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  1. Houshamazadah or K. Curtis

    Gotta go with the Houshmanzadeh...he is the bonafide #2 in CIN. I like Curtis, but too many options for Bulger to throw to behind Holt, Bruce, McDonald, Faulk/ get the picture. TJ should get some looks as the attention gets drawn to CJ on the other side
  2. Stephen Davis

    Fellow huddlers, Foster is obviously the starter RB in CAR, but is S.Davis worth picking up as his backup if he's available on WW? We all know that Deshaun at some point will probably go down with injury, and with Shelton out also, is Goings the backup to take or would be better to pick up Davis as a possible spot filler....I guess the advice would be to stay away from CAR running game (a-la MIN backfield) due to the mess it could become, but just looking to see if Davis has any value at this point.
  3. WDIS - Portis or R. Johnson

    Rudi is probably the 'safer' play and should produce. Portis is still a question mark to me, until he proves that he can run wild behind the so-called revamped WAS offensive line, I'd probably say Rudi by a hair. Portis could rush for 70yds or bust out for 150+, but it's whether you want to go high-risk high-reward the first week or not. I definitely see Rudi getting into the EZ at least once, maybe twice if that sways your opinion at all. Good luck
  4. Stephen Davis

    Good feedback admtahoe. I think that's a good strategy, I don't need him but he could be very good trade bait for the WR help I need. That's a big IF Davis actually sees action and performs well...
  5. #9 pick....strategy help!

    I was in same position when drafted earlier this week. I went with DD first because he fell to me and was the highest listed RB. I wanted Deuce, but he was taken at #7. Then on the way back at #12 spot I took Dillon. If Moss would have slipped to me, I think I would have grabbed him, but the guy in #10-11 snagged Moss and Jamal. Personal preference, every year I have played FFL I have stuck with pretty much RB-RB in first two picks and have won my 10-team league championship 3 times since '99. Nothing is a science obviously, but I think the majority would agree that RB's are 1) the most valuable pt scorers and 2) the ones that get hurt or miss games most often, so you can never have too many tier 1's, tier 2's, tier 3's in my opinion. I'd say unless Moss slips to you coming back around for your second pick, commit to one of these left (Dom Davis, Deuce, Portis, J. Lewis, K. Jones, or Dillon) and then hunt for some solid but not spectacular WR corps. QB's unless its Peyton or Daunte to me you can get good value later rounds and not miss out on some quality RB's, WR's, etc. Hope that helps.
  6. What QB to start Week 1

    Brees will be without all-world TE Gates, no? Not much of a scale tipper, but in that case I guess I'd lean towards Hasselback. Even though SEA is on the road and JAX has a good defense, I could see Hass posting workmanlike numbers at 250yds and a score or two. But you might want to wait for some other huddlers to post on this, me being a Hasselback owner myself this year so I HAVE to start him
  7. DD's backup in HOU

    Fellow Huddlers, any of you DD owners know if Morency has been handed the reigns of official #2 backup or not? I haven't had a chance to follow it that closely as far as the depth chart changes (if any) on HOU after DD. It was Wells at one point, but didn't Morency show well in the preseason? Has he overtaken Wells and Hollings? Thanks for any update. I picked up Morency in the final round of my draft for insurance on DD but don't want to waste a roster spot if he's 3rd or 4th on the depth chart.
  8. Just Drafted

    Nice team Balzac. No issues with your QB or RB's. The fact that you don't have a stud Tier 1 like Moss-Holt-Harrison-CJ-Owens etc. might be a concern, but Smith and Fitz should post decent numbers I'd think. Rod Smith is on the downside of his career but still can post respectable numbers if Plummer finds him more than the opposing cornerbacks Witten is solid at TE. Overall you should be happy. Not ecstatic, but happy
  9. Ja Lewis or Dillon?

    Tend to agree with Dingos on this one also. Dillon has found new life in NE, and I see him putting up similar numbers if not better than last season because the Pats are about ball control, clock mgmt, good def..etc. etc...This to me all leads up to the conclusion that Dillon will get a lot of carries and is good value for just that reason-> he'll get a lot of touches on the ball. But this comes from a Dillon owner myself The flip side is that Jamal is a load and at end of games in the 4th qtr if B-more is up on teams you know that they will pound Jamal into the line to chew the clock out and that's usually when he gets most of his yds. But can Jamal stay healthy and will he look better than he did last year is the question....
  10. Fellow huddlers, Drafted tonite. Looking for some advice on where the holes are and how the draft turned out overall: QB: M.Hasselback, J.Harrington RB: Dom Davis, C.Dillon, W.Dunn, M.Bennett, D.Staley WR: J.Horn, I.Bruce, Jimmy Smith, TJ Houshmandzadeh, B.Stokley, D.Stallworth, T.Glenn TE: Gonzalez DEF: Pittsburgh K: Matt Stover Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR, 1 DEF, 1 K At first glance, I'm a little uneasy about my WR corps. Decent wideouts, but not spectacular. Any opinions on trade options? Thanks and I'll try to answer some posts.
  11. Rate my team please

    Your starting RB's I give an A. Your starting QB (I assume Collins) I give a B-. But getting Delhomme as a backup is solid-good job Your starting WR's I give a B+. CJ is a stud, Fitz and Roy are solid but not spectacular. Your TE's I give a C. Need some help here. Philly Def is a B. Overall grade=B.
  12. 9th in the draft tonight...

    Same situation slimshim. I tend to agree with the others on this post that McGahee, Deuce and possibly DD will be off the board by the time it gets around to you. I'd sell myself to Dillon even though he's not a 'sexy' pick. Not huge upside, but the guy is the feature back on last year's super bowl champs, so he will produce consistent numbers each week (100+yds and a touch, mail it in) Here's my order of preference anyways: Deuce McGahee DD Dillon Jamal
  13. Love Potion # 9

    Suburban pimp, I have not drafted either yet but sit in the same 9-spot. I think you are correct in going RB-RB in your first 2 picks. You figure you'll either get a shot at one of the late 1st Rd RB's (DD, Deuce, Jamal, KJ, JJ, Portis) is the way I see it. Then, on the way back around for your #2, look for another RB (unless Moss is still there but doubt it) and get whatever is left over from the list above. That gives you two quality RBs, not all-world like LT or Alex or Priest, but good enough. Then just make sure you get a couple decent WR's and you should be fine. C-pep is a stud no doubt, but there are serviceable QBs that you can get later rounds.
  14. Who's the best #2 back?

    I think you go Jamal Lewis (if he's still there at #10) first, then a very close second I'd take KJ hands down. Jordan and SJax are late 2nd rounder/early third rounder RBs IMO, so you'd be best not to waste high draft picks on either them. To pass up Jamal or KJ would be foolish.
  15. #2 RB pick

    If Rudi is there at #20 then I think you have to take him. You would have very solid RB's and then try to pick up a second tier WR at your #2. I wouldn't be too hopeful in thinking that CJ or Holt or Harrison will be there at #20, but again that really depends on how your draft evolves. If RB's dominate the first round and most of the second round then I could see one of those more elite WR's dropping that far. Then if you go RB-WR, I'd look at Westbrook if your league gives pts for receptions...
  16. For my third RB

    Go with Jordan. I would hate to rely on a guy who Martz pulls the strings on. The Raiders will be a balanced attack and if Collins throws downfield to Porter and Moss to spread defenses, I see Jordan getting a lot of nice run opportunities to rack up some nice fantasy numbers. Just be careful of Crockett trying to vulture EZ carries
  17. Has Priest's time come and gone?

    It's not so much as his time has come and gone, it's whether he can stay healthy. When he's on the field and running behind that KC O-line, then he's a fantasy dream still...I woudn't count him out at all for having another great year. As long as you can grab LJ as insurance, then there is no way you should be shying away from Priest
  18. The Jones Boys...

    Another vote for KJ. Julius will produce good numbers but I worry about his durability over the course of a full NFL season. If Parcells uses him like a workhorse (as he's done in his coaching history with his RBs), that is good and bad at the same time for JJ owners. JJ is the only emerging 'star' in Big D that they have besides Witten Everyone else like Bledsoe/Key/Glenn etc. are serviceable but are more on the downsides of their careers. KJ has the luxury of any easier rushing schedule and a host of WR threats that just make him a more attractive player at the outset of this season.
  19. Barber or J. Jones

    Keeper league, then definitely JJ. Parcells will hand him the ball 20-25 times a game in his ball control run offense in Big D. I think Tiki is pretty much typecast as a solid #2 back but I wouldn't want him on a keeper team. He may have 1 or 2 more good years then I see him getting knicked up a lot more and not good for the long haul. JJ is up and coming, stick with guys that are on the verge of busting out, not breaking down
  20. Took Deuce at 7, How'd I do with the rest?

    Donutrun Jellies, at first glance, I'd say good draft all in all. I like the RB selections especially in a 14-teamer. Deuce will regain stud status as an elite RB, and Jackson is a good #2 but Martz always scares me about how he will actually use him in the flow of the Rams offense. I could see him disappearing on you sometimes in games, not due to his ability or performance, just Martz going nuts with the passing game again. But I digress.... Your WR corps is a bit suspect since I assume Smith is your #1. There is upside with all the rest (being Lelie, Calico, Lloyd) but I guess you can hope/bank on at least one of them having a breakout year Witten as your TE is solid. Nothing to add there. Same with Bulger. All in all, I'd rate it a B. As far as trade bait, I'd try and package Witten and one of your WR's to upgrade to a better #2 WR maybe.... I think you can get by nicely with Jolley as a sleeper TE and be pleasantly surprised.
  21. Rate The Beam Team

    I think you did very well for yourself, and super well if TO decides to shut up and play. Your backfield is really solid, with Deuce and KJ, and you have serviceable backups also. WR (again if TO pans out) is nails, I think Smith is solid and Boldin is solid. I don't have an issue either with your QB's, both should post decent numbers and I think Palmer has updside potential this year now that he's been in the league a couple seasons and has a hang of things in the NFL. Clark is a nice addition at TE because you know Manning will look for him in TD situations. Overall grade A-
  22. Fellow huddlers, still haven't had our fantasy draft, but all indications are that there will be a run on top RB's for obvious reasons through the first 8 picks. I pick #9 in a 10-team keeper league this year and am wondering if in fact Manning slips to me, I have to take him right? I've always stuck to RB-RB-WR combo in the first 3 rounds, but this year if it holds out that not even DD or Deuce or Jamal fall to me at #9 to take, then I really can't bring myself to select Portis or KJ or JJ or one of those type borderline backs ahead of stud Manning. I just never have liked taking a QB in the first round before, even if it is Manning. Is that sacreligious to say? Thanks and I'll try to answer some posts now. TD pass-4pts TD rush/receive-6pts 1pt for each 25 pass yds/1pt for each 10 rush/receive yards Bonus pts for # of receptions (1pt per)
  23. #5 Pick in performance league

    I think your leaning the right way Bedoman. I'd slot it as follows: Deuce DD McGahee Jamal Dillon I too think that McGahee has huge updside, but BUF with a new QB with only 6 pass attempts to his resume scares me A LOT. I don't know if McGahee will have a lot of open running lanes if opposing defenses just stack the line and make Losman beat them. I love DD for his involvement in all phases of HOU offense, but his injury concern always scares me. If he stays healthy this year, then to me he would come out ahead of Deuce...
  24. Worth Trading Alexander?

    Do not do this trade. Alex is a top 3 RB and will produce. Jamal is top 10 RB, but I think you'd be giving up too much in your running game just to get Muhammad (who don't expect to have the same year as last year by any stretch) and Moss who is that big-game here, big-game there type of WR but becomes Casper in stretches of games. Moulds is a decent WR even with Losman throwing out there in BUF. I just think you risk having mediocre players vs. having one stud of an RB and a decent WR...