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  1. Who should I keep?

    My potential keepers in a standard performance scoring league (Start 1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, no flex): Brees Addai Maroney Portis S. Smith I need to keep 2 (leaning toward Addai and S. Smith), but can keep a 3rd for an additional 50% of the league fee (so I'd be paying $300 instead of $200). League rule: The "keeper picks" are your first picks that you have in any round for as many players that you're keeping. I traded away Gore and my 4th round pick for a 1st round pick and Brees. So if I only keep 2, I will have "selected" them with my 2 first round picks and will be able to draft any non-kept player with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round (list could include TO, Holt, Westbrook or R. Brown, MJD or Rudi J., James, T. Jones, Benson, and whoever else I don't keep). I can also trade Brees, as my best offer at the moment is to get a 5th round pick (which would be the 3rd full round of un-kept to be drafted). Are any of these guys worth paying the extra $100 for? Should I stick with Addai and S. Smith as my 2 keepers? Who should I go after with my 2nd round pick if I don't pay to keep a 3rd player? I was going to ask if Brees is worth a 5th round pick, but the answer is quite obviously no. I'll see if I can get a couple other mid-round picks for late-round picks if he won't give up something earlier than a 5th. I feel I'm in pretty good shape regardless of what I do, but I wanted to get some other opinions. Thanks.
  2. Fantasy Bowl help? WDIS? Will answer yours

    I'm starting Dayne in my championship game. He's the best option I have since Portis and Maroney got hurt. Benson is a good option with Jones out, but Adrian Peterson will get some of those carries too. I'd go with KC. Oakland's offense is horrible.
  3. Tarvaris Jackson or Alex Smith

    Go with Smith. Cutler picked Arizona apart last week.
  4. WDIS @ QB?

    Eli vs. NO Kitna vs. Chicago V.Young @ Buffalo or I could pick up Cutler vs. Cincy. I think it will come down to Eli or Cutler, but I'm having difficulty trusting a rookie as my QB for my championship game. Should I just get over myself and grab Cutler to start or go with Eli? Your thoughts?
  5. WDIS WR Help for Playoffs

    I'd go with Moss and Hackett. Baltimore is going to run the ball and Balt Def is too good. Hackett seems to get open in the 4/5 WR offense they've been running.
  6. WDIS @ Flex RB/WR?

    With Ward probable this week, I'm no longer forced to start Berrian. I can start 2 RB/2WR or 1 RB/3WR. Who should I start next to Gore, S.Smith and Ward? Berrian vs. TB Fargas vs. StL Dayne @ NE Thanks!
  7. WDIS @ QB, Def?

    Do I start: Kitna @ GB Eli vs. Philly VYoung vs. Jax Young got me to this point, but I also have Jax Def and I try to never start an opposing player against the defense that I'm starting... So, do I start: Jax @ Tenn or Cincy @ Indy Are either of the QBs a better option than Young? If not, is Cincy worth the risk of a shootout at Indy?
  8. Playoff QB situation: Need to pick one up...

    I agree, go with A.Smith. Decent matchups and with Gore playing so well, defenses are going to start putting 7-8 men in the box to slow him, so Smith will have an easier time.
  9. Is it time to Bench Kitna?

    I'm planning on benching Kitna in my league, which is sad since I'll have to start Eli or Garrard. Detroit is on a short week, without KJones and there're rumors about Kitna being benched. And Miami's defense is solid. Only reason I'd consider starting him is that they're at home on Thanksgiving in front of a national audience, so they might get up to play.
  10. WDIS @ RB?

    I lost Portis two weeks ago and I'm not sure who start next to Gore: Maroney vs. Chicago or A-Train vs. Jax Any thoughts?
  11. Trade Advice Help!

    I think Pittsburgh will take care of business in the next couple weeks, I say no.
  12. Crazy drop

    I'd drop Lundy. Barber's in a better offense and Parcells gives him the ball, especially around the goalline.
  13. WDIS @ QB? it's pretty bad. Eli @ Tenn or Kitna vs. Miami or Garrard @ Buffalo (wasn't really considering it, but figured I'd throw him in the mix to see what you guys think). Thanks.
  14. WDIS @ RB?

    In a standard performance scoring league, I'm already starting KJones, but I need to start one more from: JLewis @ Tenn MMorris vs. StL Addai vs. Buffalo Thanks.
  15. WDIS @ RB?

    Need to start 3 in standard performance scoring league: SJax @ Seattle CTaylor vs GB KJones vs SF Gore @ Detroit Who sits of the 4?