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  1. Just finished an auction

    This was actually a pretty good rest of the draft for what was paid for LT.
  2. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    In CBFL(BOTH) he was the 3rd ranked QB behind Manning and Brees last year. It kind of shocked me we I traded for him to have a reserve QB being rated that high. Did the trade before of this legal stuff came up, now looking like an idiot.
  3. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Technically they are 0-4 for the record books.
  4. Why Do People Hate Barry Bonds?

    Hey he played at Arizona State, we have no bad Sun Devils here ever.
  5. I know we have some mortgage people here.

    Dbaxx gave up the car business for mortgages and other services. Perhaps he will chime in here also.
  6. So How Fast Have You....

    I went 140mph in my vette. Wasn't driving it , had to many beers. My best friends wife drove me, very smooth ride at that speed. The bad part was she didn't look at the fuel gauge before we got on the interstate and ran us out of gas. Luckily I had a couple of beers with me to past the time until the tow truck brought me some gas.
  7. Fair trade fro Phillip Rivers

    I think he should take a kicker with this pick.
  8. buying a used car

    One thing to remember is dealerships vehicles have been already serviced and inspected for any service issues. A person can always go into any dealership and purchase an extended warranty from any dealership.
  9. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    I'm a Cardinal fan.
  10. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    I'm pretty excited about the news. With proper coaching techniques and maybe a couple of players we might see that 4.0ypc from the line.
  11. During the Cards interview

    Watched on local news tonight that Warner , A Wilson and Boldin were involved in the interviewing process. I not against the idea but I'm shocked that the Bidwells would allow them in there. Wisenhunt did say though the idea and process made it more exciting for him to be the coach.
  12. Fassell to the Raiders?

    I believe Ryan deserves the shot. Haven't seen enough of Raider games but he looks like a coach the players respect and play hard for.
  13. WDIS in Week 17?

    Palmer Housh and Bruce Cooley
  14. wide reciever advice

    Johnson and Johnson.
  15. WTS: Peyton or Garica and RBs

    It's not a good match up but I would go with Willis, better back than both of them combined.
  16. Salvaging 3rd place.

    Dallas D for sure(Kitna int machine) and then I would go with James. The other two RB,s split to many carries. If your afraid to start James second choice would be Barber.
  17. Early Championship WDIS

  18. Need opinions

    I like Curry and AJ. Coles I believe is a little hurt plus Oak D is pretty good. Clayton reminds me of C Henry, to much hit and miss. Hope this helps.
  19. $725.00 on the line. Help me out ........

    I like Betts and Rudi. I believe Brown will see more eight in the box plus lose some carries to Morris. I am in the same situation as you in my main league(see sig line), had it wrapped up 3 weeks ago but injuries to KJ and DJax let him back in. Only a 20pt lead for $525.
  20. WDIS at WR

    I like Moss here for some reason.
  21. Please help me chose

    Defenses are so unpredictable but my gut says........... SAINTS!!!
  22. waiver wire question

    Probably by your sig, Hackett could start for you if you start 3WR. I'm assuming 2RB's so I think it would be a wasted waiver for one of those backs.
  23. WDIS? Get Defensive!

    It will be high scoring either way, go Seattle.
  24. kevin jones

    Houston than Dayne. Harris schedule to tough, Taylor could be back next week, Griffith could be a good choice but I thought I read somewhere that Dunn should be back.