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  1. Trying to figure where you are. Trying to get TOCOL draft going and you haven't responded to any communication


  2. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    I don't know this for a fact, but I'm willing to bet that you've got this association between Briggs & Rosenass backwards.
  3. I can not put into proper words........

    Dammit! <------------------ BB Doesn't matter about H8's team having a much better shot at McFadden, though.
  4. I can not put into proper words........

    I thought H8 was a 'Girls' fan.
  5. I can not put into proper words........

    Which is why DAL would be in the hunt for drafting McFadden & CAR wouldn't...
  6. 2 Keeper League

    I'm no great fan of either RB, but I think you've got to keep both of them & go hunting for WRs in the draft. If this is a ppr league and you have a high draft choice, then I'd recommend keeping C Johnson and whichever of McGahee or Portis that you like the most, and look for a solid #2 RB with good long-term upside with your first draft pick. If it is ppr, McGahee has a better ADP than Portis, but IMO it's really a crapshoot as to which will perform better.
  7. Caddy

    We'll see. I like Garcia, but he couldn't get it done in CLE. Still, Gruden has a good track record with aging QBs who can cut teams to pieces even if they can't throw a decent deep ball. And while a good passing game does open rushing lanes, it also reduces rushing opportunities. Williams just reminds me a lot of a guy like Charlie Garner. He'll tease you with a few enormous games, and then he'll settle in to his so-so self while getting tweaked regularly.
  8. Caddy

    BTW, it worries me greatly that I agree with SB...
  9. Caddy

    That's about my opinion. It isn't like Williams has no value at all. But if anyone is relying on him to provide even regular #2 RB numbers, if history speaks at all, they are going to be sorely disappointed. If you can get a good #1 RB & load up your WR corps, Williams might be a reasonable option as a #2 FF RB.
  10. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Make no mistake - losing Lepsis last season had a huge effect on the DEN O last year. And IMO Glenn is a better player than Lepsis.
  11. Caddy

    I won't argue that point. I think McGahee is way over-rated. He's going to a team that has had a very difficult time running the football lately despite the support of a superb D that should allow them to pound away on other teams, and he wasn't spectacular to begin with in BUF. Henry got kicked to the curb there, and he put up better numbers than the sexier sleeker McGahee model - how'd that work out? The bad rushing teams seem to just be swapping RBs and thinking that the change will suddenly make them good rushing teams.
  12. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

  13. Peanut signs 6 year contract extension.

    The truth hurts, doesn't it? CHI is populating its team with heterosexually challenged players and you Bears' fans can't do one damn thing about it. I wonder who leads when they go dancing, Peanut or Sexy Rexy?
  14. Your choice of draft pos.