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  1. Tough Playoff Decision!

    All 3 are great starts, can't go wrong. On second thought bench Gore.
  2. Championship Line-up?

    I think Vick has problems because of hus hurt RB's(a vote for the Dallas Def), I would go with Roth. I only differ on those two.
  3. Which Three do I start?

    I like Housh, Walker and Williams.

    I would bench V Davis.
  5. Property Investment Question

    Get out and do it with only your buddy(you know what I mean).
  6. Can you help me? Life Insurance

    I used to sell life insurance about 4 years back. Commissions on term were low compared to whole life(and all the other names used). If your under 40 term is the way to go and you can lock in on a 25 year if need be. The thing to remember about life insurance is it really is just income protection to protect the lifestyle of your family. Usually you like to have a policy worth 7-10 your annual income. What I recommend is find out what a policy would cost for term and whole life then invest the difference into a mutual find(IRA).
  7. Should I really bench him?

    That would be a negative imo. Palmer was your QB that got you there so don't change now.
  8. I wish Jaws would just slap

    the heck out of Irvin.
  9. Defense---Dallas or Colts

    I'm starting the Colts over the Giants also. I would go with the Colts here also because I have a feeling that the Cardinals actually win this game 24-13. I think the Colts win 34-10.
  10. wdis-wr

    Mason and Henry.
  11. Dreaded Defense Question

    I'm in the same situation Giants or Colts. I don't think Chicago(Grossman) has 2 bad games in a row. I'm going with the Colts hoping Losman has to pass to play catch up.
  12. Chad Johnson for Edge

    I am assuming you must start 2RB and 3WR. I probably would trade him for Edge seing that you have Holt and Colston already. But first maybe try trading with the C Palmer owner for a RB on his team if his RB is better than Edge. Hope this helped.
  13. Which team is a lock to win this week?

    I did Jax and AZ in my big money league.
  14. Trade advice wanted.

    I don't think LJ owner would take those offers. He(or she) would probably want Westbrook and Chad for LJ and M Clayton IMO.
  15. Help with a Trade Offer

    This is off the subject but with that avatar Scuba Chuck, you need to post more often.
  16. Peyton the #1 overall?

    I agree, I got lucky with my picks after Peyton but I believe it takes some luck(picking the right sleepers) to win in fantasy football.
  17. Peyton the #1 overall?

    Last year in a league I went against my normal strategy and took Manning at the 2 spot in a 14 team 3 man keeper league. My next 4 picks went like this, C Johnson, L Jordan, S Smith then C Williams. It was a reception league, all TDs were 6pts plus bonuses for length of TDs. I lost in the Superbowl . So it can work.
  18. Over/Under

    As an unbias fan for the Raiders(but biased for Arizona State players), hopefully week one.
  19. Bryant Johnson

    I think he could be huge IF Boldin or Fitz don't get hurt. He needs to stay the 3rd wideout with single coverage. He could have a year like Stokley did a couple years back.
  20. Cardinals/Steelers Game.....

    DBaxx and Shane(Colts owner in HFA) were even on TV for that game. Shane big head you could'nt miss for nothing and DBaxx I was a little worried on how you were handling that hot dog .
  21. Rudi or S Jackson

    Without looking at their schedules but divisions I would S Jackson hands down.