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  1. Keeper League trade CJ for TO?

    I would not do the trade. Keep the players you kept last year but I think I would keep Caddy over Barber.
  2. CAUCASIAN is a cheater

    If we do go forward, somebody else be the commish because he gave the controls to me and I don't want it.
  3. CAUCASIAN is a cheater

    Loogie it's your pick.
  4. Whispers from around the NFL

    All I have to say Six Kings is very good post. Good avatar too!
  5. FYI...

  6. Multiple Loans - Paying additional principle

    I say instead of adding an extra 100 to a balance of one of your bills, start a Roth Ira with the money. House loans have tax savings, student loan interest is so small and the car you will [probably trade in a couple of years anyways. Note if you already have a Roth, college fund for kids(if you have kids) or mutual funds.
  7. Possible Dynasty League Starting...

    Sounds like a lot of interest. Make it a 16 team dynasty.
  8. How do you like ....

    I like everything about MFL except the most important thing to me... Stat Tracker. Even the new version in my mind is lame. I like Yahoo's stat tracker so much better that I go and make a Yahoo free league with our league settings and players and buy the stat tracker so I could be more up to date on the game action and scores. The redzone alerts let me know what channels to flip to(I know they have that with Direct TV also but takes away from screen). 7 out of 10 would be my score. Would be a 10 if they copied Yahoo's stat tracker all the way not half the way.
  9. Primerica

    I was in Primerica P/T for about 1 1/2 years and full time a year. The one thing about this company is what I learned financially was well worth the $199. You get the money back once you have done 6 appts. The target market are the people that live paycheck to paycheck which is what I was doing working in a Frito Lay factory as a machine operator. I forgot in your first post if your looking for PT income or FT. PT I would say give it a shot. I found it really easy making an extra 1000-1500 a month. FT is real tough to make right off the bat, mainly because going through the process of getting your life and securities licenses. Mortgage license just had to watch of video in Az, other states different. The key to the business though is to hire(recruit) good people that will do the same as you. It takes a hundred people to find that one RVP. We I left th business I was actually gettting ready to open my own office(bought equipment and everything) but had an accident that required surgery(that is a story in itself) was out of action for 6 weeks. In this time my team went from 33 to 4. Like starting from scratch and did not want ruin my credit so got a job a local car dealership(Dbaxx hired me). I continued PT for about 4 months but lost my drive for it because the car business was my main concern and not Primerica. Im now the Finance Mgr with Dbaxx still my sales mgr so it worked out. I hope this helped some from a person that was in the business, had a positive spin on me.
  10. Sorry To Be Rude..

    I like the Housh/Watson combo, just gut feeling.
  11. Anyone interested in joining?

    I would like to get in if possible, always wanted to do a dynasty and find that huddle leagues are far more competive than locals.
  12. Sarge's bowl Thoughts

    Sarge will probably blast me on this but next year in the Pac 10 the team to watch out for is Arizona State. Offense intact minus Hagan, O-line hopefully stays healthy, new Def line with linemen from Florida and Northwestern that sat out. An explosive offense with a much improved defense(just being average would be enough) could be HUGE next year. In the beginning of the season this team was good, took 2 freak special team TD's from LSU to beat them and looked very good in first half of SC game. Injury killed them after that. No more run game couldn't stop the run.
  13. TEAM QB Concept - Good or Bad?

    I was against Team QB in our league when it came up for vote. It takes out strategy and planning . But looking at my sig line it would of been nice now to have since exhausted all my waivers . Leading league by 20, hope it holds.
  14. Alexander Comments on Contract Talks

    Shaun Alexander to the CARDS!!! Can it be!!!
  15. Orangeout

    Peace policy 1201744[/snapback] Nobody would be at a Cardinal game otherwise.
  16. Texas V S.C.

    Not a USC fan but... USC 42 Texas 13 with Texas leading 7-0 after 1st quarter.
  17. This may be petty but..

    catch a 27 yard pass?? All sites have G Lewis with it. Our league pays out for weekly finishes so could come into play.
  18. This may be petty but..

    Good, I thought beer drinking was getting to me.
  19. Keeper League advice

    Our league we keep three(trying to get it to 5 with no avail)players at different positions. The players are yours for as long as you like with no redrafting ever. I enjoy keeper league so much more than redraft. We also draft from worst finish to best with no serpentine until round 3.
  20. @#!$%# Cundiff!

    I can't stand Dallas, but didn't Cundiff win a game for them last week on a 56 yarder?
  21. Isaac Bruce

    I'm probably going to get bashed for this but I would pick up Stallworth before Bruce. I feel he sees more looks and receptions than Bruce.
  22. Trade Offer

    Everybody must have drafted QB and WR with 1st picks to Land LT and Alexander on same team or smooth trading. I would stay put and play matchups with wideouts. I mean Ward, Wilford and Curtis(Bruce) will be good enough with what LT and SA produce.
  23. C. Johnson for Jurevicius

    Ummm... how should I say this..... NOOOOO!!!! CJ is going to be, i mean already is better than any of those guys. You don't need Martin with your current RBs. Stick with Chad and at the end of the year he will have more points than any other WR on your team.
  24. Who will be the next KeshOwens?

    I don't agree on this one. If you watch the games when someone scores, he is the first one there to high five or whatever they do. He likes to bring attention but he wants the TEAM to win first. JMO.
  25. Ernest Wilford Worth a start?

    I'm starting him if that means anything.