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  1. I missed Mortenson's segment on ESPN

    I just found out that Wallace is going to be the official starter against the niners!
  2. I missed Mortenson's segment on ESPN

    I have both Any definitive word out there on whether Wallace is the starter? As always, thanks in advance!
  3. Trade advice

  4. Trade advice

    I agree with you. That was something I was trying to sneak in... I knew he wouldn't bite. But how long will Jennings be out? Maybe, he's be good for the playoff run if I make it that far. He's also a keeper potential. So, it looks like I'll be giving him my backup defense for G. Jennings. Anyone else feel this is a good deal?
  5. Trade advice

    Here is the reply from the owner after I made the attempt of trading Caddy straight up for Terrell Owens...I also tried Caddy and my back-up Denver Defense.... this is one analytical dude. Anyone agree with his comment? Here it is: When the league decided to limit the # of RBs kept AND added a FLEX position, it significantly downgraded the value of RBs. This is why I made a deal for Owens during the offseason. I already told you that I won't accept Caddy for any of my stud WR straight up, so I guess that discussion ends there. Caddy has a herniated disk and although he definitely has a future in the NFL, he can't help me much this year and you and I need every win we can muster in our tight divisions. I don't think I'm weak at RB since we need is 1 RB and Portis and/or T. Bell (when healthy) are doing fine. If I'm looking to 2007, I have M. Turner who would most likely be a starter next year for some team and J. Norwood can take over for 31 yr old Dunn anyday. I also believe C. Perry has a good chance to be the starter over Rudi next season. The RB position seem weak, but I'm one injury away from having a solid #2RB this season. It's always funny how people compare pts. between positions....Yes Raven's defense scores a lot of points but so does Kickers & QBs. . . if you want to just look at points, Jeff Wilkens has 73 pts compared to Raven's 82 and Bronco's 35. M. Vanderjagt in 6 or 7 games has 52 pts. Points should only be compared within the positions. I'm not interested in changing my entire team to get a backup Defense. I'll be willing to give you one of my kicker or Bryant or Jennings. That's the best I can do. Thanks for considering the trade. Let me know either way so that I can proceed other ideas. Thanks. What do you guys think?
  6. Trade advice

    anyone else feel this wa in my situation?
  7. Trade advice

    I may just offer him my Broncos Defense and Caddy for T.O. and see if he bites on that. What do you guys think? My Ravens Defense has scored 84 fantasy points to Terrells 43points.... food for thought..... but I keep laying goose eggs w/ my WR's...Boldin was in a 3 week slump incl the bye week... Caddy only scored once and just has a very tough schedule going forward.... anyone else care to share a thought or two?
  8. Trade advice

    I also have the Broncos Defense! Broncos play the Raiders next week! We're in a 12 team keeper league. I'm tied for second in my division @ 4-5 See my signature for my roster and lineup requirements... I think Caddy is just going to struggle... Ocho Cinco is a big bust this year but I'm still holding a little hope.... What I like is that I'll be able to start 3 WR's (T.O. Ocho Cinco, Boldin) I like this combo going into the second half of the year! Parker will be my lone RB & good ol Huard at QB.......hmmmm.... What do you guys think? I'll try and see if he will go for the Broncos Defense first before giving him my highest fantasy point scoring Ravens... His record is 5-4 and is in second place. He's got S. Smith, Torry Holt & T.O. His only notable RB is Portis. He needs an RB cause Tatum Bell, Norwood, and Michael Turner just wont get it done. The Raiders are his only
  9. Sophomore slump!..

    Carnell "Cadillac" Williams! needs to be left on the bench. but of course, the day you leave him on the bench he will blow up.... also.....ocho cinco is driving me nutz! what is the deal!!!! anyone else feel my pain with these two shmucks!!!
  10. Of these 3 RB's, which 2 would you start?

    i was leaning that way--thanks boss!
  11. Of these 3 RB's, which 2 would you start?

    drew and parker or drew and caddy? which one?
  12. Of these 3 RB's, which 2 would you start?

    last bump...
  13. Of these 3 RB's, which 2 would you start?

  14. Parker @ home vs. Broncos? he plays well at home-but the broncos defense? Caddy @ home vs. Saints? can he repeat his performance the last they played? Mo-Jo Drew vs Titans -worst rush defense in the NFL... Which 2 would you guys go with this week? As always thanks in advance for your thoughts
  15. Jacksonville RB's

    He is called "Fragile Freddy" for a reason! Mo Jo Drew is the fresh legs needed to give fragile freddy rest. If he were to get the bulk of the carries up till now, chances are he'd be nursing some kind of injury....