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  1. LOST (possible spoiler)

    If memory serves me correctly back in the beginning, didn't Sawyer kill a Polar Bear?
  2. If you could do it all over again...

    Sex therapist for hot girls only.
  3. Who has the highest signle season Fantasy score

    I did not have him but I remember B Sanders having I think 3 TD with 2 over 80 yds. Those were each 20 bonus pts at the time and his final total was around 80. Team avg was around 100 for the week forthe league.
  4. Oakland QB situation

    After watching Walter at ASU, I thought he was a steal last year for a 3rd round pick. I hope it is a true open competition in training camp because mark my words(Big John save this for the data banks) will be a stud QB before it is over.
  5. Can someone explain

    Actually, first target would probably be Israel. I have salesman working here with me that came here from Afghanistan and he says if Iran makes this stuff they will use it on Isreal first then US. He is very knowledgeable since he was a government official in Afgahanistan. Crazy fatherless male was shot 27 times in the leg by the Russians when they invaded in the 70's.
  6. Traded in the Daewoo Leganza over the weekend...

    Yeah and also DVD Recorders. Had it now for 2 months and can't figure how to make it work with my Tivo, VCR, DVD and my new 62 MITS DLP.
  7. NFL Network

    1394015[/snapback] A good chainsaw will take care of that.
  8. edge to the cards

    YESSSS!!!! We have a stud RB finally. Forget about that 2.8 ypc average here comes 3.3 YEAH!!! Really though as a (gulp) Card fan for 20 years, we finally have something to be happy about. That Emmit thing a few years back was nothing more than Bidwill adding money to his pockets for all the Cowboy fans around here. This signing will be huge ESPECIALLY now we can focus on the Oline for the draft and possible one more free agent. Ross and Davis are good linemen, just need to not be hurt or playing out of position. I think the Cards are close to being a playoff team, just 1 or 2 players away IMO.
  9. Done

    All I know is that Bidwell is a cheap ass you know what. I can totally agree with the other owners out there that are in it to win it. Do more promoting of their franchises to make them money, while Bidwell play with his bowtie. Mind you I don't want the league to have Yankee franchises but the revenue sharing is a little unfair to me if I was an owner. Just 20 years of being a Cardinal fan having to vent.
  10. Keeper decisions

    Bell would be the one I would keep. He has more upside I believe. Can Evans be a true #1 receiver?
  11. Rookie Potential Value VS Stud Value

    Fitz will outperform Moss so DON'T listen to this advice. On top of that Ricky has too many ??? surrounding him right now. On the flip side to it though I would give up my 1.3 rookie pick for Moss, well give you a strong 1-2 punch in WR.
  12. Question for those with small children

    Alright here is mine and I still don't believe it. One of my friends(partying friend) lives a block over from my house. After the bars me and the wife would end up over there for late night partying. He has pool table, dartboard,etc. Will him and his wife and some other of his his friends would say that they would see and her things all the time. I'm like yeah whatever have another beer. Well one night I came out of the bathroom(relieving myself of barley and hops) and their bedroom door was open with the light on down the hall. As I walk by there was an old man sitting in a chair next to their bed, so not to be rude I said hello. When I walked into the living room they all looked at me funny and said who are you talking to and I said the old man in your bedroom. They asked what did he looked like so I described him as African-american about 70 yrs old(which I thought was odd for him in their bedroom)with whitening hair and wearing overalls. They looked at me and said "you just met our friendly ghost". I knew I didn't have that much to drink and don't believe in ghosts so I went back in their room and looked at the chair, nothing there but a pair of jeans laying on the chair. My friends say it was the ghost, I think it was me seeing the pair of jeans. Anyways when I do go over there I always shut there bedroom door so I don't have to look in when I pass by.
  13. Lost game

    Eko 40 Sayid 40 Claire 8 Jack 15 Hurley 0 Sawyer 31 Kate 43 Goodbye you fat rich basatard!
  14. Scariest movie ever

    My wife got pregnant the night we watched Blair Witch.
  15. Story

    AlexGaddis dresses bacon wearing panties calculator trimming his double bagina. "LOAF!" he cried, as he plunged headfirst into Lofa Tatupu's loaf of green Jell-O. Suddenly, AlexGaddis sharted. Queerly, loaf pranced cowboy-like towards AlexGaddis grabbing his wiener playfully proclaiming, "I love purple dinosaurs and hermaphrodites!" Then a siren blared, causing his cat to scratch his Fabio blow-up doll shoes. Excruciatingly, AlexGaddis limps to church. Meanwhile, "POP" goes cliaz with midget-like pudding wrestling addiction. Mountain gorillas stole psychadelic mushrooms while cliaz pleasured himself with mayonnaise during spain's honeymoon in Sheepville. Thrice shouting, "KELLY CLARKSON'S MY DADDY!" Tearfully, spain sniffed Elmer's anus' dingleberries. Sadly, Osama contracted Halliburton to write off AlexGaddis' Favre Favor Fever. However, Duchess Jack smashingly tried spooging on Angelina Jolie's father's daughter's father. "Touche!" he retorted when poked, bacon oozing from underneath Rosanne's Rolls Royce. 'Psssst', purred Brad Pitt, "Got Milk? Pour some sugar on my toes. " CaptainHook ballooned scabies, heroically infecting cre8tiff. "Holy tomatoes Batman! Those TWOOBs are HUGH!" I milked them with my cannon. Then spooged uncontrollably upon them. Those were the nicest most boadcious firm titties, he tittered. "Please, gargle this throat elixir a.k.a throat
  16. Best WR combo in the league?

    Don't count Walters out as a QB. He has a very good arm, and in college he rarely forced things for an interception. Was the Pac 10 career leader in TD's until Lienart(probably not spelled right) passed him up last year.
  17. Anyone up for a dynasty league

  18. Anyone up for a dynasty league

    I'm up for what the majority decides, because you guys and girl will be fighting for 2nd place anyways.
  19. Anyone up for a dynasty league

    It wont accept the password for Arizona? We should be able to find homers for all teams I believe. Hell I took the Cards really quick.
  20. what did your HOT huddle wife

    darn, its Valentines Day! I better get something.
  21. First draft of 2006

    It is a Rec league with 1.5 ppr for RB's and 2ppr for TE. That is why Gates is so high. Both players finished 6 and 8 overall in points last year. With Lamont missing 2 games and Gates missing 1.
  22. Anyone up for a dynasty league

    I would like to give it a shot if I can have the next Superbowl Champs.... The Cards!!!!
  23. Seahawks back to the Super Bowl?

    It's the year of the CARDS next year!!! (note to myself, I say this every year and it does not happen)
  24. Brady Injury Tidbit

    That game was against the Cardinals, so...
  25. Seahawks Sendoff!

    Dude they don't post this stuff in comic books or during morning cartoons.