losman getting the ball to Moulds. Fitz will get way more chances to catch passes from McCown or Warner
  17. Trade offered-T. Green for Stallworth

    Any thoughts if this is a fair trade offer?
  18. Trade Advice

    Agreed. Dump Anderson and pick up DJAX. He's a big upgrade to your WR's outside of Horn...
  19. Gonzo

    It sucks I know Down the middle. As a Gonzo owner also, it has been very frustrating seeing him not produce this year so far when he's been a staple of that KC passing game for so many years. The one year I decide to finally draft a supposed STUD TE in the mid-rounds (5) and it's turning out to be a wasted pick. I personally am not punting on him yet, but if you have depth at TE then I wouldn't blame you. It's not that Gonzo sucks, it's just KC looks elsewhere to get the offense going and Green isn't throwing his way more than 6-7 times a game it seems.
  20. Horn or Curtis

    Go with Curtis. He'll be all geeked up to start in place of the injured Bruce. Plus, Horn just got shelved I think for today's game, so go with the guy who's actually healthy, and on paper becomes the #2 WR on a pass happy offense. Good luck.
  21. Dunn or Dillon

    Who to start: Dunn vs. MIN Dillon vs. SDC Normally, ASYS with Dillon, but he hasn't impressed running the ball out of the gate so far this year, and Dunn has had some pretty good running games but no scores obviously b/c of TJ. Dillon has save himself with TD's, but 60yds per game just isn't cutting it. Do I sit Corey this week, Dunn has a favorable matchup vs. MINN....
  22. WR Isaac Bruce Status

    Bruce is listed as doubtful...which means do not start him.

    JWP 45 looks correct. Here's what was listed (10/2) on Player News According to reports, Joe Horn (hamstring) will not start in Week 4. (Updated 10/02/2005). Sucks, forces me to have a bunch of patchwork WR's this week. Ouch.
  24. WDIS- late night gut check

    IMO, I think you have it right with TJ Housh over AJ. CIN offense has been rolling and I don't see any fear of a letdown this week vs. an inept HOU team. I wouldn't start AJ until the offense in HOU decides to show up. On the flip side, I still think you have to go with KJ. He'll come around, and he has no competition for the ball in the backfield. Moore is good, but he'll get spelled by Moe Williams at the goal line or Bennett may even make an appearance. For those reasons, even though TB is playing good def right now, I'd give a lean towards KJ still. Good luck
  25. Michael Bennett's value

    Fellow huddlers, Any Michael Bennett owners still out there? Is this guy WW fodder now that Moore has pretty much locked up the starting RB role in MINN....I heard rumors that AZ was going to make a run at Bennett since Denny Green had him when he coached the Vikings. Or am I holding out hope on a guy that is hopeless? Am thinking of dumping him and picking up Marshall Faulk as a bench player if SJAX ever gets hurt. Writing on chalkboard 100 times: "I WILL NEVER DRAFT MICHAEL BENNETT AGAIN", "I WILL NEVER DRAFT MICHAEL BENNETT AGAIN, I WILL NEVER...."